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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Face Kit | The Total Look

Le Métier de Beauté released three new Kaleidoscope Kits at the end of last year in limited quantities at select stores and they are finally available online at Bloomingdales ($95 each). There is a new face kit called The Total Look, a blush kit called Cheeky Chic and an eyeshadow kit called Strada. When my local store received these they did not have testers. I limited myself to one: The Total Look Kit which has two eyeshadows in a bronze and champagne, a pink blush and a light bronzer.

Swatches, note I applied the blush and bronzer with a light hand. The colors are well pigmented once applied on the face but still soft.

I pulled one of my older discontinued kaleidoscopes in the Flawless Face Kit to compare for you (the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills edition had Jojo Eyeshadow instead of the translucent pressed powder). If you missed out on the older kit, the Jojo Eyeshadow, Whisper Highlighter and Echo Blush can be purchased individually.

For the top two shades, the pale pink in The Total Look is more shimmery and frosted compare to the Whisper Highlighter:

Here you can see The Total Look has a softer effect than Flawless Face:

I pulled a couple different shades from different kits for swatch comparisons. Galatea's Bronze (discontinued) is darker than The Total Look. Nouvelle Vague's (review here) shimmery pink is darker than The Total Look. The Blush Kaleidoscope (review here) is darker and more pigmented than The Total Look.

The Total Look Kaleidoscope Face Kit is a classic staple. I'm glad it is finally available for purchase online. I waited to write about this because I suspected like most Le Metier de Beaute kits it would sell out in the blink of an eye and cause those to miss out heartache. Although pricey at $95 per kit, note this breaks down to $23.75 per kit. For the size and price note that many other brands have shadows priced the same or higher per shadow.

If you're new to Le Metier de Beaute or don't own a lot of Kaleidoscopes, this is a great kit to start with. If you own a lot, I think you can skip although I found the colors in this one to have slightly different nuances making the colors unique. The convenience factor is a plus. I brought this with me in a couple trips in the past few months. Be sure to check out Best Things in Beauty for her swatches and a snapshot of all three kits.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

On My Radar / New in Beauty

On my radar for what's new in beauty. I splurged on almost all the Hourglass blushes and have been testing this week (they are now on They are all amazing. In my mind the best blushes released this year.

Armani has two new products that appear to be exclusive to Saks right now. There are four new shades of a Sun Fabric compact ($54 each) along with seven new shades of Cheek Fabric ($46 each). Have you seen these yet? I haven't seen them anywhere in stores yet. If you have please share in the comments. I'm dying to hear your thoughts.

My heart skipped a beat with the Chanel Jardin de Camélias collection ( limited-edition exclusive). My order arrived last night so I will be busy photographing and swatching this weekend. For curious minds, I ordered the blush, highlighter and all the lip products. (Temptalia has been uploading reviews and swatches of the collection on her blog.)

Le Métier de Beauté finally released the three new Kaleidoscope Kits in Total Face Look, Cheeky Chic and Strada ($95 each) online at Bloomingdales (review on Total Face soon).

I'm dying over all the new NARS Matte Multiples and don't know whether to order now or wait to test in person (now at and Sephora). I know I need the two pink ones.

Finally, Bobbi Brown has a fresh peach collection Nectar and Nude. I haven't bought a Pot Rouge since she repackaged them into compacts but the new Hibiscus Pot Rouge might be worth checking out.

What's on your beauty radar right now?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope | Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus Exclusive

Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95, limited) is an exclusive release to Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. So far it's only online at but you can probably still find this in store or have your Le Métier de Beauté specialist locate one for you. The colors in this kit are beautiful but 2 out of the 4 are repeats from previous kits. I still find the kit worth having but you may want to shop your stash if you have a lot of the kaleidoscope kits.


Level 1 is a seashell peachy pink shimmer. It's different from other pinks Le Métier de Beauté has released and makes a stunning all over shade that brightens the lids.

I didn't have time to swatch the comparisons side by side, but did photograph them side by side to give you a better idea of how each layer compares. Here is Carnaby Street compared to Saint-Domingue (Saks exclusive) and Antique Poupee (Bergdorfs limited release 2011).


Level 2 is a shimmering complex taupe. I found it to be identical to the taupes from other kits such as Antique Poupee and Come One, Come All.


Level 3 is a matte mauve. It applies beautifully on the eyes to add a bit of contour and warmth. It's identical to the mauve shade from Nouvelle Vague.


Level 4 is a metallic teal. It's a repeat from the Oscar de la Renta/Ready-to-Wear kit from Bergdorfs back in 2011. I've compared it next to the green from Penelope (also discontinued) to show that the Carnaby Street kit is more teal.


Swatches, two views:

For those trying to decide between the two latest kits from Le Métier, here is Carnaby Street compared to Saint-Domingue (Saks Exclusive). I can't say one is better than the other, they are both stunning options in my mind. However Saint-Domingue is easier for me to wear. The teal in Carnaby Street is gorgeous but I need to add a bit of brown or black to darken it for my complexion (teals can sometimes make my olive skin look sallow).

Overall, the Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope is a lovely release from Le Métier de Beauté. It is a modern palette of colors with unique shades compared to other brands (although a few repeats from other kaleidoscopes). You can find it online now at Bloomingdales. Did you get Carnaby Street? What did you think?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Saint-Domingue Kaleidoscope | Saks Exclusive

Le Métier de Beauté has released a Saks-Exclusive Kaleidoscope called Saint-Domingue ($95, limited). I spotted it in their fall fantasy catalog and ordered it immediately from Saks Houston for a gift card event. It's breathtaking. Each shade is unique compared to the past releases from Le Métier de Beauté. It's a stunning combination of colors that is perfect for fall.

The top shade is a satiny nude pink. There is a slight hint of shimmer but it applies more like a matte.

The second shade is a matte grey base with very subtle flecks of sparkle. Note this one pulls more blue on my arm but in real life applies more neutral on the eyes. It's not as pale or as cool as the grey from Splendid Frost.

The third shade is a shimmering plum gold. It looks almost identical to Silk Road's plums but it applies with much more pigment and sparkle. It's also not quite as purply as Silk Road.

The last shade is a stunning soft steel dove grey shimmer. I couldn't find another shade like it. It applies like a dream.

Most kits are designed to layer each color. This one I prefer to apply more like a traditional quad (lightest all over, then each darker shade worn progressively closer to the lashline).

Swatched individually then blended together:

I think it's a must-have. It has the perfect blend of matte and shimmer. The pigment and blendability is phenomenal. I can't rave enough about this one. You can find it at select Saks Stores or at

Monday, September 30, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kits: Carnaby Street (Bloomingdales) and Saint-Domingue (Saks)

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Beauty alert: Le Métier de Beauté fans already know about the two latest Kaleidoscope Eye Kits ($95 each). For those who have been waiting to see it go live online, today's your lucky day. I thought I missed out on Carnaby Street but was happy to finally see it online at Bloomingdales. Saks Saint-Domingue is also live online today. (If you've already purchased - please share your thoughts below!)


Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit is now online at Bloomingdales. They have a promotion going on while supplies last for a full-size Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss with any $125 Le Métier de Beauté purchase (color not listed). Online 9/30-10/6. See for details. Visit Best Things in Beauty for her lovely swatches.

Photo via @lemetierdebeaute instagram:


Saint-Domingue Kaleidoscope Eye Kit is a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive. I ordered mine from Saks Houston last week and expect it to arrive any day. There is a beauty gift online as well, with a $100 purchase you get the beauty bag, with any with any $75 Le Métier de Beauté purchase you receive a full-sized Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Summerland, be sure to use code LMETIER22 at checkout. Valid at through Sunday, October, 6 2013 at 11:59pm(ET) or while supplies last.

Photo via @beautylookbook instagram (sent courtesy of Saks Houston from Nikki at Dolce & Gabbana, (713) 627-0500 ext 5102)

Happy shopping! If you've already purchased either of these, can you share your thoughts with the rest of us? Do you love these or can you replicate any colors with previously released kits? Would love to hear about your experience - especially helpful to those of us who can't get to a counter to test either of these kits in person.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté's Mikey Castillo and Ivan Castro at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills - Saturday May 4th

I have exciting news for those in Southern California: this Saturday, May 4th, Le Métier de Beauté's very own Mikey Castillo and Ivan Castro will be in store at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills from 10 am to 5 pm. Both are fresh off the Oscar de la Renta Spring Bridal fashion show and will be at the Beverly Hills store this weekend to do current spring, upcoming summer and bridal looks for those who schedule an appointment.

Le Métier de Beauté fans will have the opportunity to experience the line in its entirety and receive a makeup application or skincare consultation from the line's leading experts. I have had my makeup done by Ivan before and can't rave enough about what an extraordinary artist he is.

Call the Le Métier de Beauté product specialist Scott Reyes (310) 550-5900 Ext. 2087/2027 to make an appointment and let the Le Métier team work their magic on you. I'd recommend calling soon to reserve your appointmet. Neiman Marcus currently has their Scent Event going on through the 5th of May which is a tote filled with fragrance samples. The Le Métier de Beauté counter will be having an extra gift as well (TBD) - call Scott for more details.

Personal recommendations and ideas for other places to check out nearby:
  • Neiman Marcus Beverly hills also has the full Tom Ford Beauty line, Edward Bess has a counter there, they have the most amazing shoe department
  • Saks Fifth Avenue next door has Dolce & Gabbana Makeup
  • Barneys New York is a few blocks away and has the best fragrance boutique including Serge Lutens, L'Artisan, Frederic Malle, Byredo, Le Labo, skincare such as Aesop and Sunday Riley
  • Bouchon Bakery is at the Montage
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream Shop is also in the area

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Pink Berry Crème and Coral Rose

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Le Métier de Beauté has released five new glosses (see line up with comparisons on The Ultimate Makeup and a snapshot of all shades on Twitter @BeautyGypsy). I purchased several from Neiman Marcus during their Beauty Event last month. My top two picks are Pink Berry Crème (a lip crème $36 for 0.22 fl oz/6.5 ml) and Coral Rose (sheer brilliance formula $32 for 0.22 fl oz/6.5 ml). Both are gorgeous spring colors.

Pink Berry Crème is a stunning rose gold in a pigmented creme formula. According to numerous sources, this is a re-launch of Cebu (formerly a Tyson’s Galleria exclusive) under a new name. I don't have it to compare, but online reviews seem to show that these are indeed the same color. It has a gorgeous shimmery finish that isn't frosty. Lasting power is average like most lipglosses. A few readers have e-mailed me about the scent of some newer glosses. Most I've tried have a lovely slightly burnt dusty vanilla smell. There are a few duo sets and also some exclusive releases that have a slightly different scent which is sweeter and a bit artificial smelling. However it's not overpowering and fades within a few minutes. I'm not sure if it's the same across all batches or just a few. 

Coral Rose is a high gloss coral peach. On me it's surprisingly pigmented even though it's on the sheerer side. There's not really a plumping aspect to the formula but for some reason this one makes my lips look full. This one has no scent that I can detect. The finish has a high shine. I love it.

More photos below:

Lip swatches:

A few comparisons below show that there are similar shades, but both Pink Berry Creme and Coral Rose have a pretty sophisticated shimmer that I couldn't find in any other gloss. Below glosses are from Le Metier unless indicated.

I found both Pink Berry Crème and Coral Rose to be lovely additions for spring. The colors are naturally flattering without being too natural. The colors are perfect to wear alone or over lipsticks and are versatile enough to incorporate into any look. Both should be available at all Le Metier de Beaute counters by now. For online shoppers I'll include a few links below. Note that Pink Berry Creme is a lip creme formula which is more pigmented and slightly more expensive. Coral Rose is the sheer brilliance gloss formula which is sheerer more glossy and a bit cheaper.
  • Pink Berry Creme can be found at Neimans (I would try calling your local counter to help you locate, it's not showing up online right now at many locations)
  • Coral Rose can also be found at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks
Did you try any of the new glosses from Le Metier? Thoughts? Which one is your favorite?

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coming Soon: Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick, Chanel Western Light, Le Métier de Beauté Pink Berry Crème

Coming soon, a few new things: Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick, Chanel Western Light Nail Polish, Le Métier de Beauté Pink Berry Crème.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo

Press Sample        

Le Métier de Beauté's latest in skincare is their Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo ($150 for a set of 8 duos). They kindly sent one duo to test. The Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duos come in individually sealed packets. Inside are two seaweed-based discs cased in a thin tray. The discs are shaped to fit the under-eye area and are designed to be placed under the eye area for 15 minutes. Le Métier de Beauté says that these eye masks will hydrate, re-energize, restore, diminish redness, sooth lines and reduce under-eye puffiness. How did the masks hold up for me? This is what I experienced:

I applied these Sunday morning after cleansing my face. The packets have a convenient peel-back corner making them easy to open, however the design of the discs in the tray seemed to be on the delicate side so I recommend opening on a solid flat surface. The discs themselves were flexible and easy to apply and felt like second skin. Upon application my eyes felt an instant soothing cooling sensation. I liked that they adhered well to the skin without feeling tight. I don't think I've ever felt anything this good on my eyes - 15 minutes later I didn't want to take the discs off (but I did). I'm at the stage in my life where I don't have under-eye wrinkles or lines (yet) but in the mornings I do have extra under-eye puffiness so I am religious with my morning coffee or espresso to help me wake up and reduce puffiness slightly.

The main difference for before/after was in the overall feel of the under-eye area. My eyes felt well-hydrated and significantly less puffier than they normally are in the mornings. I suspect that the eye mask performance is similar to other skincare items in the sense that you can only really measure the impact to one's skin after extended use. Still, the way the mask felt on my eye blew me away. While the price is a bit steep at $150 per set of 8 (breaks down to $18.75 per duo) I am ready to splurge on a full set. These are packaged conveniently to easily slip into one's purse or gym bag. The way these de-puff make these a must-have for me for beauty emergency or work/stress meltdown situations. (I could have used one of these about six months ago at work.)

As far as I know, these have hit stores now. They are expected to be released online soon (will update when I find out more information). Are these must-haves? For me yes - I will be ordering soon (I'm waiting for a counter to have a really good gift-with-purchase promotion). The ingredient listing below:

A few other things from Le Métier de Beauté that might interest you:
  • There's an 18-pan eye shadow palette coming out for spring, retailing for $95. It has a mixture of previously released shades and new colors. I have yet to see it in person but Scott Reyes from Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills kindly sent me a few photos from his counter.
  • In addition, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills released two exclusive lip crèmes last year called Bloom (flesh-cream nude) and Catherine (pale champagne frost), $36 each. I called them a few days ago and they still has some left in stock. I haven't reviewed them, but I will include a few photos below. From my testing - these are VERY nude and pale. For me they work best when mixed with other shades. For more detailed info and excellent reviews, I highly recommend you check out Beauty Professor and Cogitation Project.
Palette photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. Gloss photos my own.
All items are limited. (Click for larger viewing.)

Neiman's Beauty Week is coming up on the 23rd of February. If you're interested I recommend calling soon for a pre-sale. I'd recommend Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900 Ext. 2087/2027 (especially if you're interested in their exclusive glosses) and ask for Scott Reyes. Tell them I sent you!

Have you tried Le Métier de Beauté Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo? Or other Le Métier de Beauté skincare items? What were your thoughts?

This post contains a press sample sent free of charge for review. For additional information please refer to the About/FAQ section.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

Le Métier de Beauté's latest is the Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95, limited-edition). It's a stunning palette of rich shimmers in both warm and cool shades. Initial thoughts were that this was an odd combination, but knowing the genius of Le Métier de Beauté's creations, I decided to order anyways. I ordered sight unseen from Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills thanks to a tutorial/preview featured online at Zuneta (thanks Café Makeup for sending the link).

The shades are not individually named in the palette, although names are listed online:
  • Level 1 is called Axiom: sublime bronzed umber. It's a warm bronzey-golden shimmer.
  • Level 2 is called Graphic: silver liquid metal. This is a frosted pale silver metallic.
  • Level 3 is called Crucible: rich pomegranate. This shade is a warm metallic wine.
  • Level 4 is called Genre: deep gunmetal. This a frosted silvery gunmetal.

Individual close ups of each layer below.

The only shade that really appealed to me was the top golden bronze, however using the Le Métier layering technique gives a truly stunning smokey eye. It's perfect for a sultry night time look. Blending the shades will make it suitable for day as well, but to me, this has more of a night-time feel.

In comparing other shades and kits, I do believe you can achieve a similar effect with existing shades. There are very close similarities between Bauhaus and Bordeaux, Thunder, Silk Road kit, and Antiquite Poupee kit. I wouldn't say there are exact dupes - but shades that are indeed very close.
  • Level 1, Axiom has more warmth/red than Spicy (which is more golden)
  • Level 2, Graphic, I suspect is similar to other silvers (I don't own any silvers from Le Metier)
  • Level 3, Crucible is a mix between Silk Road's Level 3 and Bordeaux
  • Level 4, Genre is a more intense/deeper/metallic version of Thunder (more satiny) and Antique Poupee (has more of a blueish/silvery sheen)

Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus is a stunning palette. I have to say I'm very impressed with the color combinations since they aren't anything I would have imagined to try on my own. Be sure to check out a few other reviews and eye looks:
Bauhaus is fairly versatile. I used it with a soft pink cheek (Chanel's Rose Intiale) and nude-pink lips (Tom Ford Pink Dusk + Le Metier Sweet Creme Lip Gloss). On another occasion it worked well with a soft bronzey-nude blush (MAC Tenderling over Laguna Multiple) and nude-pink perle lips (Chanel Perle Rouge Coco). Bottom line love.

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