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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nordstrom Triple Points Beauty Gifts March 19 - 23

Nordstrom Triple Points for card holders starts today and there are a lot of gift with purchases online and in store. I have my eye on the Burberry set with has a lovely metallic case as a gift. Some other gifts that look interesting:

 photo 1_zpsee355c9c.jpg photo 2_zps388b4fd5.jpg photo Untitled-7_zpsc411983e.jpg

 photo Untitled-6_zpsca167afe.jpg photo Untitled-4_zps16ff955b.jpg photo Untitled-3_zps2e20d910.jpg

Do you have anything on your wishlist that you've been saving for? 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

NARS Final Cut Collection | Adelaide Illuminator

NARS Adelaide Illuminator ($30 for 1.1 oz/30ml) has been on my radar for several months. I saw some sneak peeks on Specktra and almost died of excitement when I found out there would be a shimmery pink highlighter. Adelaide is currently exclusive to Nordstrom with an official release date of February 1st. As many others have noted, Adelaide is a very shimmery pink and almost glittery. I usually do not like glitter on the cheeks but this illuminator is almost like a grown-up version of glitter. I have to use sparingly and swipe it lightly over powder blush to give a highlight. I found it lasted all day over a powder blush - right now my skin is normal but slightly dry. There was no shimmer or glitter fall-out. It stayed put on the skin from morning to night. If you don't like any sign of glitter on the cheeks you may want to try Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #8 instead which is similar but paler in color (scroll down for swatches).

Swatched below you can see that Adelaide blends out to a cool sparkly pink on my olive skin. For me it's pigmented enough to wear as a very soft blush but I prefer to layer over a powder blush with a very light layer.

Here is Adelaide blended and sheered out with a foundation brush:

Swatches below compared to NARS Maui Multiple and Armani Fluid Sheer #8:

As others have noted, the shimmer and glitters are noticeable. I half love it. I tested during the work week for multiple days. Half of the testing days I felt it was too over the top, while the other half I thought it was subtle enough for the office. I recommend testing before buying if you're unsure about the shimmer. On my olive skin it shows up and brightens the skin with the combination of pink and silver glitter shimmers. Perhaps I just need to be braver with shimmer and sparkles sometimes.

NARS Adelaide retails for $30, exclusive to Nordstrom for now. Other sources report it will be available at all NARS retail locations starting March.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coming Soon ... NARS Final Cut

Reviews to be posted soon of the NARS Final Cut collection, now available exclusively in the US at Nordstrom (at other counters soon).

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Diptyque Candle Set x10 | Nordstrom Exclusive

Diptyque has some wonderful holiday offerings this year. There are a number of gorgeous sets along with three new holiday scents (review to come soon). This year Nordstrom has an impressive exclusive 10 Piece Set ($130 for 10 candles). The set contains Diptyque's iconic scents from the line's 50-year history that includes two signature scents created each decade. Each candle is in the set comes in the baby size usually only found in gift-with-purchase events (I've never seen the baby sizes sold for sale individually). The candles are 1.2 oz each with approximately 12 hour burn time. While the set is expensive, it makes a stunning luxurious gift for the holidays. Sometimes you can't really tell if you'll like a scent until you burn it. This set offers a way to sample a wide range of scents without having to buy the full sizes.

The ten scents in the set include: Thé, Cannelle, Roses, Jasmin, Baies, Tubereuse, Figuier, Feu de Bois, Ambre and Patchouli.

There is a beautiful handout included with a timeline highlighting each scent featured in the set.

I haven't had a chance to try each candle yet (I've been busy burning the three holiday ones). It will most likely take me weeks to try each one to see if I like them enough to buy individually. I will however provide an overview of the scents.

I've purchased all the floral scents individually in the past.
  • Baies is a floral scent (one of their best sellers) which is a mixed bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves
  • Jasmin is a soft jasmin scent (smells like the real thing)
  • Roses smells like soft roses without being too harsh or floral
  • Tubereuse smells like the tubereuse flower
  • Patchouli is the best Patchouli scent I've smelled, it's not too herbal or woody, it's a warm earthy scent that seems to have a slight hint of soft vanilla
  • Figuier is a warm fig-wood scent, it's a fresh fig and one of my favorites in the line
  • Feu de Bois is a smoky firewood scent with a hint (very slight) of blackberry
  • Ambre is a warm incense-like scent with a mix of wvetiver and patchouli, enhanced with radiant anise seed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and tonka bean, it's not my favorite but I will have to burn to really tell
  • Cannelle has a mix of warm, dry, spicy, and aromatic bark from the East, it has a fresh scent
  • Thé is a dark strong tea smelling scent with a herbal feel

Overall a lovely and impressive set. It would make the ultimate gift for fragrance aficionados. You can always break down the set and use the baby candles as add-ons or stocking stuffers for the holiday as well. I'm enamored with the whole boxes set and can't wait to try each in the upcoming months. Diptyque candles are among my favorite, although priced at the high end for scented candles worth every penny. It's something you have to try to really see what the fuss is about. Once you try these there is no going back to other brands (although I still adore lower priced candles from Henri Bendel and still love Jo Malone and Fresh for higher end candles).

Here's a quick comparison of the sizes of the candles in this set. (I'll call them the baby size.) The baby sizes in this set are also sometimes found in gift with purchases which is the 1.2 oz size. The small size is the 2.4 oz ($28 each). Regular sized candles are 6.5 oz ($60 each). More detailed comparison to come in a follow up post.

The 10 piece set is exclusive to Nordstrom and (limited for the holidays). You can't beat free shipping and beautiful packaging. If you have a Nordstrom near you with Diptyque, you may want to call the fragrance department to check if they have any upcoming events. I received a mailer for their yearly customer appreciation night. There are usually events in early December at stores and they often have gift with purchases so it will be a good time to take advantage of the gift offerings if you have a list of items you've been saving up for. In my experience minimum buys tend to be around $100 to $150ish.

Have you purchased any Diptyque sets this year? Diptyque fans - what are your favorite scents?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Diorshow Mono Mordoré 653 and Gris Montaige 047

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Dior released four single shadows as a Nordstrom Exclusive with the fall collection. These are new in the US, although available in other countries (see swatches on Front Row Beauty). I picked up two of the shades Mordoré 653 and Gris Montaigne 047 ($29 each for 2.2g/0.07 oz, Both are in the Diorshow Mono formula which has allows either a wet or dry application. This was my first time trying these shadows even though the formula was released months ago with other shades.

Mordoré 653 is a beautiful warm bronze metallic. It has a lovely shimmery finish to it. On me it pulls very warm but not red. Swatched on the arms it looks identical to Armani Eyes to Kill #5, but Dior Mordoré is easier to wear with less yellow/orange and slightly more bronze. The pigment is very rich but smooth and easy to layer. Blending with this color is easy - some coppers and warm bronzes blend out to look reddish or yellowy on the skin, this one stays true to color.

Gris Montaigne 047 is a classic metallic grey silver. There is a blend of different kinds of silvery shades which prevent it from looking too metallic or foiled on the skin. Silvers can be hard for me to pull off - this one has enough grey to not turn blue on the eyes. I could not find a dupe for this one.

More photos and swatches:

Comparisons below to Urban Decay Half Baked, NARS Fex, Chanel Le Bronze, Armani Eyes to Kill #5, Burberry Pearl Grey, Chanel Furtif, Chanel Infini, Armani Eyes to Kill #21 and Armani Eyes to Kill #17.

In the US you can find both Dior Mordoré and Gris Montaigne at Nordstrom and I'm new to the Diorshow Mono formula but so far am pleased with the two shades I tried. Are there any other colors you've fallen in love with that I need to try?

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 La Laque Couture

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I've had YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 La Laque Couture ($25 for 0.34 fl oz/10ml at Nordstrom) for over a year but have never had a chance to review it. Some of the YSL nail lacquers can be hard to find since most stores don't carry the entire color range. Certain stores have exclusive shades. I'm not sure if Prune Minimale is one of those colors but I've only been able to find it at Nordstrom in the US. Prune Minimale No. 7 is a dark vampy plum-brown. In the bottle it appears to a wine color with shimmer. On the nails the shimmer is invisible and it applies significantly darker than what you see in the bottle. It gives full coverage with two coats. Lasting power was quite good - I took it off on day five to swatch comparisons and there was minimal tip wear. From arms length this looks very similar to a number of other vampy shades. I pulled a few to compare (scroll down). YSL Prune Minimale proved to be one of the darker vamps that I own.

The bottles show some shimmers:

Here it is swatched with two coats and one coat of Chanel Laque Brilliance Extrême top coat.

Comparisons below to Chanel Rouge Noir, Vamp, Accessoire and Strong:

I think YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 is a lovely but fairly standard vamp. It's a sharp classic color that is something you can wear year round. However I was surprised about the attention it received for something I found to be very basic. YSL Prune Minimale received a significant amount of attention over the last week though from co-workers as well as from both of my favorite Chanel and Dior reps at Nordstrom - they all wanted to know what color it was.

Overall I'm impressed with the quality and wear. If you look closely you can tell that it is different from Chanel classics like Rouge Noir and Vamp. It's about 1-2 shades darker, cooler and more brown than Rouge Noir. So far I've only seen it at Nordstrom but if you've spotted it elsewhere please share in the comments. (I searched about 10 other retailers online that carry YSL and couldn't find it listed anywhere.)

YSL Prune Minimale No. 7 retails for $25. You can find it now instores and online at Nordstrom.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Chanel Makeover - Escape to Venice Event

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I had a makeover with Chanel at my local Nordstrom for their Escape to Venice event. It was focused around some repromoted items such as the Blue Satin and Beige Nail Polish, Vitalumière Aqua foundation and some Rouge Coco Shines (no new colors or items). I went in to replenish foundation - Chanel makes my favorites. They are one of the few lines I can wear almost any foundation or powder with a good color match, long wear and no irritation/breakouts. They had the Les Beiges powders on display for pre-sale only. I was happy to be able to test those out in person before committing to buy online. (Was also happy to see they won't be an online exclusive.) Breakdown of what was used on me below.

Items used throughout the makeover:

Face Prep: Cleansed with cotton pads and the Le Blanc Fresh Brightening Cleansing Foam, toned with Le Blanc Brightening Moisture Lotion (really a toner), prepped with the new Le Jour de Chanel. I loved the feel of each item. I was already well stocked on cleanser and toner so I did not purchase either. I have fallen in love with the Le Jour de Chanel samples I received so I went into the event knowing I wanted to purchase the full size. (Detailed skincare review to come shortly.)

Primer and Foundation Makeup: Light application of the CC Cream B20 with the Foundation Brush (nice evening effect but too pale for my taste). Vitalumière Aqua Compact Foundation in B30 buffed with their Kabuki Brush gave an airbrushed natural look. Dusting of Les Beiges 20 all over the face was applied. Last face prep step was to use Les Beiges 40 as a contouring powder.

Eyes: The artist used a lot of layering on the eyes. She started with Illusion d'Ombre in Ebloui all over the bottom half of the lids applied with the Concealer Brush and blended with the fingers. She then followed with the mauve-taupe shade from Mystère Quad on top with a softer fluffy brush. Next she took Apparition Illusion d'Ombre and layered it on top - this achieved a stunning sparkly brown-gold effect when all mixed together. She then used Ebene Stylo Yeux to line the water lines and define the upper lashline. Khaki Precieux was used along the lower lashes to make the eyes pop. The darkest shade from Mystère was used to follow along the lines just in the outer corners and blended softly. Finishing touch was the new Volume de Chanel in Khaki.

Lips and Cheeks: For cheeks she used the Revelation Blush Creme layered with the Les Beiges in 40 for blending/contour. Lips were mixed with a vibrant coral pink Rouge Coco Le Basier 54 and Rouge Coco Shine in Interlude. Both shades were mixed with a lip brush then applied. She blotted the lips and then reapplied the Rouge Coco Shine to soften the look.

The overall look was glowy and just beautiful. I loved the combination for the eyes and the pink lips and cheeks balanced the whole look quite well. The Le Blanc skincare line felt nice on the skin but I've never had much luck with the Chanel skincare lines (since Age Delay was discontinued about a decade ago). The Resynchonizing Trio has worked wonders for my skin though (more to come soon). Most of the items used were things I already owned which was nice. The artist took care to take note of what I already own to show me some ideas on how to coordinate the items.

Some new items mixed in with some classics:

Have you had a Chanel makeover recently? Thoughts? Ideas? I will update the post later with more product photos. I'm looking forward to the release of Les Beiges in the US! Nordstrom fans - check your local counters to see if they have events or gifts going on now, many counters are doing promotions in store now.
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