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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tom Ford Spring Nail Polish Comparisons to Chanel, MAC, Marc Jacobs, NARS, YSL and Laura Mercier

Sugar Dune is more pinkish compared to other nude pinks like Chanel Jade Rose, Tom Ford Toasted Sugar and Tom Ford Show Me The Pink.

Coral Beach is more of a straight peach compared to Chanel Distraction, Laura Mercier Cabana (discontinued) and NARS Vertebra (discontinued from the Pierre Hardy collection).

Incandescent is the perfect mix of copper, gold and rose. It's not too metallic on the hands which makes for a more neutralish shimmer. Below compared to Chanel Delight, MAC Soiree, Chanel Rose Moire and Marc Jacobs Le Charm.

Indiscretion proves to be a slightly deeper but brighter pink. Below compared to Tom Ford Trophy Wife, Chanel Pulsion, Chanel Rose Insolent and YSL Rose Babydoll.

I hope these comparisons help with your purchasing decisions!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

YSL La Laque Couture Rose Scabiosa #48 and Rouge Pablo #49 | Spring 2014

YSL spring has two new La Laque Couture nail polishes in Rose Scabiosa #48 and Rouge Pablo #49 ($25 each for 0.34 fl oz/10ml). Both are rich vibrant creams that have a flawless finish. They have that lovely romantic Valentine's Day feel. I've been a huge fan of the YSL La Laque nail polish formula. The brush is flat and wide but with a tapered edge. I can cover the whole nail with one brush stroke (except for the thumb) which makes for a super easy application. These are two coaters, but the pigment is rich and smooth. Lasting power is quite good - I can get up to 4-5 days of wear without any chipping or tip wear. Quality matches that of Chanel, maybe a tiny bit better in wear time. I use with my regular go-to's with Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat and either Chanel Laque Brilliance Extreme or Rescue Beauty Lounge Top Coat.

Rose Scabiosa #48 is a stunning baby pink with a slight hint of lilac undertone. I usually cannot wear baby pinks like this because I find them to be extremely sheer and streaky or too pale and powdery looking. YSL Rose Scabiosa has impressive coverage and enough pink color in it to suit my skintone. Below it's applied with two coats:

Comparisons show it is quite different from my other pinks which tend to be warmer in color. Below shown next to Rescue Beauty Lounge Smitten (discontinued), Chanel May (reviewed here), Chanel Melrose (discontinued) and Laura Mercier Flamingo (discontinued, reviewed here).

Rouge Pablo #49 is a dramatic red-pink. It pulls warmer and more red on my hands but when compared to other reds, Rouge Pablo looks more pink. Your mileage may vary depending on your skintone. My mom is a huge fan of brighter reds and pinks for the nails. She tried this one and thought it was too bright for her taste with too much pink (she's less olive than me in skintone and slightly lighter).

YSL Rouge Pablo is fairly similar to other reds. From arms length it's almost identical to the ones shown below. It was hard to photograph the differences. Below I swatched Chanel Coromandel (warmer and more orange), Chanel Tapage (lighter and more pink), Chanel Rouge Rubis (almost identical but the Chanel is slightly darker) and Chanel Dragon (darker and deeper with more brown). If you have any of the other Chanels, I would say you can probably skip the YSL, although I do find it to be really pretty.

Overall really impressed with the two new YSL nail polishes. I've been really pleased with the formulas and textures. The application of the YSL colors I've tried is among the best out of all the brands I've tried. I give both a thumbs up. Out of the two I favor Rose Scabiosa - it's an impressive baby pink.

You can find the spring YSL Rose Scabiosa #48 and Rouge Pablo #49 at all YSL counters now. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and YSL Beauty US

Sunday, July 28, 2013

YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 La Laque Couture

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I've had YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 La Laque Couture ($25 for 0.34 fl oz/10ml at Nordstrom) for over a year but have never had a chance to review it. Some of the YSL nail lacquers can be hard to find since most stores don't carry the entire color range. Certain stores have exclusive shades. I'm not sure if Prune Minimale is one of those colors but I've only been able to find it at Nordstrom in the US. Prune Minimale No. 7 is a dark vampy plum-brown. In the bottle it appears to a wine color with shimmer. On the nails the shimmer is invisible and it applies significantly darker than what you see in the bottle. It gives full coverage with two coats. Lasting power was quite good - I took it off on day five to swatch comparisons and there was minimal tip wear. From arms length this looks very similar to a number of other vampy shades. I pulled a few to compare (scroll down). YSL Prune Minimale proved to be one of the darker vamps that I own.

The bottles show some shimmers:

Here it is swatched with two coats and one coat of Chanel Laque Brilliance Extrême top coat.

Comparisons below to Chanel Rouge Noir, Vamp, Accessoire and Strong:

I think YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 is a lovely but fairly standard vamp. It's a sharp classic color that is something you can wear year round. However I was surprised about the attention it received for something I found to be very basic. YSL Prune Minimale received a significant amount of attention over the last week though from co-workers as well as from both of my favorite Chanel and Dior reps at Nordstrom - they all wanted to know what color it was.

Overall I'm impressed with the quality and wear. If you look closely you can tell that it is different from Chanel classics like Rouge Noir and Vamp. It's about 1-2 shades darker, cooler and more brown than Rouge Noir. So far I've only seen it at Nordstrom but if you've spotted it elsewhere please share in the comments. (I searched about 10 other retailers online that carry YSL and couldn't find it listed anywhere.)

YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 retails for $25. You can find it now instores and online at Nordstrom.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

YSL Fall Look 2013: Gris Underground 38 and Beige Gallery 39 La Laque Couture

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For fall I spotted two new shades of YSL La Laque Couture ($25 each, for 0.34 oz/10ml) at Nordstrom in store: Gris Underground 38 a beautiful blue-grey with a hint of lavendar and Beige Gallery 39 a nude tan cream. Both are non-shimmers with full coverage. The quality and wear is quite amazing. The wide brush makes these easy to apply flawlessly. You get full coverage with two thin coats. Dry time is faster than most. I am in love with both new shades.

Before I go on to the individual swatches, I wanted to post a nail wheel comparison. In my mind before I pulled any other colors, I expected Gris Underground and Beige Gallery to be quite similar to other greys and nudes. They proved to be very different from what I expected. Gris Underground is more blue. Beige Gallery pulls more brown.

Here are some colors compared: NARS Storm Bird, JinSoon Auspicious, Dior Gris Montaigne, Chanel Frenzy, Dior Gris Trianon, Butter London Lady Muck, Dolce & Gabbana Anise, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, OPI My Very First Knockwurst, YSL Beige Leger 22, Dior Trench, Dior Grege, Chanel Beige, Dior Incognito and Chanel Particuliere.

Gris Underground No. 38 is a shade I've been searching for for years. It has just the right mix of blue, grey and purple to be that perfect dove-grey nail color. Most others I've seen are either too purple or just a straight grey. This one pulls blue-ish on me against my olive skintone. All swatches two coats without any top coat.

Closeup of the comparisons:


Beige Gallery No. 39 is a beautiful tan nude. I expected it to go on the nails paler than it does, but it is true to what you see in the bottle. It gives a fresh clean nude look without being too nude or brown. Two coats without any topcoat (although these work well with Chanel).

Comparison closeup:

YSL is slowly but surely making it's dent in my beauty collection. I've fallen in love with their La Laque Couture nail formula for the smooth application, long wear, beautiful rich colors, easy to use brush and sleek packaging. The quality is really amazing. My collection pre-fall additions:

Bottom line: both Gris Underground 38 and Beige Gallery 39 are must-haves. I love the neutral but not boring look these colors give. I found the entire fall collection in store at Nordstrom. You can find them online now at and They should be arriving at other locations very soon.

Did you check out YSL fall yet? Thoughts? Will you be picking up the nail colors?

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Monday, May 27, 2013

YSL Rose Baby Doll La Laque Couture

YSL released a new nail lacquer called Rose Baby Doll ($25 for 0.34 fl oz/10ml) as part of their Rose Baby Doll collection. It's a stunning deep hot pink rose cream that is perfect for summer. The color has an impressive amount of pigment which provides full coverage with just one coat. It also comes with a well designed wide flat brush that allows for near-perfect application with a single brush stroke. I've been testing Rose Baby Doll for several days and it works extremely well with top coats from Chanel, Dior Gel and Posche. I'm on Day Three with no signs of chipping or tipwear. The color is a classic rich sophisticated rose pink that is bright and vibrant but still deep enough to not look neon. However since deep fuschias are fairly standard colors and easy to find among most brands, you will definitely be able to find something similar in color.

Here it is swatched against the YSL Rose Baby Doll ad. The bright sunlight washed out the magazine photo a bit but I found the color to be pretty close to the ad. The color is mostly a fuschia rose, sometimes it looks warmer and with visible red undertones, others it's more cool-toned.

Some comparisons showed that YSL Rose Baby Doll is closest to Chanel Pulsion. The difference is Chanel Pulsion is cooler and YSL Rose Baby Doll is warmer. The next closest option is Chanel Rose Exhuberant which is just a few shades lighter.

Bottom line: I can't stop staring at my nails - the color is really stunning. The quality, pigment and lux packaging make this worth every penny. YSL Rose Baby Doll has the perfect mix of fuschia, rose and red to give a deep yet modern looking pink. However given the fact that deeper fuschias have been done frequently with permanent and limited releases, you may want to shop your stash first.

You can find YSL Rose Baby Doll Nail Lacquer on and all other YSL retailers.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Color Focus: Emerald, Aqua, Green and Teal

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Teal, emerald, green and aqua seem to be the focus for nails in several collections this season. There are a number of gorgeous new green nail polishes - all of which I was unable to resist. Some are more subtle and subdued while others are bright and electric. The new shades this season inspired me to pull out my other greens for comparison. I'm currently running a top coat experiment so I won't be able to swatch these on the nails just yet, hopefully these photos will help give you an idea in the meantime.

The inspiration: new shades for summer from Dior, Chanel, YSL, MAC and Deborah Lippmann (spotted near me in stores now at Macy's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom):

  • Dior's Samba Duo ($29, spotted instore at Macys, Nordstrom and
  • Chanel's Azure ($27, now on
  • YSL Vert D'Orient #36 ($25 instores and here at
  • MAC Mineralize Lip Balm in Glacé ($20 here at
  • Deborah Lippmann Rockin' Robin ($19 at in store and online at

All the nail colors in greens, teals, aquas: OPI Thanks a Windmillion, YSL Jade Imperial (limited from spring 2013), Dior Waterlily (limited from spring 2012), Dior Samba Duo (summer 2013), Chanel Azure (summer 2013), Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream, Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack (limited), JINsoon Charade (at Sephora), JINsoon Metaphor (at Sephora), Chanel Black Pearl, YSL Vert d'Orient, Deborah Lippmann Rockin' Robin (spring 2013):

For quick reference here's one more shot of the bottom wheel at a different angle so you can see the difference in undertone between Chanel Azure and Dior Samba:

I love how vibrant and bright the shades are this season although I do wonder if I will be brave enough to pull them off on the fingers for everyday wear at the office. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to wear them on the toes. Teal/Emerald as a small accessory or accent piece? Even a blouse? Definitely yes, but on the fingers, I'll have to experiment to see. More detailed swatches and reviews to come in the next few days as soon I possibly can.

What's your favorite teal, green or emerald shade for nails? Are you picking up any of the new greens this spring/summer?

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