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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Nail Lacquers: Indigo Night + Black Jade

This season Tom Ford Beauty has two new nail polishes that are quite edgy and unique for spring. The two Nail Lacquers in the spring collection are Indigo Night and Black Jade ($32 each), both have opaque full coverage with two coats and apply very smoothly on the nail. It took me a while to cave on these because I normally don't wear greens on the nails and I already own quite a few navy shimmer polishes, but after swatching these I am glad I did buy both.

Black Jade is a deep complex green color. There is quite a bit of color mixed into the bottle making it quite unique and dramatic on the fingers. This one is quite dark so it almost looks black on the nails with a hint of forest green and shimmer if your hands are in natural light. This particular color was sold out at the counters near me, I was glad to have found it online at Neimans before it sold out. Right now it's still available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's.

Indigo Night is actually my favorite of the two. Even though I think a navy blue shimmer is something that is quite standard in many beauty lines, this one is particularly stunning. It has a brightness to the blue with some iridescence to it so it's not as deep as others. In natural light you can see that it's definitely a blue color but at the same time very deep. With this one the first coat will appear a bit sheer and see-thru but it smooths out completely to a full flawless finish with the second coat.

Both colors are very different from what you usually see in the traditional spring color palette, but I like them both. The colors are sharp and edgy without being over the top making them very wearable for me. For reference, Color Me Loud has comparison swatches (my nail wheels are currently MIA). For other Tom Ford Beauty spring features, my review on the Eye Color Duos here and Spring Cream Shadow here. I give the nail polishes a thumbs up although I have to say previews of the Summer collection have my heart racing and it can't arrive soon enough (I've been stalking it online).

The Tom Ford Spring 2015 Collection is available now, while supplies last. I've been told at the counters the nail polishes are limited-edition, but I'm not 100% sure. Black Jade is still available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Indigo Night is still relatively easy to track down also at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Tom Ford.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Je t’aime, Je’ t’aime!

Rescue Beauty Lounge has released six new beautiful polishes in the Je t’aime, Je’ t’aime! Collection inspired by Ji Baek's love for Paris (the full story on the Rescue Beauty Lounge blog). I have four of the colors to share today. Each color retails for $20 and they will be available for pre-sale online starting tomorrow, March 24th at 12:00 PM EST through March 26th to those signed up for her newsletter. Available for everyone else starting April.

The four colors, are as usual, are true to Rescue Beauty Lounge's style which is edgy perfection. I've mentioned this before, but Ji Baek is a true innovator when it comes to mixing up unique colors. She's done it yet again with beautiful shades for spring. I can't wait to see the other two that are part of her collection (to be released mid-April).

Close ups and swatches of each color:

C'Est Tout is a metallic green grey silvery color. It's a complex color that flashes different colors depending on how the light hits it. This one is my favorite of the bunch. It reminds me of Chanel Black Pearl but with more silver and grey and it's more metallic.

From Rescue Beauty Lounge:

This color is a rivalry between gunmetal and green, for sometimes it appears to be a dark gray with blue undertones and in another moment, you will see a green with micro shimmers of pink, blue, and gold. If you are ever asked, “Avec Ça?” You should answer with a resounding, “That’s all!”

Bonne Journee is an ultra-girly pink. It has a slight jelly finish where the pearl looks like it's suspended in a gel-like polish. It flashes bright pink, silver, a bit of blue. It's extremely unique. Brush strokes are visible but can be smoothed out with a second coat. You do need to apply this one slowly to get smooth coverage.

From Rescue Beauty Lounge:

Have a good day is how we should all take leave of anyone—this is a happy rose pink with blue undertones and a hint of copper. The shimmery satin finish will put a smile on your face and spread happiness because it works with all sorts of skin colors. This formula just glides on. Pink has never been this good.

Pardonne Moi is a deep blue metallic. There is a brightness to it which gives it life and prevents it from looking navy on the nails. There is a soft pearly quality which gives it a bit of softness even though it's a sharp blue metallic.

From Rescue Beauty Lounge:

This phrase somehow sounds more chic than “excuse me” when you’re bumping into people in the market. This color is a satin finish of an exceptional indigo, blue overcast with iris purple. Flashes of a beautifully generous shimmer gleams with stunning sparkles.

Last but not least is Ah, Oui which is a periwinkle cream. This one has the most smooth finish being a cream without any shimmer. It's very bright but has enough blue in it so it doesn't look lilac or pastel on the hands. I think this one will be fun on the toes for spring-to-summer.

From Rescue Beauty Lounge:

“Ah, yes?!” Just keep saying this if you don’t understand a thing anyone is saying—I’ve fooled so many peeps saying this while exhaling, “Pfttt!” This color epitomizes Parisian chic. It’s not blue, not purple, not gray; just picture a perfect, cloudless Parisian powdery periwinkle sky. This polish is a glasslike periwinkle cream-jelly (I’ve only a few to go to complete my rainbow of crème jellies), transparent in one coat with an exceptionally smooth application; you can even add another coat on the tips of your nails for an easy gradient effect.

One last shot, all together:

Bottom line love. Rescue Beauty Lounge never fails to release unique polishes. These four are really pretty bright spring to summer colors that are different from the classic corals, pinks or reds (which I love, but sometimes it's nice to wear something different).

For more swatches on different skin tones and nail shapes, be sure to check out these lovely nail  polish and beauty bloggers for their posts. I have major nail envy every time I visit their pages. Their manicures are pristine!

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter on to stay up to date with new releases and sales. You will receive the 48 hour pre-sale link via e-mail tomorrow. If you miss this round, no need to worry as they will launch for regular purchase mid-April.

Many thanks to Rescue Beauty Lounge for sending me these polishes for review.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Burberry Beauty Runway Nail Collection Pink Tones - Hydrangea Pink, Bright Coral Red and Pink Azalea

Burberry released a couple nail polish trios featuring new shades from the Prorsum Spring/Summer 2015 runway show back in September. There is a Pink Tones Trio with Hydrangea Pink, Bright Coral Red and Pink Azalea and a Blue Tones Trio with Stone Blue, Aqua Green and Imperial Blue ($66 each trio). Both are exclusive to but you can buy the colors individually at Nordstrom and Saks. I ordered the Pink Tones not realizing it included a color I already owned Pink Azalea which is a re-promoted color from Summer Showers collection. I have swatches of all three to share today plus some comparisons.

Hydrangea Pink is a really pretty medium-toned rose pink. Sometimes I find it odd that finding the perfect classic medium pink is difficult to come across, many are too warm, too coral, too red, too pale, too deep. Hydrangea Pink has reached holy grail status for me as a perfect feminine medium soft rose pink. It's in the perfect in-between mark of warm and cool making it a good neutral flattering pink. The formula on this is really good. The brushes are on the wide side but the pigment and coverage is smooth and flawless. Two coats are needed to cover the nail entirely but the finish is glossy with perfect coverage.

Bright Coral Red is my second favorite and it's pretty bright coral red (just like the name implies). It has enough brightness to give it life and prevent it from looking dark like some reds can. At the same time it has enough red to prevent it from looking orange. Formula and coverage on this is also flawless. If you already own Lucky, Glory or some of the other corals from Dior you may want to skip this one, although the Burberry is quite bright making it slightly different from the others.

Third is Azalea Pink which is a raspberry berry pink cream. This is a re-promoted color. In case you missed the original post with the Summer Showers collection, I've added the swatch here again. It mimics a raspberry with just enough blue undertone to give it a pink touch.

Comparisons swatched below:

Quick closeup of the brush & bottles:

Overall beautiful classics that are easy to wear. Hydrangea Pink is the most neutral of the three options and it's the perfect medium rosy pink. If you want something with more color Bright Coral Red is the most vibrant option that has a summery vibe. Azalea Pink is a classic raspberry cream that has a lovely blue undertone, although it's very similar to Chanel April. In my experience lasting power is quite good with these. I can get around 5 days of wear without any tip wear or chipping. I had on Hydrangea Pink this weekend however I did ruin my nails playing frisbee this weekend and ended up chipping and breaking 3 nails (inserts a big sad face). It's a good thing I had done a lot of nail swatching before hand (I have some exciting new polishes to share with you in the next few days).

You can find all three pinks in a 3-piece boxed set for $66 at Also individually for $22 each at Burberry, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Pop Water Collection: New Glossy Stains and Nail Lacquers

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Nordstrom have an exclusive beauty release called the Pop Water Collection. It's a release of new shades of Glossy Stains, Nail Lacquers and a new Metallic Eyeshadow Formula for spring to summer. The collection is currently available only at Nordstrom until mid-late April.

The Pop Water collection includes:
I picked up some of the items for lips and nails - all of which are fresh juicy bright colors really pretty to brighten up the mood for spring to summer. Here's a quick look at what I ordered and have been testing this week:

First up are the new Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains. If you're a YSL fan you are probably already familiar with the previously released colors of the Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains (original colors here, also rebel nudes colors here). I've had a couple of these over the past few years recommended highly by one of my best friends. She said these give the lips a juicy wash of color and feel really lush once you apply them. I'm not usually a fan of lip stains because they tend to look so dark on me, but I'm glad I tried these. The YSL Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains have the right mix of gloss and stain so they are like a lipgloss but have enough pigment in them they look like a soft stain of color on the lips. At the same time they don't look dark like traditional lip stains. The Pop Water Collection features slightly different packaging with the black YSL logo (versus the red in the older versions). It gives these a new updated edgy look.

The sponge tip is perfectly shaped to get precise application around the edges while the flat beveled parts allow you to fill in and cover the entire lip. It's something you have to test in person to really see how well designed the applicator is.

There are two versions of the Glossy Stain this season. The Plump Up 200 is a hydrating plumper for the lips. It comes in a very pale soft pink shimmer but on the lips it's basically clear. It is incredibly hydrating and does give the lips a pretty long-lasting shine. It makes the lips look full without making the lips tingle or go numb (huge plus for me). 

Then there are the tinted versions. All are variations of bright summery colors but still very wearable (even for neutral lip lovers) The remaining 8 colors of the Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains are all brighter colors. 203 Eau de Corail is a warm coral peach with a hint of pink, 204 Onde Rose is a medium red rose pink, 205 Pink Rain (my favorite) is a cool-toned bright pink, 207 Juicy Peach is a warm orangey peach, 208 Wet Nude is a soft peachy color.

I really like how these apply like a semi-thick gloss to adhere well to the lips. It transforms into a smoother feeling gloss once you let it sit. It has texture which keeps the lips hydrated and soft. One swipe gives a soft tint. Adding more swipes will intensify the color.

Swatches + close ups:

Lip Swatches:

For quick reference and comparison to other YSL products, the Glossy Stains are what I wanted the Volupté Tint-In-Oils to be (which turned out to be too sheer for my liking). By comparison, the Babydoll Kiss & Blush is creamier with an opaque finish making them suitable for lips and cheeks.

Next up are the new Pop Water La Lacque Couture Nail Lacquers (four translucent shades). Although I'm a huge fan of the YSL La Lacque Couture Nail Polish formula, I picked out two of the translucent ones to test out before splurging on all four. 63 Rouge Wet is a sheer jelly red, 64 Fuchsia Rain is a sheer jelly pink. Both have a see through formula which requires 3 coats for me to get a glossy smooth finish. The result is very interesting but I'm undecided on how I feel. I tried these layered over soft pinks and they transform the colors into brighter deeper versions and add a super glossy finish. I like the high shine these have. I wish all nail polishes had a finish this shiny.

Rouge Wet with 3 coats:

Fuchsia Rain with 3 coats, it looks very similar to Rouge Wet, but this one is slightly more pink:

Here is Fuchsia Rain layered over Rouge Pablo on the right side shows how it has a lush glossy wet shiny finish (which I really love):

Click icons below to shop:

Bottom line I'm in love with the Pop Water Glossy Stains. My favorites are Pink Rain and Wet Nude. These are scented with a soft sweet grapefruit scent but it's not too overwhelming and actually is really pleasant (at least for me). I'm undecided about the Pop Water Nail Lacquers. They are definitely unique and fun for summer and I like the high shine they offer.

You can find the Pop Water Collection now at Nordstrom. Have you checked out this collection yet? If not are you a fan of the Glossy Stains? Which colors are your favorites? P.S. Nordstrom has Triple Points going on with gift with purchases online and instores. The online gift includes samples of Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara (0.06 oz.), Forever Youth Liberator Serum (2 packets), Gloss Volupte in 3 shades and Touche Éclat in 3 shades with your $125 Yves Saint Laurent beauty purchase.

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All items purchased by me, all opinions my own. For more information refer to my disclosures.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dior Vernis in Rose 499, Pink 599 and Corail 899

There are three new Dior Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquers in Rose 499, Pink 599 and Corail 899 ($27 each for 10 ml/0.33 fl oz, made in France). These are currently available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and - they were released with the new Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshines (my picks swatched here).

The three new nail lacquers are fresh spring-summery colors. Each color has a stunning mix of subtle shimmers in them that give the colors depth without being frosty or too shimmery. Like most other Dior nail polishes, these have shimmer that's more visible in the bottle but on the nails they act more like creams. Below you can see the shimmer becomes more visible depending on how light hits the bottle.

Rose 499 is the only one of the three that has a more visible shimmer with gold and rose flecks. On my nails it's still very natural. This one is on the sheer side with a jelly finish. The color itself is very natural. If you're looking for a soft shimmery neutral pink, this one is lovely, although for soft pinks, Lady 294 from the Kingdom of Colors Spring release is my favorite by far.

Even though it's sheer, you can still get smooth medium coverage with two coats:

Pink 599 is a warm pink that pulls almost peachy on me. This is my favorite of the three. It's hard to find warmer pinks that don't look orange on my olive skin. This one has a lovely jelly finish and has enough pink to still, well look pink. Two coats shown below.

Corail 899 is a vibrant coral red. In my mind Dior can do no wrong when it comes to bright orange and coral nail polishes. This one is really beautiful with flawless rich coverage. It is however very similar to prior releases. It's very similar to Glory 660 from spring. Corail is more orange while Glory is more pink. The new Corail is also very similar to other Chanel colors. On the nail wheel compared side by side they look almost identical from arms length. A close look will show that there are slight differences in undertone (some are more orange, others more red, some are lighter etc.). On a computer screen it may be hard to see the real difference.

Nail comparison swatches:

Dior Tra-La-La (reviewed here)
Dior Incognito (swatched here)
Chanel Ming (discontinued)
Dior Rosy Bow (discontinued)
Dior Aventure (swatches here)
Chanel Lilis (review here)
Dior Glory (swatches here)
Dior Lucky (original version)

Bottom line flawless. Each color is easy to use with a rounded chiseled brush that makes applying nail polish really easy. Those who have tried Dior's formula know how incredibly smooth the colors are. They really are phenomenal. Lasting power is good if you use a good base and top coat. (My favorites here). If you're a Dior nail polish fan, you may want to skip Corail because it's very similar to other shades. Rose is nice but not a must-have for me because it's so close to my natural skin tone but it gives a flawless soft polished look. Pink is a really fun warm spring-to-summer pink color that I find unique and wearable.

Available now at Neiman Marcus (where I bought mine) and Have you checked these out yet? What's on your nails this week?


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