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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marc Jacobs Beauty New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel

Marc Jacobs released seven shades of a new lipstick formula called the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel ($30 each for 3.6 g/0.12 oz). These have replaced the original Lip Gels but some of the colors have been re-promoted. Being a huge fan of the original lipstick my heart broke a little when I discovered it was being discontinued because it was so so good. I have two of the original colors to compare with the new ones in Role Play and Have We Met?. The colors are identical but the new formula is slightly sheerer in texture and color payoff. That being said, the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gels aren't really all that sheer. I would say compared to the Le Marc Lip Cremes these new Lip Gels are sheer, but in terms of how they rank compared to all the lipsticks on the market I would say they are sheer to medium in coverage.

The Sheer Lip Gels come in a twist up beige tube with a magnetic cap. The size and design is identical to the original ones that came in the black tubes. There is a very soft vanilla scent to the lipsticks but it's not overpowering. The texture is creamy and glides onto the lips and feels very moisturizing. Based on my testing I will say these are a no if you have super dry lips. Having a smooth lip surface is essential for these lipsticks, so I'd recommend adding a primer or lip balm first before applying. The texture and pigment ranges from slightly shimmery to full on creams and the pigment combined with the lightness of the colors can emphasize lip lines. Adding a lipliner by lining and filling or mixing a liner with these lipsticks solves any patchiness that might result by the contrast. Do note that I have pigmented lips so wearing nudes is a challenge for me, there tends to be a sharp contrast between my natural lip color and the lipsticks.

Above L to R: Sheer Lip Gels in Strange Magic, Moody Margot, Have We Met?, Role Play, Understudy, Anais, Eat Cake, (P)outliners in Prim(rose), Honey(bun), Nude(ist)

The colors are gorgeous but ease of wear varies depending on the color. This is the case with most nudes across all brands (for example Tom Ford Blush Nude takes a lot of tweaking for me to wear without looking like a ghost, on some of my other friends, it is an easy swipe and go color).

Strange Magic is a super pale pink. On the lips it resembles concealer and if you have any pigment in the lips this will look streaky and patchy if you wear it alone. It's a layering or mixing color that can add a sheen to liners or darker lipsticks. Below it's shown alone on the lips and then transformed into the perfect nude with the (P)Outliner in Nude(ist) added:


Moody Margot is a pale beige that has enough color to not wash out the face. It's still on the pale side so if you have pigmented lips this one will perform best over a neutral liner.


Have We Met? is a bright hot warm pink that is ultra sheer so on the lips it's more of a healthy subtle pink tint. The new formula is identical in color to the original formula, but the pigment is sheerer making this one look lighter on my lips.


Role Play is a medium neutral rose pink. The new formula performs the same as the original in terms of color, pigment and level of sheen. If there's one I had to pick as my favorite this would be it.


Understudy is a warm peachy nude with a hint of coral. It's a full opaque cream that has medium to full coverage. It has a smooth finish but looks a tiny bit streaky in the swatch photo because I was in a bit of a rush to get all 7 lipsticks lip swatches.


Anais is a sheer nude beige tan cream. This one has a bit more color than Moody Margot making it easier to wear. If you have pigmented lips this will contrast with your natural lip color so adding a liner will help smooth out the color.


Eat Cake is the darkest of the New Nudes and is a rosy terra-cotta peachy rose. It pulls very warm on me which and has just enough brightness to add life to the face. This is a medium to full coverage pigmented cream.


Here are some swatch comparisons of the original vs new formula of shades I have:

I am still trying to get over the fact that the original lip gels were discontinued, but the new ones proved to be just as good in terms of formula, wear and finish. Lasting power isn't quite as long as the Le Marc Lip Cremes but lasts like the average medium-wear lipstick. Adding any of the (P)Outliner Long Wear Lipliners helps to extend the wear by a long shot. My favorite colors are the darker ones, mainly because I am nude-lip challenged due to the pigment in my natural lip tone. Fav picks include Role Play, Anais, Eat Cake and Understudy. The only shade I would say skip on is Strange Magic because it's so pale and chalky by itself making it a super high maintenance nude.

The New Nudes Sheer Lip Gels retail for $30 each. Available now at Marc Jacobs Beauty and Sephora. Have you tried or bought any of these yet? Which colors did you try? (PS the code LOVEMJB still works and gets you 3 minis with any order.)

The Marc Jacobs Sheer Lip Gels were provided courtesy of MJ for review consideration.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sneak Peek: Marc Jacobs Beauty Spring 2015 New Nudes, (P)Outliner and #Instamarc

Here's a quick sneak peek at some new items from Marc Jacobs Beauty to which I have two words: nude perfection. In addition to the 20 shades of the Le Marc Lip Cremes released earlier this month, Marc Jacobs also has released a collection of items for lips and cheeks with a nude theme. The new spring items this season:

(P)Outliner Longwear Lip Pencil ($24 each)
  • Nude(ist) 300 - cafe au lait
  • Prim(rose) 304 - cocoa spice
  • Honey(bun) 302 - rosy nude
#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder ($49 each)
  • Dream Filter 20 - soft pink/ medium bronze
  • Mirage Filter 40 - light gold/ light bronze
  • Hi Fi Filter 60 - warm peach/ deep bronze
New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel ($30 each)
  • Strange Magic 102 - warm nude pink
  • Have We Met? 108 - shimmering warm pink
  • Understudy 114 - terracotta pink
  • Eat Cake 150 - rosy nude
  • Role Play 110 - dusty rose
  • Anais 146 - spiced ginger
  • Moody Margot 106 - brownish nude
The Shape Contour and Blush Brush No. 15 ($38)

I will say right now that when they call the lip liners "longwearing" it's no joke. They last a ridiculously long time and are ultra creamy with super rich pigment. Some of the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gels appear to be repromotes/repackaged shades of the original Lip Gels. I'll do a swatch comparison of the original vs new of the shades I have to see how close (or how different) they are. Also shown above is the Style Eye-Con 3 in The Ingenue 102 which isn't new but fit the nude theme so I've featured it above.

All available now online and in stores at Marc Jacobs Beauty and Sephora

Items above sent courtesy of Marc Jacobs for review consideration.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chanel Rouge Allure Virevoltante and Aqualumiere Glosses in Tutu and Corset

I ordered three of the four lip items from the Collection La Perle de Chanel including the Rouge Allure in Virevoltante #158 ($36) and two Aqualumiere Glosses ($30 each) in Tutu #91 and Corset #92 (all limited-edition). All three are pinks with a very spring-like feel. Right now it appears the entire collection is exclusive to and Chanel Boutiques that carry the full beauty line (like Rodeo Drive, NY on 57th Street etc.). It may arrive at counters at a later date but I don't have any information on release/availability. You may want to refer to the Chanel thread at Specktra for more insight and in-store spotting.

Swatches of the three lip colors (please excuse the misspelling of the rouge allure, should be labeled Virevoltante):

The Rouge Allure in Virevoltante is a creamy raspberry pink color. There is a tiny bit of shimmer in it, much like the secret shimmers in some of the nail lacquers. You see it in the tube, but it doesn't translate on the lips. This gives the Rouge Allures a beautiful sheen and a bit of dimension. On my lips it's a cream and although it doesn't change color once applied (i.e. darken or oxidize), anything with a hint of fuchsia tends to pull very bright on my complexion. The coverage is medium but layer-able. There is no detectable scent from what I can tell. Lasting power is quite good until you touch the lips with a coffee cup or snack. It's creamy, non-drying and feels very lush on the lips without that overly-moisturizing feel.

The two Aqualumiere Glosses are both very sheer. I've purchased quite a few of the glosses in this formula so it was no surprise that these would be almost transparent on the lips. On me they are too sheer to wear alone, but I've almost always liked wearing Aqualumiere glosses on top of lipsticks. They had a hint of shine and color without altering your lipstick color too much. They are more enhancing rather than tinting and feel super luxurious and smooth. If you like more color or if you have a lot of sheer glosses, I'd say skip these unless you're a die-hard Chanel fan. I like these and will use them, but they will probably not be everyone's cup of tea, especially at the $30 price.

Tutu is a baby pink with the prettiest soft shimmers. Corset is a brighter raspberry pink that has a rather complex mix of pink, rose and some fuchsia shimmers making it look different depending on how the light hits it. Both have a refined shimmer in the color (not frost). They add a lovely glow to the lips and these make mine look full.

There is one more item in the Perle collection for lips which includes this stunning lip palette called the Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque ($55 for five rosy-toned lip colors). It was seriously tempting for me but I resisted purchasing it because I rarely use lip palettes, I tend to reach for lipstick tubes instead.

Overall I give the Rouge Allure Lipstick a huge thumbs up. It's opaque, creamy and has a naturally glossy sheen. I like that it's a vibrant raspberry pink that isn't too bright making it wearable for everyday and also for night. I personally adore the Aqualumiere Glosses but the sheerness makes the colors easy to replicate with other lines.

You can find the Collection La Perle de Chanel online now at All the lip items are limited-edition. If you've spotted in store or at counters please share in the comments :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chantecaille The Glacier Eye Shade Trio and Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick / Spring 2015

For spring Chantecaille has launched a palette called The Glacier Eye Shade Trio ($70 for 7 g/0.25 oz, made in USA). I picked this up at my local  Chantecaille counter and saw a few lip items featured on the new display. There are two Galactic Lip Shine Lip Glosses ($34 each) in Aurora (sheer pink) and Polaris (sparkling white) and two Hydra Chic Lipsticks ($36 each) in Arctic Rose and Saxifrage. I haven't been up to speed with Chantecaille for a while so I'm not entirely sure if the colors are new or repromoted colors. I picked up the Glacier Eye Shade Trio and Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick. Thoughts, review and swatches below.

First, here is the palette and lipstick swatches side by side:

Chantecaille eyeshadow palettes are usually beautifully designed with natural-looking eye shadows. In my experience the trios I've bought and tested have sheer to medium pigment for a super natural look. My one rant is that they often come with an overspray which is easily removed, but it makes it difficult to see what the true color is if you order sight unseen. The Glacier Eye Shade Trio is a super soft palette of neutrals. The colors include, from left to right, a sheer to medium matte flesh/tan, an iridescent ivory that flashes gold and some champagne, a shimmering medium brown-grey. The colors when used together will create a softly defined eye that is perfect for an everyday look if you want an ultra conservative no-makeup look. I personally prefer something with richer pigment and coverage. The shades are layerable but are still ultra soft leaning more towards the sheer side. If you're a fan of Chantecaille eyeshadows, I think you will really like this. If you're like me and need more color, you will find pigment and coverage lacking.

With patches of overspray removed:

Swatch comparisons below to a couple other neutral palettes. Shown below next to Chanel Tisse Mademoiselle (reviewed here) and Hourglass Infinity Palette (reviewed here). I personally prefer the Chanel for something similar and with more coverage and I found the Chanel extremely natural on the eyes.

For the lips, I picked up Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick. This is an ultra moisturizing lip color with a glossy finish. I have mixed feelings about Arctic Rose in terms of formula. It has a beautiful color, naturally glossy sheen and feels amazing on the lips but the pigment is lacking. This one requires a lot of layering for me to get even and full coverage. I didn't find it to be a good swipe and go kind of lipstick and there was missing pigment and color around the edges of my lips when I applied straight from the tube. I am a huge fan of sheer lip colors like MAC Lustres, Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, YSL Volupte Shines and even the Rouge Baume Diors - but I find they are easier to apply and give even coverage while the Chantecaille did not. That being said I do think it will wear very well over a lipliner or if you apply with a lip brush.

Here it is packed on the lips quite heavily. I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo, but around the edges, especially on the upper lip it did not apply evenly.

The Chantecaille spring collection offers nice natural colors. If you're a fan of the super natural look, I think you will find these are perfect for you. Long-time readers know I'm one who gravitates towards natural looking colors, but I found the formulas of the Chantecaille spring line too sheer for my taste. I do think they are worth checking out though - many have commented on the lack of natural satiny or non-shimmer shadows on the market. If you're forever searching for eyeshadow palettes that have a more natural looking finish, the Glacier Eye Trio is definitely worth looking into. My quick take, I should have probably passed on both, but somethings pretty packaging gets the best of me.

I bought my Chantecaille items from Neiman Marcus. Note there are a number of beauty events going on right now, so if you have a wish list or shopping list that is growing, be sure to check out the gift with purchases offered now. Some promos to consider:
  • Neiman Marcus beauty week, Eddie Borgo designed tote with samples, with $125+ purchase, Chantecaille gift with a $200+ purchase, details here (available thru March 1 or while supplies last)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue beauty week gift with $125 purchase includes tote + samples use code BEAUTYW2, Chantecaille gift with a $200+ purchase using code CHANTE62, details on gift here (available thru March 1 or while supplies last)
  • Space NK beauty event gift bag for 1 day, February 18th (details to come later today)

Chantecaille is also available at Nordstrom, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème

Marc Jacobs Beauty has released a new formula of lipstick called Le Marc Lip Crème ($30 each for 3.6 g / 0.12 oz). This is a one-swipe richly pigmented lipstick with a long lasting formula. The lipsticks come in 20 different shades named after iconic women that have been an inspiration to Marc Jacobs. I'm excited to share all twenty shades of Le Marc with you. In addition, I've teamed up with Marc Jacobs Beauty to take over their Instagram today - be sure to check out their page @marcbeauty and also my page @beautylookbook as I share more about these incredibly pigmented lip colors.

The Le Marc Lip Crème lipsticks are a full coverage lipstick designed with a semi-matte finish for a bold look. They come in the classic black lacquered tube with a magnetic clasp. Although these have a semi-matte and semi-velvety finish to them, I found the Lip Crèmes have a very slight bit sheen to them which prevents them from looking flat like most traditional mattes. All the colors are creams without shimmer yet still manage to give the lips depth. I was able to get full coverage with just one swipe although with rich colors, blending is key around the edges since the color will have a sharp contrast to your natural lip color. The texture is smooth and creamy - if your lips are on the dry side, I do recommend prepping with a balm first. The color will hug your lip which means it will adhere well and last quite a long time, but can also emphasize dry patches so be sure to have a clean and smooth lip first for the best wear.

For the color range, the Le Marc Lip Crèmes come in a variety of color options ranging from neutral pinks, to medium browns, to rich plums, hot pinks, dramatic reds and vibrant oranges. If you're a fan of the bold lip this is a formula you are definitely going to love. Red lip fans are going to love the options of reds. There are a lot of different reds each with a slightly different undertone.

Here are all twenty shades of Le Marc all lined up. Note they are all pure crème formulas without any shimmer:

Close ups, swatches, descriptions and the inspiration behind each color (removed by request):
  • Georgie Girl is a pale cool-toned powder pink
  • Infamous is a neutral medium rose pink with a hint of mauve
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a deep vibrant rose, but still leans neutral, it's a deeper and brighter version of Infamous
  • Boy Gorgeous is a rich plum magenta
  • Jolly Molly is a bright cool-toned pink cream


  • Clara is a vibrant hot pink with a blue base
  • Je T'aime is a semi-muted medium coral red peach
  • Mahogany is a medium neutral brown
  • Core Cora is a vibrant hot coral that leans peach
  • So Sofia is a vibrant hot pink coral that leans a bit pink/red

  • ______________________________
    • Goddess is a deep but semi-bright brick red
    • Oh Miley! is a vibrant rich red
    • Dashing is a pigmented rich red with slight brown/brick tones 
    • Miss Scarlet is a brick red cream
    • Rei of Light is a medium red with brown tones, slightly lighter than Miss Scarlet

    Note that reds tend to pull very similar on my skin no matter what the difference in undertone is. These will probably look different on you compared to how they translate on me.


    • Amazing is a deep but subdued red 
    • J'Adore is a warm medium brown
    • Magenta is a plum with a high shine
    • Blow is a medium vamp brown plum, this one has a medium slightly glossy finish making it slightly more like a stain
    • Scandal is a deep plum purple with a glossy finish, this one has a semi-transparent finish and applied more like a glossy stain on my lips


    I tested these for several days and found that in a given day these did last a remarkably long time. The formula adheres well to the lips and hugs them so even after the initial color fades a little, your lips are still left with a significant amount of color. Mine lasted from early morning through several bottles of water and cups of coffee. At lunch the lip color came off mainly because I usually wipe my lips before eating but there was still a lot of color left on the lips. Without touching these they do stay put until you remove it. In terms of scent there is a very very slight hint of vanilla but it's barely detectable so those with sensitive noses will really like that these are virtually fragrance free.

    Bottom line, 20 shades of Le Marc means there is a lot to explore. Marc Jacobs Beauty did a great job at creating a diverse color range and I think there's at least one color to suit everyone's likes and tastes. My personal favorites are Infamous (perfectly polished pink), Magenta (lush plum pink red), and Je T'aime (unique medium coral peach red mix).

    Close up of me applying Infamous (wearing and holding the O!Mega Bronzer)

    Below, Infamous (left) and Georgie Girl (right):

    One last shot wearing Infamous in late afternoon, still on the lips after 5 hours of wear:

    You can find all 20 shades of the Le Marc Lip Crèmes ($30 each) now online at Marc Jacobs Beauty. There is a special promotion available exclusively online at where you can get 3 minis + free shipping with any purchase using code LOVEMJB at checkout.

    Have you checked out the Le Marc Lip Crèmes yet? Which shades are speaking to you?

    Many thanks to Marc Jacobs Beauty for sponsoring this post. For more information please refer to my disclosures.


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