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Monday, July 21, 2014

Dior Aventure #551 Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquer

On the nails right now: Dior Aventure #551 Gel Shine Nail Lacquer ($25 for 10 ml/0.33 fl oz). I've had this color since April and have worn it several times on tips and toes. Aventure #551 is a pretty coral. It has a slight transparent finish but gives almost near full coverage with two coats. The finish is lush and glossy with a flattering mix of pink, coral, peach making it one of my favorite summer shades for nails. I like that it's bright without being fluorescent. I've had really good experiences with the Dior Gel Shine Nail Polish formula, Aventure is no exception. All the colors I've tried wear extremely well with a wide range of top coat brands like Dior Gel Top Coat, Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme and Rescue Beauty Lounge. Lasting power is quite good with 5+ days (no tip wear). I didn't have time to re-swatch nail comparisons but you can see Aventure compared to Chanel Tutti Frutti and Mirabella.

Huge thumbs up. I swatched 16 of the new Gel Shine Nail Lacquer shades earlier this year. Detailed reviews and swatches also of Tra-La-La, Front Row, Wonderland, and Vibrato.

I purchased Aventure from Nordstrom. Also available at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquers in Daphne and Maia

This summer there are a few new lip and nail shades for Dolce & Gabbana Beauty. There are five new Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipsticks ($36 each) in Lotus, Jasmine, Amaryllis, Lily and Orchid and three new Intense Nail Lacquers ($25 each) in Daphne, Maia and Gaia (you can see the details on Makeup4All). I purchased two of the nail lacquers from Nordstrom:

  • Daphne is a beige gold with multi-colored shimmer flecks of gold, silver, champagne, rose gold
  • Maia is a metallic shade that's a rich a rose gold peach frost

Both shades apply very smoothly. The brush design of Dolce & Gabbana nail polishes has improved over the years. It's shorter and more dense with a better tip for flawless application. Both of these applied nicely with a few strokes. They are two-coaters but the pigment is rich and smooth with the first coat. They both have removable gold caps.

Daphne has a nude-beige base that is similar to my skin tone. I found it naturally flattering for a conservative polished look that's work-appropriate. I found it to be a slightly darker beige compared to most other neutral nudes I own. I suspect those with tan skin will really like this one as a perfect nude that doesn't look too pale. The pigment and coverage is very good.

Maia is a rich cantaloupe-colored metallic. Metallics sometimes worry me since brush strokes can be very visible and streaky looking. Maia has a smooth finish with minimal brush strokes showing. It's very warm on my skin but the hint of pink in the shimmer prevents it from being a pure orange.

Comparisons below (swatches on prior reviews linked below):

Laura Mercier Organza (discontinued)
Chanel Sahara Beige (discontinued)
Dior Spring Ball 343 (discontinued)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick
Rescue Beauty Lounge Nails and Noms

I wasn't able to test these for an extended period of time, but based on my experience with recent releases like Oleandro, I've been able to get at least 5 days wear without any issues. I'm in love with Maia - the iridescent quality was impossible to capture with a camera, it has a lovely blueish pink shimmer that makes it really unique. Daphne is a lovely color as well - these days I'm preferring a bit more contrast and color but it's a great everyday kind of nude with a gorgeous shimmer.

I found both Daphne and Maia at Nordstrom. Also available at Saks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama

Rescue Beauty Lounge has a new collection called Anatomy go a #Kdrama with seven new Nail Polish shades ($20 each). The polishes have a diverse range of finishes, colors and textures - creams, shimmers, and glitters. The shades include Not Your Baby, Oh Slap!, Instant Amnesia, Cue the Montage, Will They Won't They, Monologue, Burn the Evidence: 

Not Your Baby is a stunning complex mix of taupe, brown and silver shimmer infused with subtle blue and green shimmer flecks. It's a more pigmented and darker version of Chanel Quartz. It has perfect flawless smooth coverage with two coats.

Oh Slap! is a semi-sheer jelly cream pink. It's a three-coater nail polish for me otherwise the nail shows through underneath. Coverage is really smooth with a shiny high gloss finish.

Instant Amnesia is a nude tan with a hint of pearl. It's not a full shimmer but there is a visible sheen in the color. On me it's very nude with a warm undertone. Coverage is full and smooth with two coats.

Cue the Montage is a textured yellow with a hint of green and silver glitter flecks. It dries to a very different textured finish like sandpaper. The polish applies with full coverage with two coats but the uneven finish. I rarely wear yellow on the nails. This one was extremely unflattering on my skin tone. The glitter chunks stuck to the nails and it took over 15 minutes to remove from my nails.

Will They Won't They is a soft lilac purple with a pretty shimmer. Some of the shimmers have a flash of blue making this unique compared to other purples. It's a two coater as well with a smooth texture.

Monologue is shimmery teal. The texture is slightly thinner than most RBL nail polishes. It covers well with two coats but was slightly less fluid/smooth in the application. There is a slightly bright quality to the base which makes the blue stand out.

Burn the Evidence is a sparkling copper glitter. The glitter particles are very fine. It has a transparent base with one coat. With two coats the shimmers cover the nails more. It's shown below with two coats. It's extremely glitzy. I'm not sure I can wear this one comfortably for everyday.

Comparisons shown below. I'll link prior nail swatches:

My top picks are Not Your Baby, Will They Won't They and Oh Slap! The collection is online for purchase now at Rescue Beauty Lounge. Be sure to check out the other blogger's reviews linked on the RBL website.

This collection was provided courtesy of Rescue Beauty Lounge for review. For more information see my Disclosures.

Monday, July 7, 2014

3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS | Crossroads, Other Side and Insidious Nail Polish

This month there will be nine nail polishes released for the 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Collection ($20 each for 0.5 fl oz/15 ml) - available July 15 on I have three shades to share today in Crossroads (a deep purple cream), Other Side (chocolate cherry perfection) and Insidious (a metallic blackened bronze khaki). You can see all the shades on Vampy Varnish.

All the colors come with removable caps. The brushes are wide and slightly rounded at the tips but I found them to be on the larger side making it a bit hard for me to apply on my small fingers. It was still manageable but I had to do a lot of cleaning up with remover and Q-tips after application. I had to play around with various base and top coats. The new formula of the NARS nail polishes did not perform well with my usual Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat (the polish didn't glide over it) and Chanel Top Coat (it didn't want to cover the polish smoothly). After testing with several of my go-to's I found these worked best with Sephora Formula X Base and Top Coat.

The shimmer color applied well with just one coat. The creams I tested looked streaky with the first coat but evened out with the second for full smooth coverage.

Crossroads is a dark violet cream. It looks lovely on the hands but the texture of this one was a bit hard for me to work with. It bled easily making a mess of the cuticles. This one was really difficult to remove although it didn't stain the nails. If you're patient with this one, I think it's worth the extra work it takes to apply.

Other Side is the perfect chocolate cream with a hint of red. It applied unevenly with the first coat but smoothed out with a second. It's a dark almost vampy color but there is enough brown to prevent it from looking too dark.

Insidious is a metallic blackened khaki. It's dark but not too dark. The shimmers make it glow in the sunlight. This shade will be exclusive to NARS boutiques and

Comparisons to Tom Ford Bitter Bitch
Chanel Vamp
Chanel Diabolic (discontinued)
Dior Ultra Violet (discontinued)
Chanel Vendetta (discontinued)

I'm in love with NARS Other Side and Insidious as a close second. The colors are rich in pigment and with two coats you get full coverage. I did find application a bit hard because the brush is on the larger side. The formula has a medium liquid texture, not thin but not thick. I wore Cross Roads on the nails for 5 days before taking it off to test another color. By Day 5 I had a bit of tip wear on the index finger and thumbs but the rest were fine.

The nine shades will be available online at July 15th and all other NARS locations starting August 1.

This review contains press samples sent by NARS for review consideration. For more information refer to my Disclosures.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chanel Secret #625, Atmosphère #629 and Orage #631 Le Vernis | Collection États Poétiques for Fall 2014

For the Chanel Collection États Poétiques there are three new Le Vernis Nail Colors in Secret #625 Atmosphère #629 and Orage #631 ($27 each for 13 ml/0.4 fl oz, made in France). All three colors are newly released shades. I was the most excited about Atmosphère but after playing with these for a few days, it turns out my favorite is Secret.

I get really excited when I find a good nude nail polish. Secret #625 is a perfect nude with a slight hint of pink. It definitely needs a good base coat underneath. The first coat will be slightly uneven in finish but the second coat levels out the texture and gives full coverage. It's has enough color for my skin so it doesn't give me corpse-like hands.

Atmosphère #629 is a unique pearly duo-chrome pink pearl with violet shimmer. It changes color as the light shifts. With one coat it's more pink/lilac. With a second and third coat it becomes more like a pearl. I wanted to love this but find it looks odd against my skin tone making my hands look a bit sallow. I'm not sure if it's just the fact that it's summer and I'm craving bright colors right now that is contributing to my "eh" feelings about this one. I don't hate it, but I'm not a huge fan. Perhaps it will grow on me. Some have suggested using this as a layering color. I'm not a huge fan of layering but this one does look nice over other colors.

Orage #631 is an indigo grey blue. It has a very slight hint of silver shimmer in the tube if you hold it against the light. On the nails you can see the sparkle in the sunlight but it acts more like a cream. Two coats almost gives full coverage. On me I found it still to be slightly transparent with two thin coats. On the hands it's dark shade but not quite black. There is enough blue in this one to soften the color and prevent it from looking too harsh.

Some comparisons below. Orage is the only one I could find close alternatives to.

Swatched above:

Tom Ford Sugar Dune (discontinued)
Dior Icy Dew (discontinued)
Guerlain Stardust (discontinued)
Chanel Island (discontinued)
Dior Perfecto (discontinued)
Chanel Steel (discontinued)
Chanel Atmosphere layered over Secret and Orage

Close ups of the comparisons:

Overall three lovely shades for fall ... but it's not fall yet which is probably why I'm not over the moon in love with these. I think they will grow on me. Secret is another perfect nude nail polish I'll be wearing a lot (going to try it on the toes this weekend). The other two are nice but for me not must-haves. That being said, Atmosphere is very unique and Orage is a nice dramatic dark shade that isn't too dark.

These are part of the fall collection and should be available at all counters now. Online at Nordstrom,  BloomingdalesSaks and


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