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Monday, March 24, 2014

Chanel Mutine #90 Rouge Coco Shine, Bliss #181 and Tocade #182 Glossimers | Collection Variation

I picked out three lip colors from Chanel's Collection Variation: Rouge Coco Shine in Mutine #90 ($35) and Glossimers in Bliss #181 and Tocade #182 ($29.50 each). There is a mix of repromotes and new shades for this lips collection. Many of the colors seemed very similar to previous releases so I limited myself to a few of the lip items plus the new Coup de Couer #609 Le Vernis  (reviewed here).

Mutine #90 Rouge Coco Shine is a soft shimmering silvery pink. Bliss #181 Glossimer is a warm peach with subtle gold flecks. Tocade #182 Glossimer is a sheer reddish plum. All are on the sheer side but each color can be layered for a bit more color. These are lovely subdued classics.

Here are the colors swatched side by side:

Close up of Mutine #90 to show the pink base with silver sparkles. This one was fairly pigmented for a Rouge Coco Shine, I found it showed up well on my pink lips without washing out my complexion.

Bliss #181 is a sheer peach with gold flecks. The shimmers don't really show up on the lips. Although Bliss is on the sheer side, I found it covered my entire lip quite well. Tocade #182 looks like a cool-toned plum in the tube but it applies more red on my lips (many plums end up fuchsia or red once applied). It is very sheer but your mileage will vary depending on how much you layer on.

I couldn't find any duplicate colors with other glossers or rouge coco shines.

Below are comparisons: Burberry Cameo (is more orange), Tom Ford Love Bruise (is more brownish), Burberry Oxblood (is more fuschia/cooler), Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy (is darker), Chanel Parfait (is sheerer and has gold shimmer), Chanel Fetiche (discontinued, is darker).

I'm overall pleased with Bliss Glossimer and Mutine Rouge Coco Shine. Tocade is a lovely plum but I was a bit disappointed it turned more reddish on my lips. As of right now, both Bliss and Mutine are listed as limited-edition colors on (see all the colors in the collection listed there). The Collection Variation should be at all Chanel counters now since it was released over a month ago in stores. I'd recommend researching the color selection online first before going instore - sometimes the items in tester units can get switched around making it difficult to figure out which colors are truly new (versus repromoted colors).

Glossimers retail for $29.50 each and Rouge Coco Shines retail for $35 each. You can find the Collection Variation online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales and

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chanel Sonate #178 and Murmure #179 Glossimers | Spring 2014

The Chanel spring collection has two new glossimers in Sonate #178, a bright sheer red pink and Murmure #179, a lighter soft pink ($29.50 each). The two new spring shades seem like familiar colors with similarities to other previously released glossimers, but I really like both shades. They have a slightly richer pigment compared to other shades giving a healthy fresh glow.

Sonate #178 is a sheer muted red pink. It gives the lips a healthy tint of red mixed with pink and brightens the whole face. The color is layerable for more coverage but is still semi-transparent.

Murmure #179 is a light milky pink. It has a slight hint of warmth to prevent it from looking too bubblegum-like. I thought this would be a repeat of Sirop (discontinued), however Murmure is pinker and slightly darker.

Comparisons to Dior Diablotine (review here), Tom Ford Peach Absolut (swatched here), Burberry Mallow Pink (swatched here), Chanel Sirop (discontinued), Chanel Volupte, Chanel Calypso (discontinued) and Chanel Nakkar (discontinued, reviewed here).

I give both a huge thumbs up. Chanel spring is out on counters now. I purchased the spring collection items from Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chanel Ocean Shimmer, Seashell, Rose Sauvage and Daydream Glossimers

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This spring season has brought us a wide selection of new lipgloss formulas and colors. Many lines are expanding their color options or developing new-improved formulas through mini-extension releases. The Revelation de Chanel collection focuses mainly on Glossimers ($29.50 each, with some new colors mixed in with some repromotes. I purchased mine almost a month ago and have been using Rose Sauvage non-stop. The shades I bought:
  • Ocean Shimmer 171 is a clear gloss with delicate tiny sparkles suspended
  • Seashell 87 (repurchase) is a pale shimmery champagne pink
  • Rose Sauvage 172 is a soft rose pink shimmer
  • Daydream 174 is a rosey pink with metallic fuschia sparkle particles

The colors are typical of Chanel glossimers: naturally gorgeous, delicate with high shine. Daydream's shimmer is borderline glittery but the color blends out evenly and smoothly on the lips. Those who love Chanel Glossimers will love Rose Sauvage and Daydream. Seashell is a good natural staple I think is universally flattering on all skintones. Ocean Shimmer is definitely a pass for those who have clear gloss in their makeup wardrobe (I still caved).


I managed to get in lip swatches of Rose Sauvage and Daydream:

Comparisons to others show that you these are different from other Chanel glosses, however due to the sheerness, you can get a similar effect with other shades:

I love the color of Rose Sauvage. It's rosy enough to show up on my lips but still very natural. I love it layered over Perle Rouge Coco. Daydream is also lovely although might be too sparkly for some. Given all the new lipgloss offerings this season from Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and Armani you might feel a bit overwhelmed (like me). I am still waiting for Armani's Flash Lacquers to arrive at counters to test (although I usually do like Armani). I just tested out Guerlain's today instore briefly but haven't played extensively. I personally have a soft spot for Chanel and Dior glosses (they are my favorites) so I knew I couldn't go wrong with either. Those who have been waiting for all to arrive will be happy to know that most new gloss formulas should be available at counters to test now. Based on my testing, I feel all the glosses from Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and Armani are all excellent in quality and pigment. My suggestion is to look at the colors you are drawn to first since the formulas are all very similar (in my opinion).

The full Revelation de Chanel collection is listed:
Check out swatches and reviews on some of the newer shades:
I purchased mine from Nordstrom. The collection is also available on and all other Chanel counters and boutiques.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chanel Holiday 2012 Glossimers: Allégorie 347, Mystery 357, Intrigue 367

Chanel has released three new glossimers for the holiday: Allégorie 347, Mystery 357, Intrigue 367 ($29.50 each). The shades are semi-sheer on my lips with the classic natural gloss finish that Chanel glossimers have. They are great neutrals that are suitable for any season, however, those who already own a number of Chanel glossimers may find these have a similar effect on the lips to shades released in prior seasons. The shades: 
  • Allégorie 347 is sheer transparent light sparkle pink (goes on fairly clear on my lips)
  • Mystery 357 is a warm-neutral nude peachy pink (slight tint but sheer)
  • Intrigue 367 is a warm reddish pink with slight brown

Swatches show the colors are true to what you see in the tube, on the lips the colors sheer out quite a bit:

A few comparisons to other glosses show that the releases for holiday are different from other releases, however on my lips many of the lighter pinks appear very similar once applied (probably due to my pigmented lip color). I couldn't find dupes in my Chanel collection.

My personal favorite is Mystery. I think this shade filled a gap in Chanel's glossimer releases - they needed a good neutral pink-peach shade. Intrigue is also lovely for a healthy tint that's still natural. Allegorie is gorgeous in the tube but is best as a layering shade over other lipsticks (alone it's virtually clear). I personally give them all a thumbs up but I feel that Mystery is the only one that I can say is a must-have.

Did you check out the Chanel glossimers for the holiday? What were your thoughts?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chanel Glossimers Bon Bon, Pétillant & Bagatelle for Spring 2012

I have a weakness for Chanel Glossimers. The colors created by Chanel are always so gorgeous in the tubes with the prettiest shimmers and sparkles - they make my heart skip a beat. The newest colors for spring are Bon Bon 73, Pétillant 159 & Bagatelle 161. All the shades are light and shimmery but unfortunately not unique. I still love the newest items from spring but the colors are fairly sheer and seem like lazy rehashed from seasons past. Note my weakness overcame me and I still caved.

The colors:

Bon Bon 73 is a pale pearly pink gold. It's one of those luminous glowy glosses without glittery specks. The shimmer is very smooth and almost milky. Back in 2008, Chanel released a series of Aqualumiere Glosses, one was also called Bon Bon. I don't have it anymore since used it up, but from my memory, the new Bon Bon Glossimer seems identical to what Bon Bon Aqualumiere Gloss looked like. It's a paler version of Sundress. The color is very sheer and goes on clear on my lips. I suspect it will be best used as a layering color over a pigmented lipstick.

Pétillant 159 is a soft luminous peachy glow with an iridescent pinkish shimmer. On the hands and lips it goes on more of a clear pinkish shimmer for me. Odd right? I attribute this to the sheer silvery pale sparkles that show up more than the sheer peachy base. Do check out Best Things in Beauty for swatches in different light and skintone. I agree with her that I also could have skipped this too - it's so sheer on me even the sparkles barely show up.

Bagatelle 161 is the most pigmented gloss in the collection. It's a beautiful fresh salmon pink with gold shimmers. I found it to be a lighter fresher version of Magnifique. Years ago Chanel also released a color called Pink Oyster. I no longer have that either (used up) but Bagatelle reminds me of Pink Oyster. Scroll down to the bottom for comparisons. It's more pigmented so this shows up on my lips but it's still rather natural.

More close ups:

Comparisons below to other Chanels and one Le Metier gloss. The photo of the actual product was taken with my iPhone. I couldn't get a decent shot with outdoor lighting - the sunlight and flash blurred all the pinks and corals together.

Have you seen the spring collection in person yet? What were your thoughts of the glossimers? I didn't lip swatch them for this blog since they were so sheer it didn't seem worth trying to post here. Thank you everyone for your patience as I slowly work my way through Chanel's spring collection. November and December have proved to be very challenging months for me in my non-blogging life. The good thing with this collection is that Chanel scheduled the release very early this year so most of you have probably had the chance to go to the counters to play.

If you've seen the collection in person I'd love to hear your thoughts :) Or even if you haven't I'd love to hear your first impressions based on what you've seen online or read about.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chanel Sweet Beige & Sparkle d'Or Glossimer and Enivrée Rouge Allure

My picks for lips from Chanel holiday:
  • Enivrée Rouge Allure - a healthy glowing sparkly pink (applies true to the tube, but the arm swatch below looks sheerer than in person)
  • Sparkle d'Or Glossimer - a transparent gloss infused with gold flecks
  • Sweet Beige Glossimer - pink nude beige with gold shimmers

When I was at the counter there were no testers so I picked the colors I felt were safe. Enivrée Rouge Allure gives a beautiful healthy flushed pink glow. The texture of the Rouge Allures are pure luxury - creamy and moisturizing. The shimmer is a stunner with multi-colored flecks but without frost or grittiness. The glossimers are beautiful neutrals. Sweet Beige covered my entire lip to give a nude-pink glossy pout. The pigment is medium. Sparkle d'Or is a sheer almost clear color that gives a hint of golden sparkle. It's a good layering gloss. I love that the glosses matched the eye shadow single theme of beige and gold. I did not get good lip swatches but here are a few more close ups.

I do believe Enivrée Rouge Allure is unique and a must-have for the holiday season - it's not similar to any of the Rouge Cocos, except it's perhaps similar to the Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco with added complex shimmers. The glossimers are lovely but  fairly standard in my opinion. They are stunners but I think there have been better shades released in past seasons by Chanel.

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