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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dior Eye Reviver Eyeshadow Palette

Dior recently released their Eye Reviver Eyeshadow Palette ($62 for 9.4 g/0.33 oz, made in France). This is a new 6-pan palette featuring a mix of soft neutrals and one gel-cream eyeliner. It's described as an illuminating eye palette that contains what Dior calls "Glow-Mimetics technology" which brighten the eyes with a radiance-boosting effect. I briefly featured this in my Trending Now: Spring Neutrals post earlier in the month. I've been playing with this for a weeks now, experimenting with different application techniques and layering methods.

The Eye Reviver Palette contains a mix of very soft neutrals. Although some of the colors look very shimmery in the pan, on the lids, the shimmer becomes diffused and very soft. Many have commented on my eyeshadow palette posts that the market has no options for the beauty lover looking for something in between pure mattes and high-frost shimmers. I personally like a good shimmer (as long as it's not overly glitzy or glittery), but I know several do not like shimmer at all. This is a good in-between option.

The colors left to right include a soft light beige-peach cream, a light-to-medium beige, medium soft fawn satin, shimmery taupe-mauve, shimmery brown plum and a soft black gel liner. The gel liner is a good one, it's a soft black that you can build easily and on my eyes it doesn't smudge or bleed once you let it sit. It helps to go back over the gel liner with the darkest shadow to intensify the color and help it set on the eyes.

The first time I put this on my eyes, I was a bit disappointed with the sheerness of the colors but this is mainly because the first three colors are close to my natural skintone. After playing with this I found that it requires a bit of layering and a good creamy base (I am obsessed with Edward Bess Eye Illuminating Base). For me if palettes contain satiny light colors that are close to my skin tone, I usually need to start with the medium/middle shades first, then blend and layer the lighter ones on top. Sometimes layering light to dark works, but in this case, for me, I needed to mix things up. The result is a very soft neutral eye. You can layer the shimmery mauve and brown colors for more intensity to build up color. If you use a good base the colors layer nicely with medium but buildable pigment.

If you're new to applying eyeshadow or need one that is difficult to overdo, this is it.

Here's a quick comparison to the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics (one of the very few all-matte palettes I like and use, I liked it enough to get a backup even though I don't think it's limited-edition):

Bottom line: it's a good basic palette that will define and illuminate the eyes in a natural way. Given the fact that the colors are neutrals, you may find it too similar to other colors, especially if you have the MAC x15 Cool Neutral Palette, Urban Decay Naked 2 (1, 2 or 3 swatched here) or a multitude of neutral single colors. That being said, there is a nice simplicity to this palette. Having an edited selection of shades makes it where you don't have to worry about how to coordinate colors. Each color layered together will work to give you a soft gradient of an eye look with little to no effort.

After testing this for a few weeks, I personally don't find this to be a must-have for me mainly because I already own a lot of eyeshadow palettes and also because I like a bit more contrast in my shadows. I think the MAC x15 palettes and Urban Decay Naked series will give you more bang for your buck in the sense that you will be able to create a wider range of eye looks. That being said this is a beautiful no-fuss set of neutrals that is soft enough for a conservative office environment.

You can find the Dior Reviver Eyeshadow palette at counters now. Also online at NordstromNeiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and

Have you checked out this palette yet? What's your current favorite neutral eyeshadow palette?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dior Vernis in Rose 499, Pink 599 and Corail 899

There are three new Dior Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquers in Rose 499, Pink 599 and Corail 899 ($27 each for 10 ml/0.33 fl oz, made in France). These are currently available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and - they were released with the new Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshines (my picks swatched here).

The three new nail lacquers are fresh spring-summery colors. Each color has a stunning mix of subtle shimmers in them that give the colors depth without being frosty or too shimmery. Like most other Dior nail polishes, these have shimmer that's more visible in the bottle but on the nails they act more like creams. Below you can see the shimmer becomes more visible depending on how light hits the bottle.

Rose 499 is the only one of the three that has a more visible shimmer with gold and rose flecks. On my nails it's still very natural. This one is on the sheer side with a jelly finish. The color itself is very natural. If you're looking for a soft shimmery neutral pink, this one is lovely, although for soft pinks, Lady 294 from the Kingdom of Colors Spring release is my favorite by far.

Even though it's sheer, you can still get smooth medium coverage with two coats:

Pink 599 is a warm pink that pulls almost peachy on me. This is my favorite of the three. It's hard to find warmer pinks that don't look orange on my olive skin. This one has a lovely jelly finish and has enough pink to still, well look pink. Two coats shown below.

Corail 899 is a vibrant coral red. In my mind Dior can do no wrong when it comes to bright orange and coral nail polishes. This one is really beautiful with flawless rich coverage. It is however very similar to prior releases. It's very similar to Glory 660 from spring. Corail is more orange while Glory is more pink. The new Corail is also very similar to other Chanel colors. On the nail wheel compared side by side they look almost identical from arms length. A close look will show that there are slight differences in undertone (some are more orange, others more red, some are lighter etc.). On a computer screen it may be hard to see the real difference.

Nail comparison swatches:

Dior Tra-La-La (reviewed here)
Dior Incognito (swatched here)
Chanel Ming (discontinued)
Dior Rosy Bow (discontinued)
Dior Aventure (swatches here)
Chanel Lilis (review here)
Dior Glory (swatches here)
Dior Lucky (original version)

Bottom line flawless. Each color is easy to use with a rounded chiseled brush that makes applying nail polish really easy. Those who have tried Dior's formula know how incredibly smooth the colors are. They really are phenomenal. Lasting power is good if you use a good base and top coat. (My favorites here). If you're a Dior nail polish fan, you may want to skip Corail because it's very similar to other shades. Rose is nice but not a must-have for me because it's so close to my natural skin tone but it gives a flawless soft polished look. Pink is a really fun warm spring-to-summer pink color that I find unique and wearable.

Available now at Neiman Marcus (where I bought mine) and Have you checked these out yet? What's on your nails this week?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Trending Now: Spring Neutrals

I can't tell you how happy I am that neutrals are in this spring season. There's usually something neutral-toned with every seasonal release but this year the focus is on nude and neutral colors for eyes, lip, cheeks and. I've pulled a mix of items from fresh new releases along with some classic favorites to share today.

For blush there a number of great neutral colors that will add a nude glow to the skin. I like a neutral blush that won't darken or look muddy once it sets on the skin. For the cheeks I prefer something that has a bit of a sheen to add dimension and give depth to the face. Texture and blendability are important so you can layer and build color easily.

Clockwise from the left: Charlotte Tilbury First Love, Charlotte Tilbury Sex on Fire, NARS Reckless, MAC Tenderling, Tom Ford Frantic Pink

My all time favorite soft pink shimmer is Tom Ford Frantic Pink. There is nothing like it. It has a soft satiny silky feel with a buttery soft texture that melts into the skin. All the Tom Ford blushes I've tried are phenomenal and blend beautifully with a multi-dimensional finish that adds color and depth.

NARS Reckless is new for spring and it's a super pale powdery pink with tiny flecks of silver micro sparkle. I'm normally not one for glittery blushes but the shimmer in this one is fine enough to be wearable if you dust this lightly over matte blushes for an extra oomph.

As far as matte neutrals go, MAC Powder Blushes are the best ones I've tried. Tenderling is a classic soft tan with a very slight hint of pink. Other staples include Cubic (more pink), Prism (more nude) and Buff (a bit darker).

The Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blushes are definitely worth checking out. These are similar to the Tom Ford in the soft and natural shimmery sheen but have two colors to mix. The outer ring is for the apples of the cheeks and the darker center color is to add a pop of color. I like to swirl my brush in the compact and apply both mixed to the face. First Love is the perfect nude that isn't too light. Sex on Fire is slightly darker and has more color but is still a really good neutral.

Beauty Look Book readers know I'm all about neutral lips. I could probably go on for days about neutrals. I'll have a roundup later on more spring releases for lips but for now I wanted to share my top picks that I've been loving right now.
Above from left to right: Tom Ford Lip Color Pink Dusk, Chanel Rouge Coco Adrienne, NARS Lip Gloss Guyane, Tom Ford Lip Gloss Rose Crush, Chanel Glossimer Sweet Beige, MAC Lipliner Boldly Bare, Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner Pillow Talk

Tom Ford Pink Dusk is as good as it gets for me in terms of a natural pink lip that leans slightly neutral/nude but is still pink. I've used up a couple tubes of this one already. This comes with a steep price tag but it just works. No extra tweaking required and it has full flawless creamy coverage. In my experience there is no dupe that can match it in quality, pigment, coverage and color.

Chanel revamped all their Rouge Cocos (a full post on these soon). The new versions apply better on the lips with a texture that is smooth and hydrating. The coverage is medium on these. Adrienne is a soft warm pinky nude, similar to the Tom Ford Pink Dusk, but the Chanel is more beige and has a soft sheen to it. There is a very smooth shimmer to the Rouge Cocos that gives these a beautiful glow that isn't frosty.

NARS Guyane Lip Gloss is a super pale powdery cool nude pink. Alone it can look awful but this works wonders layered over other lipsticks or liners. (Above shown layered over MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner). It works well with pinks, nudes, peach and rose lip colors.

Two lip liners I've been loving include Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and MAC Boldly Bare. Both are really good neutrals that go with a wide range of lip colors. They are rich in color but blend nicely and help extend the wear of lipstick by creating a base. Both are good line + fill liners.

For nude gloss, Chanel Sweet Beige Glossimer is a classic soft beige with gold shimmer I think everyone should own. There is a slight hint of pink and brown in it so it won't wash you out. Tom Ford Rose Crush is the ultimate pigmented nude pink gloss. It covers the lips completely and adds a really pretty sheen.

For eyeshadow palettes, my top picks are still Urban Decay Naked2, Chanel Tisse Rivoli and Tom Ford Orchid Haze. Those are classic staples for me. If you're looking for something different and new, there are a number of new palettes and shadows that have just launched.

Above clockwise from left: MAC Amber Times Nine, Dior Eye Reviver Eyeshadow Palette, NARS Eyeshadow Valhalla, NARS Paint Porto Venere, Burberry Wet and Dry Glow Eyeshadow Shell, Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Rosegold

MAC released several 9-pan palettes. Each palette comes with 9 mini-pan shadows in different color themes. MAC Amber Times Nine is the most neutral option with a variety textures ranging from matte, satin, shimmer and sparkle. The texture of the shadows are soft with medium but buildable pigment.

Dior released a new 6-pan palette filled with shimmery cool-toned neutrals. It's called the Dior Eye Reviver Eyeshadow Palette. These are ultra soft in texture with a finely milled shimmer that adds the prettiest sheen to the eyes. The shadows blend on the eyes for a natural look with very soft finish.

For single shadows, Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Rosegold is one of my holy grail champagne shimmery cream shadows. It's the perfect color for an all over wash and also works as a good base for powder shadows. Burberry's Wet & Dry Glow shadows are game changers for a unique gel/cream-to-powder kind of metallic. Shell is the prettiest soft pinky peach. If you want something more glitzy, NARS Valhalla is a super sparkly soft peach neutral. It's hard to tell in the swatch but it has peach and coppery bits of micro sparkle (versus the traditional silver or gold) which makes it super unique.

For nude eye bases, I typically prefer creams with a bit of shimmer. NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere is a soft but pigmented nude powder pink that evens out the lids. If it seems to pale for you, MAC Paint Pots come in some good neutral matte cream colors. Above shown is Soft Ochre, Groundwork, Painterly and Layin Low.

For nails there are a number of good classic neutrals and nudes. Christian Louboutin has ten flawless nudes in a variety of shades from pink, beige, to cream (swatches of all ten shades here). For a cool-toned pink neutral, Dior Lady has reached holy grail status. I will need a backup. If you want a neutral that isn't a flesh-toned nude, Chanel Particuliere is a classic but can pull warm on some skin tones. Dior Palais Royal is a cool-toned version of the Chanel. If you are looking for a good neutral beige cream that has good coverage, Tom Ford Toasted Sugar is really lovely.

What are your favorite neutrals for lips, cheeks, eyes and nails? Have you checked out any of the new spring releases this year? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear about your all-time favorites or new discoveries. For more ideas, Nordstrom has an entire beauty section dedicated to New Neutrals.

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. Press samples include NARS Valhalla, NARS Reckless, NARS Guyane and Burberry Shell. All other items purchased by me. More information in my Disclosures.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour

Dior released a new lip gloss formula called Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine and Care Couture Colour ($35 each for 6 ml/0.20 fl oz, made in France). These are currently exclusive to Neiman Marcus and but will be released at all Dior counters later this spring. I picked up several shades last month and have been playing with them for a few weeks. These are incredible glosses. They are luminous lip glosses with a skincare aspect Dior calls Rouge Dior Brilliant a "couture lip balm gloss with lip care oil." The colors I saw all act like creams but each has a very subtle hint of shimmer to give the gloss dimension on the lips.

Coverage of these glosses is medium in terms of pigment. The brighter and darker colors do have more pigment than the neutrals but overall the color of each shade will show up on the lips. There is a subtle signature floral Dior scent on the glosses but it is significantly lighter than some of their previous formulas of lipstick and gloss so those with sensitive noses should be able to tolerate the fragrance.

The formula itself is quite soothing and moisturizing on the lips. They wear well alone or with a liner. The texture is not thick so you can easily layer it over lipstick without feeling like there is too much product on the lips. The colors I've been playing with all apply with a smooth streak-free finish and add a medium tint of color. Lasting power is medium - it stays put without sliding off for a few hours but it will transfer off the lips if you snack or drink tea/coffee frequently.

The Dior Brilliant Lipshines come with a sponge tip applicator that have a unique design. The shape is tapered to give you precise application around the edges of the lip and there is a small reservoir designed to give you the perfect dose of gloss for your lip. The applicator is different from anything I've seen and works beautifully.

The colors I picked up:

Swan is a medium rose pink
Paname is a neutral nude beige
Miss is a bright but soft pink
Bonheur is a sheer light pink (the sheerest of the ones I tried)
Victoire is a peach

Swatches below on the lips:

A few comparison swatches:

NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight (swatched here)
Tom Ford Lipgloss in Peach Absolut
Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Frisson (swatched here)
Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Tiny Pink (swatches here)
Tom Ford Lipgloss in Pink Sugar
NARS Lip Gloss in Angelika (review here)
NARS Lip Gloss in Corsica (discontinued, reviewed here)
NARS Lip Gloss in Belize

In terms of formula comparison, these are similar in concept to the Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses released last October (review of my picks here). The color schemes of the Chanel and Dior are very different, Chanel being more edgy and classic and sharp while Dior has more nude options and the colors are softer. Texture wise the Chanel has a thicker formula that lasts longer, however Dior has one that is more moisturizing. In terms of lasting power the Chanel lasts longer on me compared to the Dior, mainly because the Chanel is thicker.

My counter didn't have all the shades available as testers, in fact three of the five shades I bought were bought based on what they looked like in the tube so I went with the safe ones. There are others that are deeper and brighter that look phenomenal (in particular Times Square and Soho) but I wanted to be able to swatch on the hand first. I will probably go back for one deeper/darker shade. In the meantime I have five lovely neutrals that aren't nudes that work perfectly for everyday. If you're in search of a medium coverage gloss, I recommend these with a huge thumbs up. Either these Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshines or the Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses are phenomenal in terms of formula. They come with a high price tag but in my testing experience with all kinds of glosses these are among the top in terms of performance, lasting power and being fuss-free. They are glosses that just work.

Have you checked out the new Dior Lip Glosses? There are three new nail polishes that go with this collection as well in Pink, Rose and Corail - working on swatches this week :)

The Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshines retail at $35 each. Both currently available at Neiman Marcus and At other counters later this spring.


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