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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Storage Ideas From The Beauty Look Book

Finding the best storage solutions to fit one's room is always a challenge for makeup. Many have asked for advice on how I store everything. This is something I am always working on as my stash grows. If you click on the storage tag below you will see a few previous posts with ideas. For an update, click to see more.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Collection

This post is for one of my readers Jo Ann, a fellow Chanel Nail Polish collector, she was kind enough to search for shades I did not have from Asia during her recent business travels. I apologize to her, but this has been a few months delayed. She hoped I would feature an updated post on my Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish collection in order to try and figure out which shades she was missing. Upon returning from her trip, I heard she brought back over 20 bottles (Chanel + Dior) :) Many were for her friends. One was for me. I was ecstatic (it was Magnolia Rose which I had missed out on years ago).

I never thought this would happen, but I've recently run out of space for my Chanel Nail Polishes in my nail polish rack. There are now four lone bottles without their own space. I need an intervention, but don't really want one. Most of these shades were limited edition from past seasons. Chanel is the brand that set off my interest in nail polishes. The formulas weren't always great quality (in my opinion). I can't remember the exact year, perhaps it was the early 2000's was the time Chanel revamped their formulas. My first two were Le Perle (see dupes here) and Vamp (see swatches here). Some of the shades are from Canada, Europe and Asia, so US girls might not recognize or remember all the shades being released here in the US. This is definitely not comprehensive of all the shades that have been released in the US.

* Blanc Petale & White Satin swatched here

* Django swatched here
* Jasmine & Inattendu swatched here

* Jade Rose swatched here
* Perle Rosee swatched here

* Tendresse swatched here
* Pink Satin swatched here

* Mistral swatched here
* Cry Baby swatched here

* Rose Paradise swatched here

* Violette & Lilac Sky swatched here
* Paradoxal swatched here
* Vendetta & Feu de Russie swatched here

* Diabolic, Forbidden, Rouge Noir & Vamp here

* Blue Satin & Nuit de Russie swatched here

* Antilope & Trapeze swatched here
* Particuliere swatched here

* Illusion D'Or, Gold Lame & Golden Sand swatched here

* Riviera & Nouvelle Vague swatched here
* Riviera dupes here
* Orange Blossom swatched here

* Dragon swatched here
* Coromandel swatched here

* Tokyo Happening Collection

I may have missed a few swatch links. Also, I haven't always photographed every mani/pedi I've had in the past year. I'll try to include more in the future. Do you have any favorite Chanel Nail Colors?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Few Reader Requests

Some of you have requested info, photos and swatches on a few items in the past few weeks. I apologize for the delay, I have not forgotten - here are the swatches and info you have requested. For reference, I am a Chanel Shell 1.5 in Teint Innocence (the liquid version). To see what other foundation shades I am, check out the sidebar - there's a link to my foundation shades.

1) Can you swatch Edward Bess Bare Rose on your lips alone? Here it is by itself, please excuse the skin I don't have any foundation or powder on:

2) Please swatch Paul & Joe 06 Nail Polish! I like this better in the bottle. On my fingers, I feel it's a bit muddy looking. I've seen it on my tan friends (who are the equivalent to NC40 and a bit darker) and it looks gorgeous on them though. Here it is (2 coats):

3) How does NARS Love Devotion compare to last year's Outsider?
Love Devotion is brighter and sheerer. Here they are also compared to Beautiful Liar:

4) Can you swatch Shu IR Brown 850 compared to Shu ME 850? Sure, I'll do one better. Here it is next to the other Shu Uemura taupes that I have. I find it fascinating how the base pulls out different undertones in each taupey color. These are swatched over a moisturized arm:

5) Can you write a post on how you pick out your makeup-of-the-day/look-of-the-day? There's not much to write about this one. I pick out my clothes first and this is based on my mood. Makeup looks are picked out depending how much time I have and the colors I'm wearing for clothes. Sometimes, I'll pick one product and create a look around that color. I'd like to say it's more planned out through a more creative process, but it's really just based on whatever works.

6) Will you show stash/closet pics? Most likely not. It might seem like I'm organized, but I am far from it. Just ask my husband. Granted, I do keep an organized mess - everything has their own section/pile - but it's still very chaotic. I will share an old photo of my purse organization (this is an older photo from long before I started blogging, before I started my MBA, back when I was much more organized):

7) Did you purchase the new Chanel Shanghai-Paris Nail Polishes? What are your thoughts? But of course! How could I resist? I wasn't going to write about these because so many other bloggers did, but since I've received several requests, I will. This one will be a bit more comprehensive, so I will do a separate post on this topic in a few days or so.

8) Will you be swatching NARS Versailles? Here's a swatch, but I plan on this being my next manicure, so stay tuned for more pics! (FYI, I've seen this swatched on other blogs and it looked very streaky, I had to apply with a really steady hand to get an unstreaky result on my finger.)

9) Is there a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink Shimmer? Yes - I've found 2 dupes, Chanel Le Perle (long discontinued) and China Glaze Heaven. They look really different in the bottles, but on the nails, the result is strikingly similar. If you look close you can see the difference in finish and opacity, but's not really noticable from afar.

Monday, September 28, 2009

MUJI Acrylic 5 Row Case for Lipgloss Storage

Ever since I discovered the store in London, I've become a huge fan of Muji's Acrylic products which are extremely sturdy with a simple and clean design. I can be a bit picky with acrylic products because the quality can be sub par, but Muji does not disappoint so I feel the price is worth it! I recently purchased a couple Acrylic Drawer units from the Muji US Online store and they work perfectly for my lipgloss storage!

Single 5-Drawer Unit with Le Metier, Cle de Peau, Laura Mercier, Chantecaille, Dior and MAC Lipglosses:

Two units side by side:

Close ups with drawers open:

This purchase was inspired by Voce Magazine & Rouge Deluxe's Blog. Check out her blog to see other storage options for these units with MAC and Paul & Joe goodies galore!

For other Storage Solutions, check out these links:

Makeup Organization & Storage Options Part 1
Makeup Organization & Storage Options Part 2

Friday, June 19, 2009

Makeup Organization & Storage Part 2

For my storage options, I opted for the Ikea Alex Unit with 9 Drawers. The nice thing about the Alex Unit is that it has 2 different heights for drawers, smaller ones at the top, and taller ones at the bottom. This makes it so you can store other non-makeup items such as laundry accessories, small towels, small papers or cards etc.

Close up of a few drawers (the shorter ones):

Stila Cans to store long brushes & Hello Kitty Brush Cup:

Crate & Barrel Storage Containers to store the shorter items (but works for long pencils too):

MUJI Acrylic Round Pots without lids to store long pencils and other brushes:

Coming next - more storage options from girls in the beauty industry!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Makeup Organization & Storage Options Part 1

One downside to accumulating and collecting makeup is the challenge of finding ways to store your products, trying to squeeze in all your blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks and brushes keeping them organized in a way that that allows you to access your items easily.

There are number of beautiful different vanities and drawer options available, but when it comes to storing makeup, the options don't always fit what I'm looking for. The ideal storage unit for me is something with lots of drawers that aren't too tall, deep or wide and compact enough to put in a corner of a room or store somewhere discrete. And of course - not too expensive!

I find that Pottery Barn and Ikea are great for their room ideas online. For those who don't have a large built-in vanity or bathroom counter to store things, here are some nice storage options for small spaces:

1. Pottery Barn Bathroom Bureau $599 - a classic looking hardwood framed unit with moisture-resistant finish, also includes their Smart Technology strip for a plug in point for hair irons or curlers, and an adjustable mirror. It has a beautiful finish and look!

2. Ikea Alex Unit with 9 Drawers $119 - a cheaper alternative to the Pottery Barn Bureau, slightly smaller and narrower in dimension, made of particle board instead of hardwood, but with more drawers. Ikea has four different units in the Alex series, giving you options for different widths and heights.

3. Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit on Casters $39.99 - a cute steel 6 drawer unit on wheels that comes in three different colors, red, silver and white. Small enough to slide under your desk. Check out the Ikea Workspace Rooms for ideas!

Also check out Ikea Bathrooms for other storage options.

To store longer items such as brushes, mascara tubes, eye liner and lipliner pencils, I've found that Stila Paint Cans work extremely well. The downside is that most are not for sale and I've been lucky enough to get some through friends. Some alternative storage units I've found include:

4. MUJI Acrylic Round Pen Pot - I originally found these in London when I went several years ago. They have an entire Acrylic Storage series with some great storage options. I love these for their high quality and sturdiness. Unfortunately, they are based in the UK with locations around the world outside of the US. At this time, it appears they are available in the US only in New York. Click here for locations. I do believe some of their sites ship to the US. I've been lucky enough to get these through friends who travel overseas and also through a few custom purchases!

5. MUJI Acrylic Case with 5 Rows $23.95 - MUJI does have a US online store, but the selection is limited and doesn't have all the same products as what they do have overseas. This is a cute 5-drawer acrylic storage unit - there are more variations and options with 2-drawers, small, large, and a unit with a flip-top lid as well. However most of the other options are on the UK website.

5. Crate & Barrel Storage Containers with Lids $4.95 and $5.95 - These are the closest items I could find in the US to those Muji Acrylic Pots. I found these are great for shorter brushes and pencils. The smaller ones are 3.5" in diameter by 3.75" high, while the larger ones run 4" in diameter by 5" high. Just remove the lids and they turn into the perfect storage container for your shorter items!

Coming next . . . actual storage photos!

* Promotional photos from Pottery Barn Online,, Crate & Barrel Online, MUJI Global, MUJI USA

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