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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Les 5 Ombres de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette in Entrelacs for Fall 2015

There's a stunning new eyeshadow palette from Chanel this fall called Les 5 Ombres de Chanel in Entrelacs ($80, limited-edition). It's quite expensive but the colors are phenomenal neutrals that have a super soft texture with good buildable pigment. I think Chanel should make all their shadows in this formula - it melds into the skin flawlessly. The light colors are pigmented with a glorious shimmer giving them unique look. (In the pan they look almost matte.) The three darker shades are satiny in texture and layer nicely over each other. If you have a creamy liner or base on the lids you will see the dark shades pop. Chanel's Les 5 Ombres de Chanel for fall is the perfect in-between of pure mattes and high frost shimmers. The finish is more of a satiny glow and I can't rave enough about this palette. Even though I own enough neutrals to last 100 lifetimes I think this one is a must. 

The colors left to right:

Shimmering soft ivory with a champagne shimmery glow
Matte neutral beige tan
Soft satiny chocolate shimmer
Dark blackened brown satin
Soft light pink with gold shimmer

Swatches with the sponge applicators:

Swatched heavy over Tom Ford Peach Glow Primer with fingers:

I suspect each color can be replicated with individual colors. Some of the ones above resemble older Chanel singles and quads that I own (the first one resembles Ivory, second resembles Sand, third looks like a brown version of the darkest color in Poesie, fourth is unique). I pulled two other palettes to compare, Chanel Charming from Holiday 2013 and Dior Eye Reviver 001:

Overall a winner. I highly recommend it. If you're new to high end eyeshadows and want a good easy to wear palette of neutrals, the Les 5 Ombres de Chanel is a good introductory palette. It has conservative colors suitable for everyday wear but enough color to show up on the eyes and add dimension. Lasting power is very good - it stays put all day without fading or budging. I've used it with my go-to eye base from Edward Bess. I like it so much I have to buy a back it up.

You can find the fall 2015 Les 5 Ombres de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette in Entrelacs at all counters now, while supplies last since it's limited-edition. Online at, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and all other Chanel retailers.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows

Charlotte Tilbury launched her new Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows several months ago ($32 each for 0.24 fl oz/7 ml). I bought five of the six shades as soon as I saw them at my local Nordstrom counter but then went on vacation, took photos, but never got around to reviewing them. I've been playing with these for quite some time now and think they are really amazing. I think they are little pots of magic for the eyes. If you're a fan of the Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows, you will love the ones from Charlotte Tilbury. The concept and texture of the Charlotte Tilbury's are similar to those of Tom Ford's. They both have a super creamy feel, they are easy to blend, they layer quite beautifully and you can control the pigment. On my lids they last all day without budging as long as I don't rub my eyes. They feel weightless and have the most beautiful shimmer. A quick note on cream shadows - I don't have oily lids and I rarely wear a primer because I find most drying on my skin. I like creamier eye bases such as the one from Edward Bess or cream shadows in general because they help powder shadows adhere to my lids better.

The Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise wear well alone or layered together. I am thoroughly impressed with how easy it is to layer and control pigment. Some cream shadows disappear or sheer out a lot once you blend. The ones from Charlotte Tilbury can be sheered out, but they still have extremely good pigment. Some close ups, descriptions and swatches of the 5 shades I picked out below.


Norma Jean is a pale golden champagne color. It has the most beautiful shimmer in it. I love this all over the lids or as a base color. There is a bit of champagne pink mixed in a tiny bit of peach in the shimmer. It's really quite stunning.


Marie Antoinette is a sparkling golden brown taupe color. This one looks neutral-warm in the pot but goes on my skin more neutral-cool because of the silvery shimmer particles. This one will probably look very different on your skin if you have cool tones or fair skin. On my medium/olive skin it's a gorgeous my lids but better kind of color.


Bette is a warm coppery gold. On my skin this pulls very warm and very gold. I like it layered on top of either Norma Jean or Marie Antoinette to create depth or a soft gradient.


Mona Lisa is a shimmering soft brown with plum undertones. It's pure genius with the complex mix of cool and warm sparkles. It's like a chocolate color, bronze shade and plum all mixed in one.


Veruschka is one of the most interesting khaki shimmers I've seen. This one is a bit sheerer in finish compared to the others with one swipe but it is easy to layer. I have a hard time wearing olive colors. The olive + olive skin combo sometimes makes my face look very tired and sallow. This one has a beautiful mix of gold, green, olive and silver shimmers to make it more complex. It's not a color I can wear on its own. I'm still experimenting with color combinations on this one.


The colors I picked all lined up side by side. The teal shade Cleopatra is beyond gorgeous. I was very tempted to purchase but it's not a color I suspect I would wear frequently. I might go back for it because it's so striking, but for now I'm really happy with the five that I have. They are among the best in cream shadows that I've tried (tied with Tom Ford).

Swatches heavy:

Swatches heavy but blended:

Comparisons to some other shades, both sets are the same, one is just a close up:

Armani Eye Tints 12, 9, 11 and 5 (reviewed here)
Tom Ford Escapade (discontinued, reviewed here)
Tom Ford Spring 2015 (reviewed here)
Chanel Caroube (review + swatched here)
Tom Ford Platinum and Spice (reviewed here)

One last shot lined up:

I can't rave enough about these. I think all five are outstanding. Veruschka is the only one I'm a bit iffy about mainly because I don't really love olive colors, but there is a lovely complexity to the color that makes it really unique. I couldn't find exact dupes with Tom Ford, Chanel or Armani. There are similarities in a lot of the colors so you may want to shop your stash before splurging. I give each one a huge thumbs up. For those curious, I've been applying them with my fingers but brushes work too. If you're looking for pretty cream shadows with really good pigment and sophisticated shimmer these are really fun. The colors are gorgeous. You can use them as a traditional cream shadow for the lids or as a highlighter for the inner corners.

You can find the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Eyeshadows at all Charlotte Tilbury counters now. Online at Nordstrom, Beautylish, Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman and Charlotte Tilbury.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Burberry Beauty Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadows

Earlier this year Burberry Beauty launched new formulas of eyeshadow to replace the original versions. I featured the four Wet & Dry Glow Eyeshadows eyeshadows earlier this year back in the spring. Today I have thoughts to share on several of the Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadows ($29 each). Much of the Burberry Beauty line has gone through a revamp over the past year. Color products have been reformulated and launched in batches, starting with eyeshadows, followed by Kisses Hydrating Lip Color and most recently Kisses Lip Gloss. There are a number of new product launches in eyes and lips as well. I hope to feature those soon - today I have swatches of nine silk eyeshadow colors.

The new Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow comes in the same size compact as the original Sheer Eyeshadow formula. They are priced the same but the new formulas have slightly more product at 2.7 g / 0.09 oz (the original versions were 2.5 g each). Both the old and formula have a mix of matte, satin and high shimmer shades. The newer formula shimmers are more finely milled and less powdery in texture - they are still very soft and easy to build but the pigment has improved significantly. The quality of the new Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadows is excellent and among the best I've ever tried. If you're looking for high quality staple colors to give a classic polished look, Burberry is the way to go if you don't mind single eyeshadows. They are easy to apply and blend easily. The mattes are very good mattes - I usually hate matte eyeshadows because they often look chalky or apply unevenly on my skin (the only exceptions for me are from Urban Decay, Tom Ford and Edward Bess). The Burberry ones go on smoothly and have a richly pigmented finish. The shimmers have a very soft finish - they aren't high frost.

Some of the original colors have been relaunched in the new formula. I swatched some of them side by side and find they are not the same. My holy grail neutral was Pale Barley No. 22. It's been launched in Pale Barley No. 102. It's still a very good neutral and very similar. The original version is more shimmery and more complex while the new one is more finely milled and slightly sheerer in finish.

Descriptions of nine of the new colors:
  • Porcelain No. 100 is a pale shimmering ivory champange
  • Stone No. 101 is a richly pigmented matte bone color
  • Pale Barley No. 102 is a sheer-to-medium neutral fawn shimmer
  • Rosewood No. 202 is a shimmering mauve beige neutral
  • Dusky Mauve No. 203 is a deep brown mauve with satin shimmer
  • Mulberry No. 204 is a plum red shimmer
  • Chestnut Brown No. 301 is a deep cool brown shimmer
  • Storm Grey No. 303 is a shimmering warm grey
  • Jet Black No. 308 is a richly pigmented matte black

Close ups:


Swatched with a heavy hand (these were swatched with fingers only):

Swatch comparisons of some of the old vs. new shades. The original Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow formulas have numbers with 2 digits, the new Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow formula colors have numbers with 3 digits. Some colors weren't relaunched in the new version but I pulled a couple to compare.

I was a huge fan of the original Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow formula but somehow they've managed to make it new and improved with the Wet & Dry Silk formula. I prefer to apply these dry - the pigment is so good and shows up really well on the lids. I have tried the darker colors wet and the color intensifies if applied wet. I recommend you check out the swatches on Natural N Chic Makeup - she has swatches of more colors on her blog and also shows the effect when used with a damp brush (the pigment is impressive!). Overall I'm pleased with the new formula. I think they are more conservative in the shimmer factor compared to the original formula but the shimmer is still visible. I do prefer the original versions of Pale Barley and Rosewood and am glad I have backups of both. However the new ones are very similar and have a more satiny finish which make them easier to wear for those conservative on shimmer. If you do like a good shimmery shadow there are four Wet & Dry Glow eyeshadows which I reviewed here. I really like that formula and hope Burberry expands the color range in the near future.

Bottom line thumbs up. You can find the Burberry Beauty Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadows for $29 each at all Burberry Beauty counters. Online at Burberry, Nordstrom, Sephora (just launched!), and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Five of the eyeshadows were provided courtesy of Burberry for review consideration.
Four colors were purchased by me.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

NARS Fall 2015 Collection - Beauty Look Book Picks

NARS is among the first to launch their fall beauty collection for 2015. The collection has a mix of bronze and smokey colors for eyes and neutral gloss for lips with a nude shimmer blush. Everything is quite stunning. For the lips NARS relaunched two lipgloss shades in Baby Doll and Chelsea Girls. They now come in wand form without the plastic scent that the potted glosses had (yay!). A couple older formulas/colors for the eyes have been relaunched in the Velvet Shadow Stick form including Hollywoodland, Goddess and Aigle Noir. My picks include:
Here are swatches of my fall picks side by side:

Baby Doll and Chelsea Girls Lipglosses are both stunning colors. In pot form Babydoll was always a favorite although I hated the taste/scent. The wand form is taste and scent-free. I don't have the original to compare but from what I remember the pot version was deeper in color on me. The wand form is quite shimmery. With my slight tan this is very cool-toned on me which works but I think it looks better with a neutral lipliner mixed in. Chelsea Girls is a creamy peach pink beige. On the hands it fills in the tiny crevices so I was worried it would emphasize lip lines. I was relieved to find that once on the lips it does not sink into the lip lines and goes on smoothly. It is semi-sheer so my natural lip shows through.

Swatch comparisons to:

Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Telesto and Pasiphae are the winners in the collection. I'm a huge fan of the Dual Intensity Eyeshadows and the two new colors for fall are exceptionally pretty. They look pretty wet or dry, alone or layered together.

Swatch comparisons to:

Velvet Shadow Sticks in Hollywoodland, Goddess and Oaxaca are shimmery. They have a satiny feel that dries relatively quickly so you need to blend fast once they are on the lids. I prefer to have a slightly creamy base (like a tiny bit of foundation or eye cream) underneath these to help them blend on my eyes better. The pigment is medium to full and the colors are easy to build. They aren't the most unique shades though so you may want to shop your stash if you want to avoid duplicates.

Swatch comparisons below to:

Tribulation Blush was a surprise for me. When I saw it, I thought it would be frosted and chalky on my cheeks as a blush. On deeper skintones I suspect it will be more like a highlighter. On super fair skin this one might not show up. On medium-tan skin this has the perfect mix of nude and gold to look like a natural glow on the cheeks. It's an odd color for a blush in my opinion but it works. I like it alone even though it doesn't add much color. It also works nicely layered on top of neutral blushes to soften the entire look.

Here are a few swatch comparisons next to Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Highlighter in Dreamy Glow (review soon), Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in Champagne Pop, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light.

There's a lot to love with the fall collection. I'm completely in love with both Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, Tribulation Blush and the Baby Doll and Chelsea Girl Lip Glosses. Based on how similar some of the Velvet Shadow Sticks are to other cream shadows I think I could have skipped them but I spotted them in store at my Sephora and couldn't resist. They are classic neutrals that will go with everything so I know I will get frequent use out of them - they do last longer than the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks but since the NARS does dry faster they aren't quite as easy to work with.

The NARS Fall 2015 Collection is available now at NARS Boutiques and It will launch at all other retailers starting August 1st at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barney's New York, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Some of the items featured were press samples including Telesto, Tribulation, Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll. Other items purchased by me include the Velvet Shadow Sticks and Pasiphae.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dior Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette - Nordy Girl

Dior has a new Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Palette for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale called Nordy Girl ($62 for 9.3 g/0.32 oz). This is a similar palette to the first version Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette 001 I reviewed back in March (swatches + review here). The overall effect, pigment level and finish of the shadows between the two is almost identical with the Nordstrom exclusive version being more pink and rosy.

The Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Palette provides a selection of five soft neutrals that will give the eye a super soft polished look. The texture of the shadows is very soft and the colors meld onto the skin smoothly and evenly. Each of the 4 shadows layers well with each other and there is a dark gel liner at the end which has good pigment. I found the liner to be budge proof but it is creamy so it will take a little time to set and dry. I prefer topping any pencil or gel liner with a bit of power shadow to help it set.

If you're looking for a super conservative eye look that you can do everyday these are the palettes for you. Either of the Eye Reviver Palettes are pretty much goof proof and impossible to overdo if you want a soft looking eyeshadow look.

The colors of the Dior Nordy Girl palette include:

Soft matte pale pink white
Shimmering pigmented light pink frost
Shimmering mauve plum
Shimmering pink mauve
Shimmering mauve
Matte plum-brown liner

For comparisons, I pulled both the 001 and Nordy Girl to swatch side by side.

Close ups:

I had mixed feelings about the original version (post + eye look here). These palettes are good staples but given the neutral nature of each, they are very easy to dupe and if you own a lot of eyeshadows or palettes it's likely that you probably own similar colors. That being said, Dior does make very good quality palettes - the shadows are smooth with soft medium buildable pigment that makes for a polished look no matter what colors they have. These Eye Reviver Palettes have soft texture shadows that fall in between a full matte and full shimmer. The shimmer is finely milled but super natural on the eye so if you hate frost eyeshadow or complete mattes, the shadows in these palettes fall somewhere in between. If you prefer all mattes, the Urban Decay Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics are hands down my top picks.

Since they both seem very similar, I don't think you need both. The pigment of the colors with Nordy Girl is better in the sense the colors are richer and more pigmented on the skin. The 2 lightest shades have really good pigment, however the next 3 medium shades are almost identical on my medium olive-toned skin. The pigment of the Original 001 is slightly sheerer but there is more contrast between the five shades which allows for more variation.

I own a lot of similar shadows so I can't call them must-haves for me. I am pleased with the quality, lasting power and overall color scheme. If I were to recommend a good starter palette to someone new to makeup, I would recommend these as goof-proof easy to use eyeshadows.

If I had to pick one of the two, I favor the Original Version because it has more contrast in the colors. The Nordy Girl is more visible on my skin and has a more dramatic feel because cool tones look sharper on my olive skintone. If you're deciding between the two, I would say base your decision on your preference for warm (opt for 001) or cool tones (pick Nordy Girl).

The Nordy Girl Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette is a limited-edition product for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (retails for $62). I hope you found the review of both Eye Reviver Palettes helpful.

Did you check out the palette from Nordstrom? What did you think?


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