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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen Lipstick and Open Secret Oxymoron

Lipstick Queen has released two new lip products this month for spring/summer. Jungle Queen Lipstick ($22 at SpaceNK) is a vibrant coral designed to coordinate with bold animal prints. Open Secret ($24 now at Lipstick Queen, launching soon at SpaceNK) is the latest color in the Oxymoron lip/cheek formula, it's a soft baby peony pink with a pop of color. Lipstick Queen sent these brighter shades for review - they aren't colors normally what I gravitate towards but they are easy to wear brights. While I'm a huge fan of neutral lips, I get numerous requests to review items that are bolder in color. Here are two that are definitely bold.

Jungle Queen Lipstick is Poppy King's modern twist on a classic red. Jungle Queen is a bold coral cream. It has a moisturizing feel but semi-matte finish. It's rich in coverage and pigment which requires precise application (mine photographed below is a bit messy). I found the formula to stay put for several hours without any bleeding, but if you're like me and don't always apply lipstick precisely (one reason I like sheers), you may want to add a liner first. This is one of those universally flattering shades I suspect is like Viva Glam Rihanna (if you like bold lips). It's rich enough to cover the most pigmented lips. I have it shown applied straight from the tube and then blotted to show it will fade.

Open Secret Oxymoron is a lip/cheek stain in a mirrored compact. This is my first time trying their stains. I found it to be fully matte with full coverage. I do think you need to moisturize the lips first. It's not drying but the texture is matte so it will highlight/emphasize and flakes or creases. Open Secret is a pale pink with a pop. It's not too pale so it washes me out and has a bit of coral undertone to prevent it from looking blue. I tried this on the cheeks and found it difficult to blend with my fingers - I'm open to suggestions on how to apply if you've tried these. It photographs well on the lips. On the cheeks it shows up as well but doesn't photograph well (at least on me). Lasting power is quite impressive on the lips but the matte finish made it feel a bit dry (it didn't dry out my lips though, it just felt dry).

Comparisons to show how vibrant these new colors from Lipstick Queen are: NARS Torres del Paine (swatch here), Tom Ford Sweet Spot (swatches here), NARS Lodhi, NARS Anguila Matte Multiple, NARS Laos Matte Multiple, Chanel Magnolia Rouge Coco and Chanel Jersey Rose Rouge Coco (discontinued).

Both are rich full coverage colors. I like both colors but don't know that I am brave enough to wear Jungle Queen everyday. Open Secret works well for the color but I tend to prefer shades with a bit of a sheen. This can be fixed by adding a bit of gloss on top. I wouldn't have picked out either shade on my own but it's nice to explore shades and textures out of my comfort zone and discover new items.

Both Jungle Queen ($22) and Open Secret ($24) launch this month. Jungle Queen is available exclusively at SpaceNK and Lipstick Queen. Open Secret is available at Lipstick Queen now and should launch at SpaceNK soon. (PS Don't forget, The Beauty Look Book readers still have access to a SpaceNK online promotion through the 25th with code LOOKBOOK20, details here.)

Do you have any Lipstick Queen favorites? I know there are many die-hard fans of her line. I haven't explored it recently but would love to hear about what you've tried.

This post contains press samples sent for review. All opinions my own. For more information please see my disclosures.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss, Butterfly Ball & 15 Minutes of Fame

I have a love/obsession with brands I do not have immediate access to and Lipstick Queen is no exception. I purchased a few items back in May of last year from Barneys in Beverly Hills and love everything (see Infinite, Creation & Pink Saint here).

Lipstick Queen recently released a few new products to her line and I blame the drool-inducing swatches and photos from Karlasugar, Just Makeup, London Makeup Girl and Beauty Moogle Zone for making me break my resolve to wait and see these products in person. From, I ordered the following, left to right:
  • Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Trance & Float
  • 15 Minutes of Fame Lipglosses in 1, 4 and 5 minutes
  • Big Bang Illusion Gloss in Expansion

I did a few swatches of the Butterfly Ball lipsticks and Big Bang lipgloss but I highly recommend you check out the other links to the other listed blogs above for better swatches! I hope this will show you why I don't usually do lip-swatches, they just don't turn out well with the flash :(

Trance: sheer raspberry with a slight greenish shimmer

Float: very sheer natural pink, doesn't give much color, this is pretty much my natural lip color with a bit of shine (also has greenish shimmer which you can't see in the photo)

Expansion Lipgloss: pigmented iridescent peachy-pink, the flash washed this out in the photo so it looks very natural, but in real life it does show up pretty well on the lips

One more view of the lot where you can see the greenish tinge in the Butterfly Ball Lipsticks. No swatches of the 15 Minutes of Fame lipglosses. Karlasugar and Beauty Moogle have *awesome* swatches though!

Overall thoughts: I haven't been able to test out the 15 Minutes glosses yet, but the colors look very natural and light. I love the Big Bang Lipglosses because they are pigmented but not sticky or slimy and have no scent. The Butterfly Balls are sheer and glossy with a greenish tint in the shimmer (like MAC's Lollipop Lovin Lipstick). I knew there would be a chance Float might not show up well on the lips, but it didn't stop me from wanting it. (I'm a sucker for light pinks.) I think it will work well layered over a creamy pencil or chubby stick to add shine. Trance gives a pinkish-raspberry stained look on my lips.

Have you tried these yet? What are your Lipstick Queen faves?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lipstick Queen for Pink Lip Lovers

I took a little road trip to Beverly Hills last week and was able to visit Barneys New York where I was able to check out a few unique brands. One of them was Lipstick Queen, a line launched by Poppy King featuring some cute lip products.

There were three items that stood out to me that were pretty pink shades (left to right, Infinite, Creation, Pink Saint):

* Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss - Infinite ($20) - Described as "Glittery nude . . . peachy keen" this one seemed more of a pink-gold to me, but I can see how the gold mixed in makes it look almost peachy-nude on the lips.
Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss - Creation ($20) -
Described as "Sparkling rose . . . cheers!" this seems right on, a pretty unique sparkling rose.
* Saint Sheer Lipstick 10% Pigment in Pink Saint ($18) - Described as "A sheer touch of ballet style pink that is almost nude and not flashy" to me, this is a bit more rich in pink, to me a ballet pink is lighter, still this is pretty and elegant looking.

Overall, some cute pinks in the line! There are some other nice shades including some nice reds and rosey shades, but since I'm more into shimmers, most weren't must-haves for me.
The line selection is very limited but has cute unique packaging.

Hopefully I will be able to try some more lipglosses in the near future. Definitely try out her lipglosses though! She has some great nude/beigey shades in addition to the 2 pink ones I got.
Other items I tested included the Pink Exact Match Lipliner (which was a pretty creamy pink, slightly deeper than the sheer lipstick version), Sinners Lipsticks (found too rich/opaque for my taste), Oxymoron Matte Gloss (a bit too thick/messy looking, but some nice nude shades), and the Shine Gloss (opal saint was gorgeous, but incredibly sticky, so I passed). Another interesting product was her lip tint in Medieval which gives a berry-red tint to your lips. If you're a fan of berry or reddish lips, definitely check this one out! There are some excellent swatches online of the lipsticks and glosses. Check out Karlasugar and also some reviews/pics at Makeupalley!

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