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Saturday, August 23, 2014

NARS Audacious Lipsticks | Lip Swatches for Barbara, Raquel, Vanessa, Anita, Julie, Brigette and Juliette

All the lipsticks lined up at the NARS Melrose Boutique (previous feature here)

Here is Part 2 of my NARS Audacious Lipsticks review with lip swatches of my picks. They retail for $32 each. Some of the colors are exclusive to Barneys New York and NARS Boutiques. I will make a note for the retailer exclusive shades.  I picked out all the neutral shades in Barbara, Raquel, Vanessa, Anita, Julie, Brigette and Juliette.


Barbara is a tan rose nude pink on me. It's a great peachy beige.


Raquel is the lightest color in the lineup. It's a pale pink beige cream.


Vanessa is a cool mauve nude. This one is a Barneys/NARS Boutique Exclusive. On me it pulls more blue in some light, but in others more neutral. The photo below shows it to be a bit more cool toned.


Anita is described as an antique rose. I find it almost identical to Vanessa. The difference is slight but Anita is a bit lighter and warmer in color.


Julie is another Barneys/NARS exclusive. This one is described as a nude pink. On me it has a hint of peachy tone to it. It's really quite lovely.


Brigette is described as a nude rose, but on me it's a brighter peach with a hint of pink.


Juliette is a bright coral. It looks neutral-ish in the tube but on the lips it's really bright. For me this is a super bold lip.

Bottom line is I need more lip space. I wish I could wear them all at once. If you're like me and love neutrals, I hope this helps show the difference between the neutral nudes and pinks. There are a couple more neutrals (such as Jane) I saw at the store but they pulled more orange/brown on me versus a true neutral. It would be hard for me to pick out my favorite shade because they all work so well on the lips. They are creamy, hydrating, full coverage and long lasting. They apply smoothly as well. Some of the lip swatches show more texture than others since I did a lot of wiping and reapplying it dried out my lips a bit. However on a regular non-swatching day these apply flawlessly.

My top three picks would be Barbara, Anita and Julie.

Have you checked out any of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks yet? Which ones do you have your eye on? These are currently available now at and Barneys New York. At all counters starting September 1st.

Julie and Juliette were provided courtesy of NARS for review consideration. All other shades purchased by me.

NARS Audacious Lipstick | Beauty Look Book Picks

In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, NARS has designed an incredible collection of lipsticks that pay tribute to its beginnings with the launch of The Audacious Lipstick Collection. This is a 40-shade collection of lipsticks all encased in a sleek modern matte-black magnetic case. Each lipstick is embossed with the NARS logo. There is a diverse range of color options from nudes, reds, pinks, orange, plums and vampy shades. 10 of the forty shades are exclusive to NARS Boutiques, and Barneys New York ($32 each). The shades launched early at Barneys and I went to the Barneys New York counter in Beverly Hills last weekend to have my makeup done at one of their events and meet their Lead Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud (Twitter @NARSJanice). The RaeViewer also stopped by for a quick hello (sneak peek of her picks on Instagram @raeview).

on the nails, NARS Paros

I have seven of the neutral shades to share with you. NARS kindly sent two peachy shades for review in Julie and Juliette. While at Barneys, I picked up an additional five in Barbara, Raquel, Vanessa, Anita and Brigette. Seeing all 40 shades at once was overwhelming. Each shade looked so incredibly gorgeous. The texture is really rich and smooth with full coverage. They all appear to be creams (no shimmer) although after wiping them off, I did notice some shimmer remnants on my hand. I wasn't able to tell which one it came from, I suspect some have a tiny bit of iridescence but on the lips they act like a true cream.

There is no detectable added fragrance from what I can tell. The colors have intense pigment and you can get full coverage with one swipe although I prefer two. All the shades, including the nudes, cover the lip entirely. There's really no need for liner although it does help to even out the edges and make your lipstick stay on longer.

What I liked most about the nudes and neutrals I picked was that there is no tweaking required. You don't need to add liner, gloss, or any other lipstick to correct the color and make them work. The artists I worked with at the counter did like to layer the shades together, but I personally find they all work well by themselves.

Some of the neutrals are very similar to each other. There are slight differences in undertone which is great since some look better in warm neutrals while others look better with cooler tones.

Shades as described by NARS:

Barbara is a tan rose
Raquel is a pink beige
Vanessa (Barneys / NARS Exclusive) is a mauve nude
Anita is an antique rose
Julie (Barneys / NARS Exclusive) is a nude pink
Brigette is a nude rose
Juliette is a pink coral

 The lipsticks have a slightly natural sheen to them which reflect in swatches:

Based on my testing, Vanessa and Anita are very close in color, Vanessa is slightly deeper in color. Julie and Brigette are also close with Brigette being deeper in color. I was really impressed with how naturally flattering the neutrals were. Normally there are at least one or two nudes that end up washing out my complexion. I'm very pleased to report that all of these worked really well for my pigmented lips and medium/olive skin tone (I use the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Groenland and Radiant Cream Foundation in Punjab). I'll have lip swatches uploaded shortly in a separate post.

The NARS Audacious Lipstick collection will launch at all NARS retailers starting September 1st in the US. For now, you can shop the collection at NARS Boutiques, and Barneys New York.

Two shades were provided for review consideration. Remaining shades purchased by me. More information in my Disclosures.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Shades of YSL Volupté Sheer Candy | 14 Belle Cannelle, 15 Rose Candy, 16 Cherise Désir, 17 Fraise Ganache

There are four new shades of YSL Volupté Sheer Candy in 14 Belle Cannelle, 15 Rose Candy, 16 Cherise Désir, 17 Fraise Ganache ($34 each, currently exclusive to Sephora). The YSL Volupté Sheer Candy formula is a sheer glossy tinted lip balm. I feel those who have tried these either really love them or hate them. I was thoroughly unimpressed when I first one I tried these several years ago. I gave them a second try last year early in 2013 and my opinion had changed completely. Funny how personal taste on beauty and style can change. Although the YSL Volupté Sheer Candy lip balms are indeed very sheer, they feel phenomenal on the lips and help transform texture with a super lush hydrating feel. These are heavily scented with something I feel is a mango and grapefruit blend, but to me it's not artificially sweet. I love these for a swipe and go kind of lip product that doesn't require a mirror and that will always look natural. Some of the colors are more visible on my lips than others, but all are still pretty sheer. If you want more color and pigment, I'd recommend you opt for the YSL Volupté Shines (reviews and swatches on my picks here).

The four new shades appear to be exclusive to Sephora. All look a lot lighter and brighter in real life compared to online square swatches. The actual lip balm tubes don't have names on them, just the numbers.

  • #14 is warmer brownish nude
  • #15 is medium hot sheer pink
  • #16 is a brighter fuchsia pink that is still very soft 
  • #17 is a soft mauve with subtle shimmer particles

If you've tried the Volupté Sheer Candies, you know swatches are difficult to photograph because of the sheer glossy finish. These are colors that show up better on the lips. I've swatched them below with a lip brush to pick up more color. I recommend you also check out swatches on Best Things in Beauty - her swatches show what the color will look like straight from the tube.

Here are close ups and lip swatches of each shade. As usual with lip swatches, no added liner or base unless specified. On the lips I applied the colors straight from the tube, swiping back and forth around 2 to 3 times each lip:

A few comparisons, same set but with two views, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Fetiche, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #7, 8 and 9:

I'm really happy with the four new shades. They are sheer but have such a lovely natural tint to them. They smooth and hydrate the lips and are really luscious. You can find them now in stores and online at Sephora.


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