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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipsticks and Butter Cream Lipsticks

The lipsticks from Bite Beauty have been on my radar for quite some time. There's something appealing about the simple and basic packaging of their lipsticks that always has me going "ooohh" when I see them online. I picked up a few lipsticks in two of the formulas:

Luminous Crème Lipsticks ($24 each) in Pepper and Musk
Butter Cream Lipsticks ($28 each) in Caramel, Pecan and Heather

Both formulas are rich and creamy with a very natural lipstick-like scent. The texture is on the thick side but they do glide on the lips nicely. The colors are super saturated and cover the lip entirely, although I do recommend a neutral lipliner blended around the edges to help the finish look a bit more natural/blended in with the lip. I bought colors based on recs from my readers - sometimes neutrals with brown or plum undertones can look very dark and drab on my olive skintone (i.e. MAC Spirit and Twig). The ones recommended to me are truly neutral with the pinky-brown base but they aren't too dark and actually have a lot of color in them.

I personally found both formulas to perform the same on my lips. The Butter Cream formula is slightly glossier and thicker in texture so you have more of a sheen on the lips. The Luminous Creme melds into the lip for a more natural look, but it has enough color so you can still tell you are wearing lipstick.

The packaging and lipstick designs are different. I prefer the traditional angled tip because it makes lipstick easier to apply. The flat tip of the Butter Cream is designed to expose the creamy center, but it just feels awkward to apply and I don't notice additional creaminess because of the design. The thick texture makes it stick slightly to the lips and I felt like I was going to break the lipstick at the base (luckily I did not on any of them). All of these look fairly similar. In store lighting they looked different but once I got home I realized most of these are really close to each other. On the lips they have slight differences in undertone.

Pepper is a browned pink rose
Musk is the perfect neutral nude pink rose
Caramel is a lovely nude beige flesh color
Pecan is a peachy pink brown nude
Heather is a bright but muted rose pink

Here they are swatched on the lips, for foundation I have on NARS Punjab in some photos and the Chanel CC Cream in Beige 30 in others (still testing this one out):

A few swatch comparisons to other neutral lipsticks:

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Infamous (swatched on lips here)
Marc Jacobs Sheer Lip Gel in Understudy and Roleplay (reviews here)
Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in First Time (swatched here)
Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks in Nude Kate and Stoned Rose (lip swatch here)
NARS Audacious Lipsticks in Barbara and Anita (lip swatches here)

The formula of the Bite Beauty Lipsticks reminds me of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks in terms of the coverage and blendability. Both are rich and opaque but don't look flat on the lips like some full-coverage lipsticks can. I do find the Bite Beauty Lipsticks slightly thicker in texture and you can definitely feel them on the lips - but not in a bad way and they don't feel like they are sliding off. The thick texture of the Bite Butter Cream Lipsticks makes them feel like you have a veil of moisture on the lips - I found them very hydrating. Out of the two formulas, I have a very slight preference for the Butter Cream because of the color options, but I really prefer the traditional angled shape of the Luminous Cremes.

Bottom line: lots to love about these. I have a few more of the Butter Creams sitting in my online cart but given the fact that they are just slight variations of the ones I have and also combined with the fact that I'm not too thrilled with the flat tip, I will probably pass on more and stick with the ones I have. 

You can find the Bite Beauty Lipsticks online and in select Sephora stores. The Luminous Crème Lipsticks retail for $24 each while the Butter Cream Lipsticks are $28 each. Have you tried any of the Bite Beauty Lipsticks? Which ones?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

Chanel relaunched their classic Rouge Coco Lipsticks in a new formula with new and re-promoted colors ($36 each for 3.5 g / 0.12 oz, made in France). I ordered several online last month and have been playing with the shades for a few weeks. I've been a fan of all the Chanel Lipstick formulas (back to the days of the Aqualumieres and Hydrabase) and each time Chanel discontinues one my heart breaks a little. The good news is that the Rouge Cocos that launched this year are indeed improved from the previous formula. The new ones are more hydrating with a smoother texture that glides on the lips. The main difference to me between the old and new is that the revamped version has a more luminous look that doesn't tug when you swipe them on the lips. According to Chanel the Rouge Cocos "are made with jojoba and mimosa butters, sunflower wax and silicone for lasting hydration and luminous results."

The new Rouge Cocos are medium in coverage but the pigment is buildable. Each color has varying degrees of shimmer, most have some shimmer mixed in which gives them that luminous glow, but most of them do not have a frosty finish. What remains the same is the sleek packaging design and rose scent. Some of the colors like Mademoiselle, Legende and Teheran are re-promoted colors. Based on my old vs new Mademoiselle, the colors appear to be almost 100% identical, the new version isn't quite as dark and has a more luminous finish giving it a modern updated look.

For the color range, there is a lot to choose from. If you like neutrals there are several beautiful options. There are five main color categories with names that inspired Coco Chanel:
  • Lovers - passion reflected by dramatic reds
  • Family - a tribute in understated nude shades
  • Best Friends - celebrated by romantic pinks
  • Muses - an homage in bright corals
  • Artists - honored by deep plum shades  

Shown above: Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, Catherine, Cécile, Vera, Suzanne
Glossimer in Sweet Beige (swatched here)
Le Crayon Levres in Beige Innocent and Beige Satin
Cire Trudon in Odalisque

I ordered eight colors, all neutrals of course. The closeup below shows the luminous shimmer mixed into each of the colors. The finish on the lips is soft and glowy without being frosty at all.

Ingredients listed on the box (clickable for larger viewing):

On to the colors I picked out with swatches and descriptions:

Note the glow in the swatches below is simply the luminous glow these give off when photographed with a flash, they aren't frosty or overly glossy, but the finish does make them look a bit shimmery:


Louise is a flesh beige nude with silver and gold flecks of shimmer. This one is closest on me to a true nude color. It has a luminous finish that covers the lip entirely.


Adrienne is a medium neutral beige with a very slight hint of peach that gives it warmth. If I had to pick one favorite, this would be it.


Julia is another medium nude caramel color (it's darker than Louise). It has some brown tones in it so if you're one who can't wear super pale nudes, this is a good alternative because it has color in it and won't wash you out.


Catherine is a sheer soft peach. With a few swipes it almost looks like a baby pink. More swipes will bring out the peach in it. It's one of the sheerer ones I tried so based on this, I think Catherine will look very different on different skin/lip tones. It reminds me of one of the older Hydrabase Lipsticks in Lola (long discontinued).


Vera is a soft pale baby pink. This has sheer to medium coverage that needs several swipes to build up color. If you have pigmented lips like me, I recommend wearing a lipliner with this one to prevent the outer rim of the lip from showing thru making it look like you have a dark lipliner with a light lipstick.


Cécile is a medium neutral-cool rose pink. This is one of the more shimmery ones I tried. I think the frost can be softened by a lipliner (like Chanel Nude or Natural or MAC Boldly Bare) or by adding a bit of sheer gloss on top.


Mademoiselle is a warm rose. The new one seems slightly lighter in color compared to the original version, but to me they are almost identical once on the face.


Suzanne is a medium plum with sheer to medium coverage. This one looks almost glossy on the lip because of the sheerness. It is buildable but the luminous sheen on the lips gives it a slightly sheer look.


Because all of the Rouge Coco colors have a luminous hydrating finish they won't last all day or for super-extended periods of time like the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cremes but they do last longer on the lips compared to sheer lipsticks like Chanel Rouge Coco Shines or YSL Volupte Shines. I would say lasting power is average for a lipstick. You can get several hours of wear without it fading or budging as long as you don't touch the lips with a cup of tea, coffee, water or snacks. Out of all the Chanel Lipstick formulas my favorites are still the Rouge Coco Shines and Rouge Allures, but the new Rouge Coco is pretty fabulous too. I have a super sensitive nose but have always been able to wear the rose-scented Chanel lipsticks. Some have commented they cannot wear anything fragranced so if you are one with an extra sensitive nose, I'd say stick with the Rouge Allure or opt for one of the new Burberry Kisses Lipsticks.

I've been a Chanel fan for as long as I can remember using beauty products. The new Rouge Cocos do not disappoint. I think the diverse color range is one of the strengths of this release. There is a good selection of colors for neutrals, lights, mediums, deeps, brights. If you're a neutral lip lover like me you will be happy to see there are neutral, cool and warm-toned options.

My top three picks: Adrienne, Louise and Suzanne

The Chanel Rouge Cocos retail for $36 each. In the US there are 29 shades all currently available for purchase at Chanel counters and boutiques. Also online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and

Have you checked out the new Rouge Cocos? Which colors did you pick out?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour - Nude Pink, Garnet, Oxblood, Bright Coral, Blossom Pink and Rose Blush

This spring Burberry Beauty has released a new lipstick formula called Burberry Kisses ($33 each for 3.8 g / 0.13 oz, made in Italy). There are 28 shades of this new hydrating lipstick formula. It appears these have been launched to replace the original Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipsticks (still available at Nordstrom and Saks). A few of the older colors have been relaunched in the new formula but most of the shades are new ones. I was a fan of the Lip Covers and Lip Mists for their soft natural color and flawless application. Burberry has released some released soft pinks, nudes, mauves and roses but I know many could not wear the lipsticks due to the rose scent. The good news for those with sensitive noses is the new formula has no detectable fragrance or taste. I didn't think the formula could get better but it has with improved wear, texture, buildable color.

I have six shades to share thoughts on today. The Burberry team kindly sent over a diverse range of six colors for me to test. I have yet to make a trip to my local Burberry counter to see all the colors in person but after putting six to the test I can say I will definitely be checking out the others soon. The packaging of the new Burberry Kisses is the same in size, design and form as the original lipsticks. They come in a silver squared tube that come with magnetic snap lids.

The formula of the Kisses lipsticks is like no other lipstick I've tried. These are like a weightless velvety cushion for the lips with truly buildable pigment. These are described as being able to give you sheer to high coverage and the formula is just that. One swipe gives a sheer even wash of color, multiple swipes will add more color without feeling heavy or looking cakey. Compared to the Lip Covers, the Kisses Lipsticks have less of a slip and less shine, but still look natural and meld into the lips. If you're well acquainted with the lipstick formulas Burberry has released, I'd describe the finish somewhere in between that of the Lip Velvets and Lip Covers. They do have a moisturizing and hydrating feel but don't feel heavy or thick. Lasting power is quite good, I had no fading within 4 hours of wear (but I didn't eat or drink in that testing period).

The 28 colors are grouped into five main color categories of Nude, Pink, Coral, Brown/Rosewood and Red. Six shades I have to share, all are creams without any visible shimmer:
  • Blossom Pink is a soft neutral pink nude that leans more pink
  • Garnet is a medium rosewood plum mauve, it's a nice polished medium-dark pink mauve that doesn't pull brown or too dark
  • Bright Coral is a vibrant coral that is very bright on my complexion
  • Nude Pink is just that, a nude pink, very similar to Blossom Pink (which is more pink), this is a flawless nude pink lipstick, it's light on my pigmented lips but doesn't wash me out, if you have lips that are lighter this will look darker on you
  • Rose Blush is a soft mauve rose about 1.5 shades lighter than Garnet
  • Oxblood is a classic deep vampy wine color

Swatches and more views:

Lip swatches, for skintone reference I'm wearing NARS All Day Luminous Foundation in Punjab mixed with Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow mixed together:

I pulled a few of the older Lip Covers to compare with the new Kisses formula. There is only one that I have both the old and new formula of to compare, Oxblood is identical in the new and old formula in color and coverage, the older version is slightly more glossy.

* Note Devon Sunset has also been released in the new formula, but I haven't seen both side by side to compare the colors

One last shot below of the new Burberry Kisses, left to right is Nude Pink, Oxblood, Bright Cora, Nude Blush, Blossom Pink and Garnet

Bottom line gorgeous. The formula of the Burberry Kisses is really good. I plan on looking into the other colors very soon. There are quite a few new lipstick formulas that have been launched this spring and you may be wondering which one is best. I think each brand has developed unique formulas to suit different tastes and likes. My quick take based on what I've tested:

  • The Marc Jacobs Sheer Lip Gels offer a range of lighter colored nudes to brighter neutrals with a glossy sheen. If you have dry lips you need to prep your lips otherwise the colors will emphasize lip lines. Range offers one shimmer (Have We Met?) and the rest are non-shimmers. These have a very soft vanilla scent (emphasis on very soft).
  • The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cremes are for those who like strong bold colors with super saturated pigment and long wear color. This range does have a few neutrals but the focus is on bold rich color, all are creams. The formula is hydrating. The color options are heavy on the reds and corals. There are also good mochas, plums and brights. These have a soft vanilla scent.
  • Chanel relaunched their Rouge Coco Lipsticks (to be reviewed soon). This range offers a wide selection of neutrals in the nude, pink and rose range, there are also a couple medium mauves and then you have the jump to brights and deeper colors to choose from. The colors have a soft shimmer mixed in for dimension with a medium glossy finish. Some have more shimmer than others, but they all have a luminous look. These have a rose scent.
  • The Burberry Kisses Lip Colors are somewhere in the middle of all the others with coverage that is buildable from sheer to  medium-full coverage without any shimmer but don't look flat. The finish is very natural with a slight sheen but don't have that high shine finish and the formula melds into the lip for a natural look. This launch has the widest range of colors to choose from neutrals, roses, pinks, mauves, reds and corals (although it does seem to lack any brown-tones).

I've found something likable in all the formulas I've tested but I think the Burberry line will appeal to more people due to the color range and the fragrance-free formula. You can find the Burberry Kisses Lipsticks at right now. Also available at select Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online this month.

Have you tried the new Burberry Kisses Lipstick formula yet? What did you think?

The Burberry Kisses were provided courtesy of Burberry for review consideration.


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