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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Must-Have Nail Polishes Plus a Little Update ...

A few of you have e-mailed me asking "what are your top picks for nails?" This is a tough question! As with many other products, my favorites are subject to change week after week. I've picked 5 color categories of what my must-haves for nails are. My favorites fall mainly within a few select brands, but many of my readers either don't like the brand, formula or price. However, those who do love the same brands as me, for each category I've included my right-now favorites by brand/color. Most of these have been previously featured. (Update: It appears the sidebar google search isn't working so I've linked past reviews to each name as applicable below.)

I think everyone needs:

A few nail spam pictures


Black Pearl

Rococo Reissue

And ...

The Beauty Look Book is going on a mini-summer break from blogging the month of June. I have quite a few projects coming up which will require more time and dedication. But not to worry! Blog posting for me will not come to a complete halt this next month although there will be a significant slow down in the upcoming weeks. I will have limited time to respond to e-mails or comments but will keep you updated on my latest finds in the upcoming month and complete a few more reviews on things I've been loving but haven't had time to write about yet.

The inside my new Chanel feature will be posted sometime later this week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Two birthdays in May: The Beauty Look Book turns two! Time has flown by so fast I cannot believe it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you who have been a daily inspiration to me. I cannot express my gratitude to those who have shared their passion, thoughts and love for beauty with me through this small blog. I thank each and every one of you who visit and comment each week. Thank you for your support!

Also, this past month, another birthday occurred and I am no longer a twenty-something. I have been beyond spoiled with so much. The best was a surprise birthday dinner from my family: specially catered with delicious food, wine and cakes and a fun How-Well-Do-You-Know-Sabrina-Trivia-Game. We had an evening full of laughs.

Trivia Game - designed by my sister:

This one was the one my husband filled out. He got question 5 wrong!!! He was so confident he was right because he hears and sees the words "miu miu" on a weekly basis. Can you guess the right answer?*

I had a few other birthday outings with close friends (and a couple more to come soon) and I was spoiled with beautiful flowers, thoughtful gifts, delicious dinners - all of which made turning 30 so much more fun (and less painful) than I had expected.

* Answer is Kate Spade, thanks to my sister for my high school graduation (a loooong time ago!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today Was Epic

Today was an amazing girls' day out in Beverly Hills packed with of all sorts of goodness. We hit up the Dry Bar, Lucky Scent, Barneys, Saks, Neimans and fit in a delicious lunch in between. LA can be very interesting and as many have noted, it is its own universe. I'm deliriously exhausted, but in a good way. Definitely glad to be back home but already looking forward to my next trip :)

Today's highlight: I met my idol, THE Mr. Edward Bess today and he did my makeup! More to come soon. {Photo above should be labeled "The Beauty Look Book was here", they wanted to put my Miu Miu in Edward's display case, lol!}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Loving Right Now: For The Home

Silver birdcage ornaments from Pottery Barn (now on sale!), cute for putting a little treat inside instead of a stocking stuffer (still haven't found the perfect photo for these, so I cut out a Nordstrom card and put it inside for now)

More mini ornaments, copper kitchen miniatures from Williams-Sonoma

Candles: Henri Bendel are my favorite! Jo Malone is a nice splurge every once in a while too.

Peppermint Bark Cookies (also on sale at Williams-Sonoma now), so addicting and scrumptious: the perfect midnight snack and I'm not even a peppermint fan

Woven short tray, nice for organizing and display, from Crate & Barrel, Sedona Vanity Tray

Fun stuff from West Elm, large list-type pads, fun games, cheese cards, wine cards, miscellaneous things that are nice to have around the house


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