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Monday, February 16, 2015

Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. Duo in Bamboo White and Judo Red

Several readers have mentioned the Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. polishes to me over the past few months. Nails Inc. is a nail polish line that has been on my radar for quite some time but I tend to get distracted while in Sephora and usually forget to swatch and play with items in store. I ordered the Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. Duo Collection ($45 for 2 full-sized polishes, each 14 ml/0.47 fl oz, Made in France) online from Sephora. Both are available for purchase individually as well, but the duo is offered at a slight discount and also comes in a beautiful white box.

The two colors in the Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. are called Bamboo White and Judo Red. Both are glossy lush creams that offer full opaque coverage with two coats. The first coat did not cover the nail entirely but was still relatively smooth, the pigment was just a bit streaky. Adding a second coat resulted in a rich opaque color for both shades. In addition to testing out the polishes for the first time, I also picked up the Kensington Caviar Base Coat and Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat. I have been running low on my current go-to's from Deborah Lippmann, Chanel and Rescue Beauty Lounge and since the Base/Top Coat from Nails Inc. have impressive reviews and high ratings I decided to try both.

Bamboo White is more of a powder pink on me. Even though it's pale, it's a stretch to call this one white. The color is quite lovely on the nails and flatters the skin tone nicely. It's not too powdery in color like some pale pinks can be. Lasting power with the Nails Inc. Base + Top Coat was impressive. The top coat did indeed dry in 45 seconds although I did let the color dry for a couple minutes in between coats and about 5 minutes after the second coat. My manicure lasted 5 days before I started to see any tip wear. There was no flaking, chipping or peeling. The brush is on the medium to large side but slightly tapered making it easy to apply near the nail beds.

With two coats:

Judo Red is a warm orangey tomato red. On me the orange tones are visible enough that it looks like the perfect mix of orange and red. It reminds me of Chanel Holiday but with more opaque coverage and less of a jelly finish. I have this on the toes right now and it has held up really well over the past week. On the hands it's pretty vibrant brightening color. Here it is with two coats:

I'm in the middle of working on major closet/makeup/storage reorganization so I didn't have time to pull out polishes for comparisons. Several others have asked for my thoughts on these commenting they did not know if these were worth the purchase since the colors look so dupable. I agree with their assessment in the sense that these aren't the most unique colors, you can definitely find others that are similar. I do think that the formula is impressive (and I have extremely high expectations when it comes to nail polish). Pale pinks are almost always hard for me to give a thumbs up to because I find the formulas streaky or colors too white in color. I did expect Bamboo White to be more of a white/cream color instead of pink - but the formula and coverage is really good so I am giving it a thumbs up.

I'll be playing more with the Nails Inc. Base and Top Coats over the next few weeks to see how they work with other brands and give an updated review next month. So far I'm very impressed. I hope it's compatible with other brands of polish because the wear on these manicures was crazy good.

Bottom line, if you're looking for polished classic creams that have extremely good wear and long lasting power, the Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. Duo is worth a look. The formula and application are flawless. However if you're looking for unique colors, you may want to pass.

I bought my polishes from Sephora. The collection is also available online at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue (Saks promo online for a full-sized Brick Red polish with a $35+ order use code NAILS2 at checkout, while supplies last) and Nails Inc.

Have you tried anything from Nails Inc. before? What are your favorites?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer - Wine Not

Marc Jacobs Beauty recently released two new limited-edition Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquers in Wine Not and Milk ($18 each for 13 ml/0.43 oz). Today I have swatches to share of Wine Not which unfortunately looks like it's sold out online right now. I am hoping it will be restocked soon because it's drop dead gorgeous. (For reference, Milk is swatched here.)

Wine Not is a rich metallic berry that gives full opaque coverage with two coats. It has a mix of plum and red in it so depending on the angle the light hits it, this shade might look warm or cool. In natural light it's a smooth metallic plum. In sunlight it glows.

With two coats you get full opaque coverage. The first coat is a bit sheer and looks dark but add a second coat and it transforms into a lovely berry with minimal visible brush strokes. I was really pleased with how smooth it went on the nail. For some reason this particular polish did seem to soak up the first layer of top coat I used (I used Chanel Laque Brilliance Extreme), I recommend you add two layers of top coat to make it shiny.

Swatch comparisons below show that Wine Not has a more metallic finish with a good mix of red and plum making it the perfect wine. You can definitely find similar colors but as shown below many others lack that red glow Wine Not has when you see it in sunlight.

Chanel Cosmic Violine (discontinued)
Chanel Tulipe Noire (discontinued)
Chanel Vamp (review here)
Dior Galaxie (discontinued, review)
Chanel Malice (discontinued, review)
Tom Ford Minx (discontinued)

In full sunlight it flashes more red/wine:

Marc Jacobs Beauty is gorgeous. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back in stock online or eventually show up at Sephora. I've reached out to see if this will be restocked soon - I'll update this post as soon as I have more information. In the meantime I hope the comparison swatches help in case you want something similar and have any of the other shades, you can shop your stash for now. Marc Jacobs Wine Not is currently exclusive online at Marc Jacobs Beauty.

What's your favorite metallic plum/wine nail polish?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dior Vernis Kingdom of Colors - Lady and Glory Comparisons

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was planning to upload swatch comparisons on the Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Nail Polishes on Friday but took a few days off from blogging for a much-needed weekend break. As promised here are some comparisons for Dior Spring 2015 Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquers in Lady #294 and Glory #660. Both nail wheels have the same colors, just two different views for lighting:

Louboutin Madame Est Nue + Tres Decollete (swatched)
Dior Tra-La-La (review)
Dior Incognito (swatches)
Dior Lili (review)
Chanel Rose Cache (swatched)
Tom Ford Sugar Dune (discontinued, review here)
YSL Beige Leger (swatched)
Dior Star
Dior Wonderland (reviewed here)
Dior Lucky (older formula swatches, review)
Dior Pasteque (discontinued)
Chanel Tutti Frutti (review here)
Chanel Pink Tonic (reviewed here)

To me Dior Glory looks identical to my old Dior Lucky and very similar to other pinkish reds. I still love it but definitely think you can find similar colors. Dior Lady on the other hand is powder pink perfection. It's not too dark, not too light, has full coverage and has just the right amount of cool/pink tones to make it look soft and feminine but not too pastel. I love how elegant and understated it is without being too neutral or nude.

In case you missed it, full review of Dior Lady and Glory (and the spring top coat) with swatches on the fingers here. You should be able to find the Dior Spring Collection at most counters now. I bought both of my polishes from Nordstrom. Also available online at at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Sephora, Bloomingdales and

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 - Blossoming Top Coat and Gel-Shine Nail Lacquer in Lady & Glory

Dior's Spring 2015 collection is called the Kingdom of Colors. There are three new nail polishes with the collection including two new Gel-Shine Long Wear Nail Lacquers ($27 each) in Lady 294 and Glory 660 and a Blossoming Top Coat ($28). Every time I swatch a Dior nail polish I am always impressed by the formula. They've done a phenomenal job at creating an exquisite flawless finish and sometimes I don't know why I use anything else. The two spring colors are stunning with full opaque and smooth coverage. The Top Coat has a clear base with tiny chunks of glitter particles in different shapes and sizes. It's a really fun item to wear layered over other colors, but it's just not me. More thoughts on this below.

First up is Lady #294. When I saw this online I suspected it might be very similar to Tra-La-La or Incognito, but it's really quite different. When I swatched this color on the nails my first thought was "where has this color been all my life?!" It's a stunning full coverage baby pink that has a hint of mauve and cool-tones in it. Pictures don't do it justice - on the nails it's a powder pink but not too powdery or pale and it's super flattering for a clean polished look. This is definitely going on my backup list.

Glory #660 is a vibrant pink red with a tinge of coral. This has more of a slight jelly finish but still gives complete and full coverage on the nails with two coats. I have lots of other colors similar to this one, but I still think it's perfect. That being said if you have a lot of warm pink/corals you may want to shop your stash and skip this one.

The Eclosion Top Coat is a party in a bottle. It's a soft mix of pastel greens, yellow and white glitter particles in different shapes and sizes. The base is clear and the density of the glitters is on the medium side. As with many glitters that are suspended in a clear base, application can require some extra work to get it on the nail evenly. I swatched it below on top of both of the spring shades with two coats. It looks like I'm wearing a sprinkles cupcake on my fingers which is fun, but too much for my conservative makeup wearing/loving self.

I'll have swatch comparisons loaded later this weekend (I'll update this post). I'm still trying to find out where a couple of the shades I want to compare are. In the meantime I recommend you check out Color Me Loud's post and comparison swatches.

Both Lady and Glory are stunning polishes for spring and year round. I would say if you have a lot of brighter summery shades, you may find Glory dupe-able or too similar to what you own. As for Lady, it think it's absolutely perfect. After testing the top coat for a few days and wearing it around, I tried to see if it would grow on me. It's so fun and pretty in the bottle I keep trying to love it and see how I can pull it off. I can't help but feel it's too trendy for me.

I bought my Dior Polishes at Nordstrom. Also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Sephora, Bloomingdales and all Dior counters.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chanel Collection Rêverie Parisienne Le Vernis in Tenderly, Paradisio and Désirio for Spring 2015

This week we are seeing the first signs of spring beauty. Chanel is first to release spring with their stunning Collection Rêverie Parisienne. I have the three new Spring 2015 Le Vernis ($27 each) shades to share with you in Tenderly 641, Paradisio 645 and Désirio 643. All three shades are incredibly beautiful and I'm completely in love. They are listed as limited-edition.

Paradisio 645 is a pale silvery green. It is a metallic shade with brush strokes that are slightly visible. This one has a slight jelly finish making it semi-sheer. There is a slight hint of tiny silver micro sparkles in it making me think of fairy dust when I apply this. Two coats applies smoothly. For more coverage a third coat makes the color more even and more visible. In the bottle it looks more green while on the nails it turns into a silvery champagne with a slight hint of green.

Tenderly 641 is a soft dusty purple. It's also a semi-sheer color and for me this one is a three-coater. The jelly finish does give it a lush cushy look and with three coats you get a very glossy purple. There is a lightness to the color that makes it more spring-like compared to other purples like Chanel Paradoxal or Marc Jacobs Beauty Julia. However it's not a pastel lilac which makes it more grown up looking.

Désirio 643 is a cool-toned fuchsia pink plum. It flashes hints of violet and blue but on the nails the shimmer isn't visible. With a camera flash this one looks a lot brighter and turns pinkish. On the nails it's more of a deeper mauve pink. 

Swatches with two views:

Here are some comparisons I pulled out to swatch:

NARS Disco Inferno (discontinued)
Dior Waterlily (discontinued)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Liberty (discontinued)
Chanel Skyline (discontinued, swatched here)
Tom Ford Black Sugar (discontinued, reviewed here)
Chanel Pulsion (discontinued)
Dior Front Row (reviewed here)

Quick peek from my Instagram:

I spotted the spring collection in store last weekend and it just launched online at Nordstrom and I suspect it should be hitting all other counters in the US very soon (spring is usually released the week before Christmas). First thoughts are very good. I was underwhelmed by the Chanel holiday releases but the spring collection speaks to my heart. It's very spring-like and feminine without being too pink or too pastel. I think it's just perfect.

More from Chanel Spring 2015:

I hope to have the other items swatched and reviewed as soon as possible. Have you checked out the spring collection yet? What's on your wish list?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Formula X Paint the Town

Formula X has quite a few cute holiday sets out this year. One of the most impressive value nail sets is the Paint the Town Can (on sale in stores for $39) which has 22 mini nail polishes (4 ml/ 0.13 fl oz each). The set has a mix of creams, shimmers and glitter polishes. It just sold out online yesterday after it was marked down from $55 to $39, but I spotted stock at my local Sephora store today. If you're making your shopping rounds and doing some last minute holiday shopping this is a really fun gift for nail polish addicts. It has enough colors to keep you busy for months and the colors are suitable for teens and grown ups (even the glitters are fun for the holiday season).

The polishes come in a fun plastic paint can:

They're all stored in a plastic sleeve that rolls up into the can:

All 22 shades ranging from nudes to pinks to reds to purples and glitters:

I swatched these on some nail wheels to get a post up quickly for those still looking to shop for gifts in store. The colors are pretty much true to what you see in the bottle. The Formula X nail polishes have really good pigment and coverage. All the shades are available for purchase individually with the exception of the sparkles and glitters which seem to be exclusive to this set.

A+ is a pink raspberry cream
Gemini is a bubblegum pink
Pyrotechnic is a classic bright red
Ignite is a deeper red cream

Fathom is a creamy medium blue
Wunderkind is a sheer but build able deep metallic blue
Dark Matter is a dark grey
Dramatic is a lavender purple cream
Umph is a shimmery purple-grey
Pedal to the Metal is a metallic violet

White Matter is a pure white cream
Need for Speed is a metallic silver chrome
Illusionary is a cloud-white-grey shimmer
Perfection is a mauve taupe cream
Monumental is a creamy nude
Astronomical is a creamy beige

Shock Wave is a fuchsia pink glitter
Absolute Zero is a mix of silver, beige and black sparkles
Moon Sign is a mix of teal blue, baby blue and silver sparkles
Stratosphere is a blue and purple glitter mix
Luminosity is a gold and copper sparkle glitter
Starlight is a slightly chunky gold glitter

On the thumb is Monumental with Starlight on top

Spotted in store today at Sephora (there were about half a dozen cans scattered around the store, smaller Paint Party Press Pods is also on sale and still available online, also available is the Press Pods Gift Tags Set):

Overall a really fun set to play with. It's a great introductory set to the Formula X line at a value price. I tested a few of the glitters and found them pretty easy to remove with nail polish remover which is a huge plus for me (most glitters take forever to remove). If you're heading to a Sephora store in the next few days I highly recommend looking into this as another gift option.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? What has been your favorite set so far this season?

The Paint the Town set was provided as a press sample for review consideration.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty Midnight in Paris

Marc Jacobs Beauty has a new limited-edition Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer this holiday called Midnight In Paris ($24 for 13 ml/0.43 fl oz). It's a deep indigo teal cream polish that was first featured in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2014 runway show. This holiday's polish comes with a silver reflective cap and the bottle is cased in a black velvet stand with a keepsake box. The presentation and design is beautifully executed making this a lovely gift for those who love nail polishes.

Midnight in Paris is a richly pigmented indigo cream. The pigment is insanely good and I was able to get full even coverage with just one coat. It is very dark in color making this almost like a midnight black, but there is enough blue in it that it still looks blue on the nails. The formula on the Marc Jacobs nail lacquers vary depending on finish. Some are jelly sheers, others are high metallics while some have a more refined shimmer. Midnight in Paris is a pigmented cream (similar formula to the Runway Nudes swatched here).

Here it is swatched with two thin coats. I used the Formula X Base Coat and Chanel Laque Brilliance Extreme on top (my hand and nail care essentials here).

A few comparisons to some other deep inky blue polishes:

Burberry Teal Blue (swatched here)
Burberry Ink Blue (swatched here)
JINsoon Rhapsody (swatched here)
Dolce & Gabbana Peacock
Louboutin Lady Twist (swatched here)

If you already own a lot of deep indigo nail polishes, you might want to shop your stash and skip this one. The formula is really amazing with this one though. One coat is enough to cover the entire nail and in my experience Marc Jacobs nail polish last remarkably well without any chipping or tip wear for up to 5 days.

Midnight in Paris is a limited-edition shade. You can find it at Sephora and Marc Jacobs Beauty while supplies last. Did you check out anything from the Marc Jacobs holiday collection or order any of the Black Friday sets? I'd love to hear what you think is good.

P.S. The Sky-Liner Set (reviewed here) is back in stock online at Sephora!

Midnight in Paris was provided courtesy of Marc Jacobs for review consideration.


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