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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Le Vernis Comparisons

No dupes to be found. Here are the shades Quartz, Graphite and Peridot compared to prior releases from Rococo Nail Apparel, Chanel and Dior.

The fall shades

Comparisons L to R: Rococo Nail Apparel R2T2, Chanel Trapeze, Chanel Quartz, Dior Silver Pearl, Chanel Graphite, Chanel Kaleidoscope, Chanel Peridot, Dior Timeless Gold

Swatches with 3 different views (since metallics look different depending on the light)

FYI: Polish Police has a comparison of Chanel Graphite to OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. Those who think it's a dupe will see from her blog that it's really not :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Shades For Summer 2011: Morning Rose, Beige Pétale & Mimosa

Chanel's Summer Collection has hit counters and I snapped up all three new Le Vernis shades in Morning Rose 557, Beige Pétale 567 and Mimosa 577 (yes, I caved for Mimosa). These are mood changing shades and as soon as I put these on I instantly forgot that it was cold and gloomy. Hours after swatching these, I still have a different shade on each finger and I feel like I'm wearing candy on my fingertips.

The Le Vernis shades have recently increased in price to $25 each which is fairly steep. I remember when Chanel nail polishes were $18, but in all fairness the formula wasn't quite as good as they are now.

  • Morning Rose 557 is a warm candy pink with gold sparkles (the sparkles are subtle)
  • Beige Pétale 567 is a sheer transparent cool-toned cream (I'm loving this shade even though it's so basic, it applies so smoothly)
  • Mimosa 577 the most highly anticipated shade of summer is a vibrant pearly yellow (I wonder if I'll be brave enough to wear this to the office)

The texture and pigment of the nail colors seems slightly different from the classic Chanel Le Vernis texture. I will have to play around with these more but all the shades for summer are 3-coaters. Morning Rose and Beige Pétale applied wonderfully smooth and without any issues. Mimosa, on the other hand, was a disaster for me. It took 5 attempts for me to get a decent finger swatch. I tried it on a bare clean nail, over Chanel's Base Coat, over Seche Vite's Base Coat and RBL's Base Coat. The texture is thick and applies unevenly. It took a super slow and steady hand for me to get it to work. It was difficult to get the right amount of product on the brush. In the end, I applied 3 thin streaky coats. It evens out by the 3rd coat. I highly recommend reading British Beauty Blogger's experience and Beauty Moogle Zone's thoughts as well. Close ups below:

Swatches on fingers, 3 coats each color:

Added in Miami Peach (Neimans exclusive, repromote, reviewed last week) for fun:

My favorite shades are Beige Petale and Morning Rose. I'm smitten with Miami Peach too. Mimosa is surprisingly a wonderful yellow (the shimmer on the nail is beautiful) just very difficult for me to apply on my own. I think with practice or a professional application it will look amazing. I'm just not used to having such a streaky finish with the first coat (at least not for Chanel) but much like others have noticed, Mimosa evens out with 2-3 coats.

I did not have time to do any comparisons yet but will try to do some before the end of this week. Off the top of my head, Beige Pétale is more beige than Allegoria which I find more white.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Recent Dolce & Gabbana Additions from Saks

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some recent Dolce & Gabbana additions from the past few months. A bit from spring, summer and the regular line. I really love Dolce & Gabbana for their high quality products. The pigment is great and textures/finishes are superb. Blushes have a soft flawless finish. Nail polishes are richly pigmented, creamy and apply extremely smooth. Lipsticks have a subtle rose scent that fades and have great coverage (lasting power varies per shade). If you remember my first article on Dolce & Gabbana (back last May when the line first launched) I wasn't sure that the price justified the purchase. In playing around with my purchases more, I have come to really appreciate the quality of the products. Granted the prices are still hard to swallow sometimes - I have been happy with most of the things I've purchased, even with a couple things I didn't think were really me (such as Apricot Blush and Caramel Lipgloss). The customer service of the Dolce & Gabbana sales reps I've worked with is excellent as well. There's nothing that can compare to having a great experience with knowledgeable sales associates who are helpful, professional and know what they are talking about.

In the U.S. these are exclusively at Saks stores and I prefer to order through the stores because they occasionally have great gift-with-purchase events. Various GWPs include full sized mascaras and lipglosses - although the minimum purchase requirements are typically higher (ranging from $100 to $250 depending on the event). I definitely recommend calling your local store to check out their upcoming events. Check for locations and more product info.

Left to right: Tan Blush, Glossy Lipgloss, Delicate Lipstick,
Emotion Lipstick, Petal Nail Polish,
Nude Nail Polish, Drama Nail Polish

  • Glossy Lipgloss - I exchanged my Caramel Lipstick for this at Beverly Hills. I was a bit nervous about exchanging it because I hate returns, but the sales associate was very kind, especially since it was unused and still brand new. Even he agreed that Caramel was an unflattering color. Glossy is a really pretty gold shade - but on the lips it's a bit too glossy for my taste but I guess that's the point of lipgloss. I have to use this one sparingly.
  • Delicate Lipstick - A lovely fresh and light golden apricot, really pretty for both spring and summer.
  • Emotion Lipstick - Another winner, lovely cool pink with gold shimmer. Reminds me of MAC Fabby but better.
  • Petal Nail Polish - A cream nude pink shade. It's like Chanel's Jade Rose but a notch up in color and without any iridescence.
  • Nude Nail Polish - I love this nude shade. My application was sloppy but I think if applied the right way, it would give a perfect nude manicure.
  • Drama Nail Polish - A neutral lavendar cream. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Purple creams like Paul & Joe 06 and this one look pretty in the container but on my fingers the just seem a bit muddy looking.
  • Tan Blush - I ordered this sight unseen and have to admit I was shocked at how flat and greyish looking it was when I received it. However, on the cheeks it makes a really nice contouring shade. There are some comparisons to other brands (MAC & NARS) below, but due to their nude-ness, I couldn't get swatches to show up.

L to R: Delicate, Emotion & Glossy

L to R: Petal, Nude & Drama

Tan Blush:

Dolce & Gabbana Tan compared to MAC Emote, MAC Strada and NARS Zen

Have you seen the Dolce & Gabbana Spring or Summer collections yet? Any winners for you? In case you missed it, you can find my report on the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Collection here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Love Dior Set by Tyen

I am so excited to tell you all I have found the Limited Edition Love Dior Set by Tyen! For this purchase, I have Marina from Makeup4All to thank for writing about the set back last October in her Tyen: 30 Years of Creation Love Dior Palette and also my fellow makeup guru Parsi who told me she spotted it at the Dior Boutique in Las Vegas and immediately sent me a rave review knowing this would be something I would be interested in learning more about. The Dior Boutique in the Forum Shops did have a few left in stock and I was ecstatic!

The set is called Love Dior which retails for $80 US. It comes with an Eyeshadow Palette that is called Love Dior, but can also be used on cheeks as a highlighter. There is also a gorgeous nail polish that has complex shimmers of burgandy-wine-purple-fuschia which I am absolutely in love with.

One more shot, natural light:

I haven't had a chance to play with the palette yet. It's too pretty, I don't know that I want to touch it. The "i" in the Dior arrived crumbled, but no biggie. I will try to pull some similar nail polish shades to do a comparison post soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Color Focus: Neutral Sparkle & Glow

This is an expansion on some color focus features I've done in the past for face/eyes, nails and lips. When I was getting into makeup, there were only 4 loose shimmer powders I knew of and was always looking for something in between since the silver ones were just a tad too white and the bronze ones were way too dark. Now there are a lot more options out there!

I have medium golden-toned skin, so this is a post on more neutral glowy nude-beige products that work for me to give that natural glow. I love these because they are so versatile, you can use these alone or layered over other colors to add shimmer. Laura Mercier Stardust and MAC Silver Dusk are featured even though they are on the paler side and look more silvery because they still work if used with a very light hand.

Loose Shimmer Powders: These are my most neutral natural loose shimmer powders. I have a lot more colors of peach, pink, and bronze variations, but those I will save for a later feature. For these, I would say the most sparkly ones are MAC's Silver Dusk and Dancing Light. The most subtle ones are Armani's Midnight Shimmer Powder and Becca Hyawatha. The rest are somewhere in between.

Laura Mercier Stardust:

Laura Mercier Candlelight:

Laura Mercier Starlight:

MAC Silver Dusk:

Scott Barnes Diamond Dust:

FACE Stockholm Gold Shine:

Becca Hyawatha:

MAC Beauty Powder in Dancing Light:

Giorgio Armani Midnight Shimmer Powder:

Swatches: 1) Laura Mercier Stardust, 2) Laura Mercier Candlelight, 3) Laura Mercier Starlight, 4) MAC Silver Dusk, 5) Scott Barnes Diamond Dust, 6) FACE Stockholm Gold Shine, 7) Becca Hyawatha, 8) MAC Beauty Powder Dancing Light, 9) Armani Midnight Shimmer Powder

For liquid/cream products, I find colored products (bronzey and peachy included) more forgiving because you can blend the colors out easily or mix them with your foundation. Nars St. Barts is my holy-grail nude highlighter because it blends out to give that perfect contoured and slightly tanned look without any orange or bronze.

Left to right: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Topaz, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Opal, Chanel Brilliance Pur Sunkissed, Armani Fluid Sheer 2, Armani Fluid Sheer 10, Nars Multiple Maldives, Nars Multiple St. Barts

Swatches in the same order as above (note that these are not blended out):

For nails, I've always been into that barely-there natural manicured look. These are natural with a pretty sheen. I don't have swatches as I just got my nails done. I highly recommend searching for awesome pictures with different lighting and also swatches on different skintones.

Left to right: Chanel Galactic Touch, Nars Adelita, OPI Sand in My Suit, OPI Hollywood Blonde, Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani, MAC Golded

For lips, I have yet to find that perfect glowy lipstick that works all the time. I do have glosses that I love which gives that glow:

Left to right: 1) Bobbi Brown Rose Gold, 2) Bobbi Brown Sand Sugar, 3) MAC C-Thru, 4) MAC Young Thing, 5) MAC Instant Gold, 6) Nars Greek Holiday, 7) Chanel Gold Light #118, 8) Chanel Beige Guitare #121, 9) MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass, 10) Dior Addict #137 Trenchcoat Beige, 11) Laura Mercier Champagne Glace (old packaging)

For eyes, I like to use the loose shimmer powders a lot, but there are quite a few beige-gold shimmer eyeshadows that enhance your skin making it look like a subtle glow. Basically your lids-but-better in a warmer nude glow. MAC Bagatelle is my favorite for this, but has since been discontinued, here are some other alternatives:

1) Bobbi Brown Copper Penny Shimmer Wash, 2) Benefit Rich Beach, 3) Chantecaille Rose Gold, 4) Chanel Gold, 5) MAC Bagatelle, 6) MAC Creme de Miel, 7) MAC Blonde's Gold Pigment, 8) Paul & Joe Pearl Powder 01, 9) Bobbi Brown Sunset Gold Metallic, 10) Armani Maestro #2, 11) Urban Decay Blaze, 12) Becca Loose Shimmer Powder in Odette

Swatches, same order:


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