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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chanel Affinité 65 Le Blush Crème de Chanel

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Chanel Affinité 65 Le Blush Crème de Chanel ($38 for 2.5 g/0.09 oz) was one shade missing from most counters near me. Stores had received testers but no product to sell. had the color available for a few days before selling out. I had my name on the waitlists and was thrilled to find it arrived in stores at Nordstrom and online Affinité #65 is a hot cool-toned pink. It's quite pigmented and visible on the skin - it's one of the brighter shades out of the six that were released for fall. Other Blush Crèmes in Destiny, Presage, Revelation and Inspiration were reviewed here. Out of all the shades, my top three picks are Présage, Révélation and this one Affinité.

Since Affinité is very pigmented, it does require blending on the skin for a more natural look. I've found either a foundation brush or regular blush brush work fine. My favorite is Tom Ford's Cream Foundation brush but any brush will do. I don't recommend applying over dry skin. It does work ok over a powdered face, but for easier blending, apply a sheer illuminator first to the cheeks. The slightly emollient base helps the color blend easier. Swatches, heavy and blended:

Comparisons below to Chanel Revelation (warmer), Edward Bess Love Affair (the EB has more blue and is dewier), MAC Dollymix Powder blush (similar in undertone):

Overall love. It's a beautiful bright pink shade that is easy to wear and coordinate into looks for both day and evening. It's layerable so you can adjust the intensity to your preference. I'm happy I was able to find it. I'm not sure why it's one of the hard to find shades, perhaps it was just one that sold out very quickly - the good news is that Affinité is not listed as a limited item on even though it is sold out. If you had difficulty finding this the past few months, know that you can find it now at Nordstrom.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Perla, Mandorla and Sole

This is the last post for my series on the Dolce & Gabbana Italian Summertime picks. Perla Shine Lipstick is a shiny cool pale frost, Mandorla Classic Lipstick is a pale fleshy peach, Sole Blush is a vibrant orange-red.

The lipsticks are rich in coverage but extremely pale on my lips. Both require extra work (ie darker lipliner and clear gloss) to make them work. In my opinion they are lovely but not goof proof. Mandorla surprised me - note that it looks like a nude brown peach in the tube but on the lips and swatched it went on quite a bit paler. (Perla has not been lip swatched.) No detectable scent. Opaque in finish. Lasting power above average. Colors are just too pale for my pigmented lips.

Sole is the winner in the collection. I do not have a picture of it on my cheeks, but this applies to give a beautiful healthy flush. It's on the warm side but not too warm. It doesn't turn orangey on the skin. It's simply stunning.

So how do these compare to what already exists? I don't own many bright orange-red blushes. The only thing I could think of comparable in intensity is NARS Cactus Flower. Check it out on Makeup Magpie here.

Same with the lipsticks, no exact dupes, although I suspect the ones for summer are easily dupeable. Here they are compared to Dolce & Gabbana Shimmer and Chanel Cashmere:

Comparisons swatched:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beauty Look Book's Guide to Edward Bess

Edward Bess has a beautifully edited, sophisticated and classic beauty line. I first discovered his products while flipping through a Bergdorf Goodman catalog and was instantly intrigued by the sleek black lipstick tubes all lined up in a row. I googled it but to my dismay, found it was only available in NYC. I could not see the items in person. Thanks to LeslieCZ, Alexa, Leanne, Blogdorf Goodman, Fab Over Forty among other Edward Bess fans, I was able to get the scoop. Several gave me wonderful recommendations and urged me to contact the Edward Bess counter Bergdorf Goodman. I'm so glad I did. I've never met a more helpful team of artists. On each and every occasion that I've called them, they have given helpful descriptions and recommendations over the phone as they listened to me describe my tastes/likes/dislikes. They put me completely at ease ordering items sight-unseen.

The items from Edward Bess are classics and naturally flattering. They are reliable staples in my beauty wardrobe and versatile to create a number of different looks.

Many of you have asked for my own recommendations of what I like from Edward Bess. I thought I'd put together a resource page of what I've tried that has been reviewed since I can imagine what a hassle it must be to search through over 600 posts =) I've loved almost everything I've tried (with the exception of the original mascara). I hope this helps!

Where to buy & info

Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, (prices, full collection and other locations on his website)

Eyeshadows: Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow & Trios
Lips: Ultra Slick Lipstick & Deep Shine Lipgloss
Cheeks: Compact Rouge, Blush Imperiale, Ultra Luminous Bronzer, All Over Seduction
Sets (Limited Edition)

Guest Reviews & Misc.

The Beauty Look Book's Top Five Favorites from Edward Bess
(only because so many have asked)

Daydream Bronzer (my holy grail)
Pure Impulse Lipstick
Forever Yours Lipstick
Dusk Eyeshadow
Soft Smoke Eyeshadow Trio
Island Rose Compact Rouge (oops, six!)

* Tip - Yes, the price points are high, but Bergdorf Goodman occasionally puts together beauty events and gift-card events, many times with nice gift-with-purchases. Their GWPs are usually one full-sized item (they pick out the item) and occasionally they have a step-up gift. I think their next one is in April.

Monday, January 31, 2011

NARS Multiples, Multiple Tints & Multiple Bronzers

I have mixed feelings about NARS Multiples. They have consistently received glowing rave reviews year after year by beauty editors as the ultimate multi-tasker. I like the idea of a multi-use product but find these too emollient to wear on the eyes. I find these need a bit of work layering either over or under powder to extend the lasting power. I know it seems odd that one would apply a cream product over powder, but the creamy consistency allows easy blending to create a highlight glow.

My first NARS multiples were Malibu (a dusty brown pink) & Copacabana (a pale white frost). I loved combining them using the pink brown on the apples of my cheeks and the pale white dabbed on top blended up towards the temples for a dewy glow. Today there are 3 variations of the Multiple Stick: the regular Multiple, the Multiple Bronzer and Multiple Tint.

Discontinued shades include Waikiki (dark bronze), Ibiza (yellow), Sumatra (dark purple), Mauritius (deep brick red), Cannes (gorgeous plum mauve frost) and Antibes (shimmery pale lilac).

Shades that I have include: Antibes, Cannes, Malibu, Maui, Portofino, Riviera, Maldives, South Beach, Orgasm, St. Barts, Tuomota (Bronzer), Mustique, Copacabana, Luxor, Turks & Caicos Tint, Cadaques Tint & Beverly Hills Tint. I wear all on the cheeks or temples. I have used Luxor and Copacabana on the eyes before as a subtle highlight but prefer regular cream shadows.

The Regular Multiples: These are hit or miss with the creamy texture. I find Maui/Riviera/Orgasm to be drier in texture making them a bit harder to see the color. I have recently replaced a few shades that were near use-up (yes, it is possible to use one up) and it seems that the scent is slightly different but I cannot confirm if the formula has changed. My top 5 favorites are Antibes, Cannes, Mustique, South Beach and Portofino. The colors are visibly shimmery. I wouldn't recommend them for oily skins.

The Multiple Bronzers: Being a huge fan of Laguna bronzer, I was excited to try the Bronzer Multiples. These however were a disappointment. The flat color makes my skin look ashy and fake.

The Multiple Tints: LOVE these! I reviewed each shade previously before and still love using them. My past reviews are linked here Beverly Hills and Cadaques and Turks & Caicos. I believe these were Limited Edition - I'm not sure if you can still find these instore?

Here are the shades I own plus swatches:

Overall like, but the lasting power is not always the best for the regular formulas need work with layering/combining of powders to make them not disappear by lunchtime. Believe it or not I've used up an entire Malibu and South Beach =)

What are your thoughts on the multiples?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Palettes From Becca: Fallen Angel & Enigma

Becca always puts together the most beautiful makeup looks. Check out their features from past seasons under Becca Style - Makeup Looks and you'll see what I mean. This season Becca has released a new collection called Fallen Angel. The featured looks were just so stunning that I immediately ordered the 2 palettes: Enigma (eyes) $49 and Fallen Angel (lip and cheek) $45.

Enigma Palette has a trio of neutral-cool smokey colors. Amure is a matte soft grey-brown, Silesia is a dark smokey grey-brown-black, Surah is a shimmery mauve. All have a soft velvety texture which make these easy to apply and blend together. I was a bit let down by the palette in the sense that it did not look like the promotional photo online. Still the quality is very good and colors are good neutrals for a soft smokey eye - just not very unique.

Fallen Angel Palette is for lips and cheeks. It appears to have more of a peachy-resort feel rather than angelic. When I think "angel" I think soft pink and champagne. Still this is lovely. Sunrise is a sheer peach (almost clear), Nectar reminds me of Tuberose Lip & Cheek Creme, Narcissus is a pale gold cream highlighter.

As much as I love Becca, I was somewhat disappointed by what came in the mail. Having been somewhat let down (compared to the promotional photos) twice in the past, you would think I had learned my lesson to wait and check out other reviews before ordering again. These palettes are indeed beautiful and very wearable, so don't get me wrong, I think they are very high quality and worth the price. I was just expecting something different. Below are swatches, the eyeshadows were swatched over a lightly moisturized arm.

One last view for size comparison, the palette colors are similar in size to a MAC eyeshadow. The Becca Shadows are 1.6 g or 2 g each (depending on color) while MAC eyeshadows are 1.5 g each. Do note I find the quality and texture of the Becca much better than most MAC shadows. The creams in the Fallen Angel Palette are 1.3 g each.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Edward Bess Compact Rouge

The Compact Rouge ($38) by Edward Bess comes in three shades: After Sunset, Love Affair (coming soon) and Island Rose. It's a multi-use product for lips and cheeks and comes in a small mirrored compact. I usually find "multi-use" products more suitable for only one of the uses they are intended for. Cream products for lips and cheeks are typically either too pigmented for use on cheeks (more suited for lips) or too creamy for the lips (and more suited for cheeks). Then there are those that are so creamy they end up making your skin look too dewey after a few hours. Not something that deters me from purchasing cream based products, however the Compact Rouges from Edward Bess are amazing in that they work well on both lips and cheeks without giving you a greasy finish.

Rather pricey at the size you get (I admit my jaw dropped at the size when I saw it in person) but I find them extremely versatile and naturally flattering. A little dab goes a long way. The formulas are creamy and easy to blend, but not too emollient so you can use them on the cheeks without worrying about that greasy/oily look as the day wears on. I like that you can control the level of pigment you want with these to get a wide range of finishes from heavy to sheer. I like mine to be applied with a medium hand on both lips and cheeks - I swipe 2 fingers (usually index and middle) across the compact, dot on cheeks in three places and just blend outward.

Compared to other brands, I find it similar in pigment to Bobbi Brown but easier to blend. It's definitely more pigmented than Paul & Joe and NARS Cream Blushes, but then the Edward Bess is a multi-purpose product for both lips and cheeks (rather than just cheeks). It simply does not compare to MAC Blushcremes or Stila Convertible Colors (in my opinion). The EB is just different. Compared to Le Metier face creams, the Edward Bess is less sticky to the touch, but just as easy to blend. Note these are my own personal opinions, yours may differ based on your experience.

For the swatches below, I have medium skin with yellow tones. Right now the foundations I use are Chanel Shell Teint Innocence Liquid and Armani's Lasting Silk Foundation in 5.5 + 6.5 mixed together.

The first shade released was Island Rose (a raspberry pink) with his Jet Set Collection last holiday. It was instant love. (Also guest swatched and compared on Karlasugar here.) I use it on a weekly basis. Occasionally they have promotions, the last GWP they had back in April was a free compact rouge with a $125 purchase. I have an extra one I keep in my purse. It's been a life-saver several times when I had a last minute dinner date and nothing else in my car except my powder foundation and a compact rouge on hand.

After Sunset (described as a burned rose, almost bronzey reddish-brown) was released in April. Photos of the collection here. This is a versatile shade and great for girls who like warmer colors or browns. On me it's a chameleon-like shade. Sometimes it goes on more neutral (like shown below). Some days it goes on darker and more brown.

Coming up in September, his newest shade Love Affair (a cool watermelon pink) is just as stunning. It is on the cool side. This shade has not officially launched in the US, but is scheduled to be released mid-September.

Here they are all next to each other:

Swatched at two extremes: heavy and super sheer

Note these may look different on you depending on your skintone and how heavy you apply these. I highly recommend checking out other websites such as Café Makeup, The Non-Blonde, Musical Houses. If you've tried these, please feel free to chime in your thoughts through the comments. If you've swatched/reviewed them, also feel free to link your website/blog for reference purposes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Edward Bess Love Affair Compact Rouge

I'm so excited to be able to give you a preview of the newest Compact Rouge from Edward Bess in Love Affair ($38) a lovely watermelon pink cream with the slightest hint of fuschia. The new Love Affair Compact Rouge will officially launch in the US at Bergdorf Goodman this September during their $25 off a $100 purchase Gift Card Event (exact dates to be determined, but it's estimated to occur mid-September).

So why all the excitement? For one, it's something new from Edward Bess. I love his small well thought out collection, yet I am always eager to see what he has coming out next. They were kind enough to send a complimentary sample to me before the launch date and Love Affair does not disappoint. It works well for both lips and cheeks, but I prefer this one on my cheeks. It's fairly bright and more cool toned on the lips. On the cheeks, it gives a pretty doll-like pink blush.

I'm also a huge fan of the Compact Rouge from EB. I have already purchased Island Rose (raspberry pink) and After Sunset (browned rose), both of which I get regular use out of. I keep one on me most of the time for those last minute dates when I have to look somewhat presentable but have no time to go home and touch up my makeup. Easy to blend, fig scented, natural finish - these are among my favorite cream blushes. (I will review and compare all three in more detail very soon - they both have been featured on my blog before, it may require a bit of searching.)

Love Affair is a pretty addition to his collection. It's is gorgeous pink, but better suited for those who can pull off bright pinks or cool pinks. I personally find Island Rose and After Sunset more versatile and universally flattering, but I think Love Affair will work with any of EB's eyeshadows or eyeshadow trios. (In case you haven't seen, check out my review on his single eyeshadows Edward Bess Eyeshadow Gorgeousness). On the lips I like it with a touch of gloss to soften the color (like EB Desert Glow, Chanel Bon Bon or Vanilla Aqualumiere Glosses), but it's pure perfection as a blush for that healthy doll pink glow. If you like lip colors such as NARS Roman Holiday or Schiap, then I think you will adore Love Affair.

Here it is swatched:

L to R (swatched heavy and sheer): After Sunset, Love Affair, Island Rose

Also coming out very soon for fall include the following:
  • Endless Love Deep Shine Lip Gloss - $30
  • Sheer Satin Cream Compact Foundation - $60
  • Moroccan Rose Blush Imperiale Powder Blush - $48
  • Love Affair Compact Rouge - $38
I am anxious to hear descriptions of Endless Love and Moroccan Rose as the launch date draws near. Edward Bess is available in the US at Bergdorf Goodman (instore) and (online). Those not familiar with BG - at least twice per year, they have a $25 off $100 purchase event. Some of the beauty lines have an additional promotion such as a gift with purchase with each line. Past gifts from Edward Bess have been a full sized mascara and a full sized compact rouge (shades are predetermined). Minimum purchase amounts have typically ranged from $100 to $150, at least in my experience.

I don't have the details on this year's BG promotion, but I hear the BG counter will be sending out their info cards really soon!

As if news of new products wasn't exciting enough, Edward Bess is expanding in the US! Not sure if you know, but I hear Edward Bess is launching at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills Sept. 1st and in Houston on Sept. 16th!

This was sample sent to me, courtesy of Edward Bess. At this time I do not have a disclosure policy as this is the first product I have accepted and reviewed. For more information, you may find this article helpful: Yes, No, Maybe.

Monday, June 21, 2010

NARS Turks & Caicos Multiple Tint

NARS Turks & Caicos completes my trio of the new Multiple Tints ($38 each). I previously reviewed Beverly Hills and Cadaqués here and am equally thrilled with Turks & Caicos a bright orange shade that reminds me of an orange popsicle. Those who avoid orange (like me) should still try this one out. My first reaction was "orange?!" but having experienced the genius of NARS products, I knew I had to try it out. NARS has a way of making odd or bright colors look amazing. I don't know how they do it! Turks & Caicos has a sheer transparent-like tint that goes on a sweet peachy apricot with a hint of pink. For some reason, each multiple tint pulls a bit of pink on my skin. The color definitely shows up, but I will say that one swipe might leave you disappointed. Swipe it 2 to 3 times and then you will see the color better. On the plus side is that blending doesn't make the color disappear.

Swatched on the back of my hand (do note that this is washed out a bit due to the flash and for some reason my camera flash doesn't do so well with neon colored products hence the almost electric-orange glow on the multiple):

At this time I'm not sure if these are limited edition. I was told by my sales associate that they were (I found mine at Nordstrom instore), but I'm never really sure the sales associates know for sure until the product is sold out and not restocked. For more details on how they compare to the regular multiples, refer to my previous post on Beverly Hills & Cadaques.

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