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Monday, November 10, 2014

R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge has partnered with Refinery29 to release a stunning collection of seven new nail lacquers this month. The colors in this collection were inspired by the seven teams at Refinery29, each of which put together color inspirational boards to create their dream color of nail polish for Ji to mix up and create. I'm thrilled to share the colors with you today. They are available for purchase now online at Rescue Beauty Lounge, all are limited-edition. The seven shades include:
  • Elvis in the Cloud (inspired by the R29 technology team)
  • All About Yves (inspired by the R29 fashion group)
  • Sunny Skies (inspired by the R29 health and wellness team)
  • Better Than Boyfriend Jeans (inspired by the R29 shopping team)
  • Pretty Gritty (inspired by the R29 beauty team)
  • Bubblegum Punk (inspired by the R29 news team)
  • Galaxy Glue (inspired by R29)

Elvis in the Cloud is like a red sunset. It has a mix of orange, iridescent purple, gold and some green in it. This is a metallic but applies smoothly and the brush strokes are minimal. The texture is really beautiful with a slight transparent quality. Two coats will give you full coverage. It has a complex mix of colors making it very unique. I normally don't like orangey nail polishes (unless they are creams) but this one has completely changed my outlook on orange colors.

All About Yves is a bold blue cream with a high gloss finish. You get full coverage with two coats and the texture is phenomenal. It's quite bright - almost electric but it's still deep in color. If you want a statement nail color, this is it. Even though it is opaque, there is a slight jelly quality to it giving it a cushiony look and feel.

Sunny Skies is a richly pigmented sea green + teal mix. This one applies smoothly on the nails as well with two coats for full coverage. This one will be fun to wear on the toes. These kinds of colors can be hard to pull off without looking too pastel or chalky sometimes. Rescue Beauty Lounge always has the best sea-green/teal colors.

Better Than Boyfriend Jeans is a baby blue cream. I love this one for the name. Most pastel blues tend to be sheer in formula on the nails and this one is no exception. I need three thin coats for full coverage with this shade. It will take a bit more time with application but it is worth the wait. Baby blues are also difficult for me to pull off but this one is just perfect. It has the right mix of white and blue to be very flattering on medium skin tone.

Pretty Gritty is an orchid purple base with gold shimmer mixed in. It's a really pretty color, one I find is well executed with the mix of purple and gold. It applies smoothly with two coats. The gold is very fine so there are no visible brush strokes with this one. The way it's mixed in is impressive. It gives the effect of a soft veil of gold dust on the nails.

Bubblegum Punk reminds me of bubbles. I also like the name of this one. It's a sparkling color that has tiny micro sparkles of clear iridescent glitters but it's not a glitter nail polish. This one looks good alone with two coats but it's also nice as a layering color. The shimmer particles are visible like micro glitters but the formula is very smooth and not chunky at all.

Galaxy Glue is a beautiful sea green iridescent mix. It has a mermaid-like feel and the colors change as the light hits the nail. In some light it looks more green, while in others it has more blue. I don't think I've ever seen a nail polish as pretty as this one. I am going to need a backup.

All the R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge shades lined up:

The R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are available for purchase now online exclusively at Rescue Beauty Lounge ($20 each). All the shares are limited-edition and in my mind each color is a stunner. All winners in my book. If you asked me to pick a favorite, it would be impossible. I love them all, but my top three picks are Bubblegum Punk, Galaxy Glue and Better Than Boyfriend Jeans.

For more swatches, you can check out these awesome bloggers who have also featured the collection today, some with comparison swatches too:

You can read more about Ji's inspiration on the Rescue Beauty Lounge Blog and get the 411 on the the inspiration from each team also at Refinery29.

Thank you Rescue Beauty Lounge for sending me a preview of these shades to share with you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Now Until Monday 10/20/2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge is having a promotion where you buy 2 nail polishes and get 1 free with world-wide free shipping! The offer is good now through Monday 10/20/2014 noon EST. There are a few exclusions, the promotion excludes Italian Summer and Anatomy of a #Kdrama. The following colors are excluded from this promotion: Oh Slap!, Monologue, Cue The Montage, Instant Amnesia, Not Your Baby, Will They Won’t They, Burn The Evidence, Gondoliere , Motorini, Oliveto, Bicicletta, Gelato Al Cioccolato, Meow Meow and Melanzane but are eligible for worldwide free shipping.

I love almost all of the colors I have, the formula is really phenomenal and among the best I've tried but my top five picks include: Naked Without Polish, Stormy, Small Dim Summer Stars, Kellie Gonzo, Forgiveness.

No codes necessary for the promo, but be sure to select the Free Shipping option at checkout.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Deep Smoky Teal Nail Lacquers | Louboutin, JINsoon, NARS, Marc Jacobs Beauty and Rescue Beauty Lounge

I'm currently obsessed with these dark smokey teal shades of nail polish. There are so many different kinds of teal. Some are straight blue-green creams while others have this pretty mix of green, blue, black and silver. Ones I'm obsessed with right now:

  • Louboutin Lady Twist ($50) is the ultimate luxurious deep teal version of a vamp shade. It has a full coverage with rich pigment. It applied very smoothly but due to the longish brush, I found it took a tiny bit of extra time to get a precise application near the cuticles. I will have a more detailed review on other Louboutin shades coming up, but to sum up, I've been very pleased with the formula, coverage and wear time.
  • JINsoon Heirloom ($18) is a darker deeper version of Chanel Azure, Heirloom is an intense metallic green teal loaded with tons of complex shimmer particles, it applies very smoothly for a metallic. The way this flashes different colors makes it resemble a peacock.
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Small Dim Summer Stars ($20) is one of the prettiest complex shades I have ever seen. It's silver, green, teal, black all mixed into one polish. It has the prettiest micro sparkles mixed throughout so when you look at it on the nails sometimes it looks silvery, other times more green and in other lighting more teal. I loved this one so much I bought a back up.
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Sally ($18) is an iridescent blackened green. Don't let the first coat disappoint you, it will be very very sheer with the first coat, but it transforms into this full coverage beautiful green with the second coat. It's almost black on the nails but there is still enough color so it does look green with a slight hint of teal
  • NARS Wrong Turn ($20) is part of the 3.1 Phillip Lim + NARS Collection. This is such a unique color because it changes with a top coat. In the bottle and on the nails it's a metallic gunmetal grey. Once you add a top coat it transform into this deep teal shade. (See both swatches on Beauty Geeks). It applies like one of those rich metallic shades that adheres really well to the nail and applies flawlessly. It's a definite must have.
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Monologue ($20) is part of the Anatomy of #Kdrama collection (featured here). It's a deep rich navy blue with a unique metallic sheen. It's not quite in the teal family, but I had to feature it again for those who prefer something with more blue/navy.

More photos and swatches, Louboutin Lady Twist






For reference, here are the shades swatched side by side along with a few other additions:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Small Dim Summer Stars
Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal (d/c)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Monologue
Marc Jacobs Sally
Louboutin Lady Twist
JINsoon Heirloom
Chanel Azure (d/c)
Chanel Nuit de Russie (d/c)

Larger view:

Do you have a favorite teal?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer Collection

Rescue Beauty Lounge has created seven new shades of polish for their Italian Summer Collection. This collection was inspired by Ji Baek's travels to Italy, you can read about the inspiration behind each shade on the Rescue Beauty Lounge Blog. The collection will be available for purchase during a 48 hour pre-sale period starting Monday August 11th which you can have access to by signing up for her newsletter at Rescue Beauty Lounge. I was thrilled (floored really) that they sent me shades for review. The seven shades will be $20 each, the colors include:
  • Bicicletta a pale pink polish has micro glitters
  • Gondoliere a vibrant orange-based opaque glossy red nail polish
  • Oliveto a perfect olive green that reflects the flash of rainbow and purple and periwinkle shimmers
  • Motorini a moodier, darker sister of the famed and playful Aqua Lily (which I missed out on), with a medium base of blue/aqua has a flash of surging fuchsia shimmer
  • Meow Meow is a dark hunter green shows off a finely milled glitter
  • Melanzane is a complex mix of blue, purple, silver and violet glitters

I've been a long-time fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. They have super smooth application with excellent pigment and wear time. Their Top Coat is among my favorites for adding a lush cushy shine and extending polish wear. More details and thoughts on my personal nail and hand care essentials here from May earlier this year.

Close ups and thoughts of each shade below. First up is Motorini which is my favorite color in the whole collection. I'm still bummed I missed out on Aqua Lily and this looks like a beautiful darker alternative to it. It has a gorgeous teal base with the prettiest iridescent shimmer infused throughout. The shimmer is very fine and shows up on the nail in a sophisticated way. This is the perfect aqua teal mix. It applied smoothly with two coats.

Bicicletta is a pale lilac with complex lavender and silver glitters. It has a slightly transparent base giving it a jelly-like finish with two coats. I prefer it with three coats for fuller coverage. The application is very smooth with this shade as well. I love that it's streak-free and that brush strokes are not visible.

Gondoliere is a stunning vibrant red with warm tones. In my mind Rescue Beauty Lounge and Chanel have the best reds. No matter how similar each new release is, they both somehow manage to create a more perfect red. This one has full coverage and is very opaque with two coats.

Gelato Al Cioccolato is a soft chocolate brown cream with a slight hint of mauve which prevents it from looking yellow as some browns can look. It's a polished neutral tan. It's shown with two coats as well.

Oliveto is a unique green olive that has an amazing teal, blue, and violet pearly shimmer mixed throughout. It makes for a very interesting nail color unlike any other olive green shade I've tested. I hope RBL adds more shimmer like this to other polishes because it's simply amazing. Oliveto applied with smooth full coverage with two coats.

Meow Meow is a forest-green glitter. I applied it with 3 coats to cover the nail entirely but it can also be used with 1-2 coats layered over other colors. If you're a fan of glitter polishes you will really like this one, it's quite striking. Glitter polish isn't really my thing and it's such a pain to remove that I try to avoid it. 

Melanzane is another glitter polish. The mix of sparkle in this one is extraordinary. It has blue, violet, purple, indigo, and silver. I'm not the best at applying glitter polishes, especially near the cuticles, I have a hard time getting any glitter to apply with a sharp clean edge. I tend to get glitter everywhere when I apply it. This is a lovely color but for me a bit too glitzy for everyday.

The Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer collection is stunning. I love that as with all of Ji Baek's polishes, each shade has a special meaning behind it's creation. My top three picks are Motorini (teal) Bicicletta (lilac sparkle) and Gondoliere (red).

For more swatches, be sure to check out these nail polish blogs: Scrangie, Polish Police (she has awesome comparisons), Manicurator, Nail and Noms, Fashion Polish and Makeup Withdrawl.

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter on Rescue Beauty Lounge for the latest updates on new releases and sales. You will receive an exclusive pre-sale link to shop the collection early on Monday August 11th.

This post contains samples sent for review consideration. For more information refer to my Disclosures.

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