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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nordstrom Triple Points Beauty Gifts March 19 - 23

Nordstrom Triple Points for card holders starts today and there are a lot of gift with purchases online and in store. I have my eye on the Burberry set with has a lovely metallic case as a gift. Some other gifts that look interesting:

 photo 1_zpsee355c9c.jpg photo 2_zps388b4fd5.jpg photo Untitled-7_zpsc411983e.jpg

 photo Untitled-6_zpsca167afe.jpg photo Untitled-4_zps16ff955b.jpg photo Untitled-3_zps2e20d910.jpg

Do you have anything on your wishlist that you've been saving for? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event: February 9 to 11

This might be old news, but in case you haven't heard, Barneys is having their beauty event going on right now. It ends Saturday the 11th and if you have a wishlist going, I highly recommend you call your nearest store to see if they have any left. With a $200 purchase you get an awesome goody bag filled with great samples including full-sized products. Check for the details or call your nearest store.

Note: While the GWP is available online, I highly recommend you call an actual store to order instead to ensure the items you want are in stock and to also ensure that you get a gift bag. Stores have more stock than what I've seen online.

I ordered from the Beverly Hills store and this is what was in by goody bag (also with a $250 purchase they waived shipping). I apologize if this is late news for you but I just received my package last night so I wasn't able to post photos of the gift bag until today. Contents may vary per store. As you can see my bag is red and blue. The advertised one is white and yellow. I assume they have different colors but since I'm not near a Barneys, I'm not sure what options there are.

The full sized goods:

Other retailers take note: Barneys blew it out of the water with this generous gift bag. It contains a decent amount of samples I actually will use and the full-sized products look incredible. (I'm so excited about the Sunday Riley lipgloss!!!!) This one really puts most other beauty events to shame.

Did you order anything from the Barneys Love Yourself Event? Act fast and call your store ASAP if you can't stop by in person! If you missed out on this one, don't worry, I think they have this other times during the year. Get on their mailing list or check out deal/bargain websites to stay updated on upcoming events.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colors SPF 12: Bare Pink, Heather Pink & Lilac

When news surfaced that Bobbi Brown was coming out with a new full color lipstick formulation in cream colors I wasn't too interested. I thought the colors would be too opaque and boring but was proven wrong. One swipe of Bare Pink at the counter and I was in love with the smooth lightweight texture that gave full but not-too-thick coverage. I took advantage of the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event (still going on) and picked up some shades for myself and my mom.

These lipsticks are $22 each with a lightweight cream texture. They are full coverage like her regular lipsticks but glide on easier & smoother with a moisturizing feel. They're described perfectly on, "Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi’s latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe." There's a slight sunscreen scent when you first apply it on the lips but it fades. I tested Lilac this afternoon and it had excellent lasting power without any liner. The finish is semi-matte and the packaging is semi-matte with a glossy black middle. I love her packaging of individual items because they are great size for the price, conveniently packaged with sleek and simple classic designs. As much as I appreciate her palettes, I really love her individual items more.

The colors I ended up with for myself:
  • Bare Pink is a beige nude with slight pinkish tones
  • Heather Pink is a medium nude brown-pink
  • Lilac is a cool pink

Swatched on the arm:

Swatched on the lips, FYI on the skin is Chanel Teint Innocence in Shell (liquid):

The cute GWP from Neimans with a $150 purchase is two credit card sized palettes the brushes are really crummy in these, but the actual product is a good sample size.

Overall very impressed with the texture and coverage. I really love the way these feel on the lips. The smooth full coverage finish is superb without any feathering, streaking or unevenness. There are many other reviews on these lipsticks from other fabulous bloggers.

A few reviews I found very helpful:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

NARS Ita Kabuki Brush - How Do You Use It?

I got the NARS Ita Kabuki brush as an amazing gift-with-purchase at a recent Nordstrom Trend Show Event. It's one of the NARS Kabuki Artisan Brushes and this one has a wide flat brush with black goat hair and comes in a nice black box. I love that the brush is extremely soft and feels so smooth on the skin. The shape intrigues me as I am enamored with odd-shaped brushes - however, there's a slight issue: I do not know how to use this.

Do any of you have it? If so, how do you use it? I know it's meant for contouring and highlighting but I still feel clumsy swiping it. It's so wide that it covers my entire cheek and then some. I need to go back to the NARS counter to ask them to show me how it's to be used. If any of you own this, I'd love to hear your tips on how you use this one!

I did have the regular Ita Brush before but never used it so I ended up gifting it away to another happy home. I do have to say I'm a bit worried about how I'm going to keep the handle clean and prevent it from getting sticky.

Have you ladies ever been to a Nordstrom Trend Show? For those not familiar, call your local Nordstrom and ask! I think has a list of events per store, so you can search in advance. The events vary per store, but it seems like the Nordstroms near me typically have around 2 Trend Show Events per year. They are a store-wide event that starts early in the morning (around 8 am) for an hour presentation featuring various products, trends and models wearing the season's current makeup trends. They have raffle giveaways, coffee, cute gift bags. All you have to do is sign up in advance and you can get your makeup done at any counter too. Most of the lines usually have some sort of promotion or gift. They can be hit or miss. And also very crowded. On more recent events, if I can't get the first makeover opening appointment, I've opted to skip the show and just get my makeup done during one of the later time slots to avoid the crowds and pushing (yes, sometimes pushing).

I've been to about 4 in the past few years and the ones I've been to are really fun (although extremely packed). The gift with purchases can be a hit or miss sometimes but recently, there was an incredible promotion going on with NARS. I was so excited to get my makeup done again but unfortunately I had last minute change of plans and wasn't able to attend. Thankfully, my sales associate was willing to do a pre-sale for me so I was still able to get the GWP. The first level GWP was with a $75 purchase and the step up (to get the multiple duo and brush) was with over $150. Definitely well worth the purchase and much better than previous GWPs at other counters which have been a mini double-sided lipgloss with a $75 purchase which I think is hardly an incentive.

Here is the GWP: Mini South Beach Multiple, Multiple Duo,
Full-Sized Mindgame Lipstick, 2 Mini Lipglosses, Kabuki Ita Brush

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul & Joe Summer Creation 2010: Sahara Collection

Have any of you checked out the new Summer Sahara Collection from Paul & Joe yet? The standout for me is the lovely packaging in a turquoise, cream, orange and brown colored floral almost fan-like print. I had ordered a few lipsticks from BG during their last GWP event but at that time they didn't have the nail polishes in. I recently saw that Beautyhabit was also doing a promotion and was ecstatic to find they received the nail polishes just last week. I haven't been able to see the entire line in person yet (hopefully soon). But here are my picks plus the gifts from both Bergdorfs and Beautyhabit. My gloss and lipliner picks from the summer release was reviewed a few days ago here.

Lipstick S in Caravan 001 (sheer light pink shimmer)
Lipstick S in Morocco 003 (sheer bronzey pink brown)

Nail Enamel in Marrakesh 004 (coral-red with gold shimmer)
Nail Enamel in Mirage 005 (shimmery beige gold with silver sparkles)

The Gift With Purchase Makeup Bags
(Left from Beautyhabit, Right from Bergdorfs)

Lipstick Size Comparisons (seasonal v regular)

Nail Polish Comparisons, Close Ups and Swatches

Again, the packaging is the best part of this collection. I've only tried the sheer pink lipstick and it has a sheer glossy finish with noticeable shimmer (not frost though). I plan on trying out the bronzey one in the next few days. I absolutely love the Mirage 005 Nail Polish. It's similar to P&J Gilded 27 except the new Mirage 005 is more beigey. The coral Marrakesh 004 Nail Polish is lovely too, but I'm not used to coral-orangey reds. Perhaps it will look better on the toes.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Rouge d'Armani Pink Lipsticks 506, 507 & 512

Armani has some good beauty week GWPs this year! I opted for the Saks GWP because my Neimans didn't have the new pink lipsticks in for the rouge d'armani line. The counter didn't get all the shades in, but my SA was kind enough to sell me a tester for one of the shades.

I also compared it next to NARS Dolce Vita to help give you a baseline for comparisons. I just finished a tube and got a new one. For some reason I remember DV being cooler-toned. Unfortunately I already threw out my old tube, but perhaps it just looks warm next to the pink Armani shades.

Rouge D'Armani Lipsticks are mostly non-shimmer colors. They have more lasting power compared to the typical Armani lipstick (which are gorgeous, slightly glossy, but have little lasting power). These retail for $30 each and have a magnetic lid to hold them shut. I nearly had a few lipstick casualties when propping them up next to each other because the magnetic forces pushed and pulled the lipsticks in different directions.

Most of the new pinks were brighter. There was one, I believe it was 508 that was a cooler lighter pink than 507. If you love NARS Roman Holiday, then you might want to check out Pink 508.

The Saks GWP comes with a full-sized 44 lipshimmer and minis (just an FYI, I stocked up on some other staples such as mascara, powder foundation etc to meet the minimum purchase for the GWP, they are not photographed here):

Saks Exclusive Laura Mercier Spring Must-Have Collection

If you haven't filled out my survey, this is the last day I'm collecting responses in case you have any feedback you would like to leave, thanks! Click here to take survey

Out of all the Laura Mercier Exclusive Sets this year, the Saks Spring Must-Have Collection is definitely the winner! The set retails for $65 and is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue in the US and can now be found online here. It includes:

* full sized Babydoll Lip Glace
* mini pink rose face quad
* mini bold berries eyeshadow quad
* 2 mini brushes, face and pony tail
* mini mascara
* mini foundation primer

FYI - All the colors and items are also available in the regular Laura Mercier line with the exception of the Bold Berries eyeshadow quad which is exclusive to this set. Her mini brushes are excellent in quality and are usually just as good as the full sized versions. By now I have so many mini brushes, I'm starting to get repeats. My mom and sister get to benefit from my extras :)

It seems like a really good deal for the set. There is a cute GWP at Saks too (see pics below). The Bold Berries quad is really cute and all the shades have shimmer. I won't be swatching this quad - I did test it instore and the pigment was pretty good. Seemed to be on par with other single eyeshadow colors. I wish the quad was bigger - it seems like it might be difficult to apply since all the colors are placed so close together. I will just try to use my smaller brushes.

This is the GWP from Saks. It includes a full-sized Blush Lip Glace which is a great natural your-lips-but-better pinky shade.

Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus also have their own exclusive sets. These feature brighter shades of orange, teal and bronze. Fun for summer, but definitely not me and doesn't seem very "laura mercier." When I think of Laura Mercier's line, I think sophisticated, classic, demure. The new sets seem to be very "out-of-the-box" for her brand. Still fun and cute though. The Saks set seemed the most wearable for me. I believe each store's sets retail for $65 - so if you're near a neimans or nordies definitely check them out!

FYI - I also purchased some bath and body items along with this set for the GWP.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saks Pure Beauty Event Feb 25 - March 6

This is a scan from the latest Saks Catalog - you can see it online at The gift is a tote in brown, pink or yellow with 5 listed samples and coupons. I didn't scan the picture of the totes, but if you click to's Beauty Catalog on Page 4-5, you can see what they look like and pics of the samples. The gifts and qualifiers for each individual line are listed below (click for larger viewing):

I already posted about this, but in case you missed it, exclusive to Saks is a Laura Mercier set with a Bold Berries Eyeshadow Quad, Mini Pink Rose Shimmer Block, Full Sized Babydoll lipgloss, mini mascara and face primer, and 2 mini brushes. I believe it retails for $65. Neimans and Nordstrom also have their own exclusive sets from Laura Mercier.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event GWP List Feb 25 - March 7

I stopped by Neimans yesterday to check out the Chantecaille Dauphins Palette & New Lip Chics. My SA gave me the gift list for the upcoming beauty events.

The details: Spend $100 and get a denim bag. It doesn't say if there are any samples in the bag or not. There are gifts with each line individually below. Want to know my thoughts? Read at the end of the list down at the bottom.

The bag, as usual, is hideously ugly and in my opinion, a terrible incentive. If it weren't for the individual line GWPs I wouldn't purchase anything. The only 2 GWPs I find appealing are Chantecaille's & Giorgio Armani's.

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