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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Palettes From Becca: Fallen Angel & Enigma

Becca always puts together the most beautiful makeup looks. Check out their features from past seasons under Becca Style - Makeup Looks and you'll see what I mean. This season Becca has released a new collection called Fallen Angel. The featured looks were just so stunning that I immediately ordered the 2 palettes: Enigma (eyes) $49 and Fallen Angel (lip and cheek) $45.

Enigma Palette has a trio of neutral-cool smokey colors. Amure is a matte soft grey-brown, Silesia is a dark smokey grey-brown-black, Surah is a shimmery mauve. All have a soft velvety texture which make these easy to apply and blend together. I was a bit let down by the palette in the sense that it did not look like the promotional photo online. Still the quality is very good and colors are good neutrals for a soft smokey eye - just not very unique.

Fallen Angel Palette is for lips and cheeks. It appears to have more of a peachy-resort feel rather than angelic. When I think "angel" I think soft pink and champagne. Still this is lovely. Sunrise is a sheer peach (almost clear), Nectar reminds me of Tuberose Lip & Cheek Creme, Narcissus is a pale gold cream highlighter.

As much as I love Becca, I was somewhat disappointed by what came in the mail. Having been somewhat let down (compared to the promotional photos) twice in the past, you would think I had learned my lesson to wait and check out other reviews before ordering again. These palettes are indeed beautiful and very wearable, so don't get me wrong, I think they are very high quality and worth the price. I was just expecting something different. Below are swatches, the eyeshadows were swatched over a lightly moisturized arm.

One last view for size comparison, the palette colors are similar in size to a MAC eyeshadow. The Becca Shadows are 1.6 g or 2 g each (depending on color) while MAC eyeshadows are 1.5 g each. Do note I find the quality and texture of the Becca much better than most MAC shadows. The creams in the Fallen Angel Palette are 1.3 g each.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Becca Fall 2010: Prairie Moon Palette & Fig Beach Tint

Ordering online has both pros and cons. While it can often times be more convenient, it can be frustrating to get something different than what you see online. I was in San Francisco when I received the e-mail for a 15% off promotion. Being a huge fan of their shimmer powders (both pressed and loose) I ordered a few fall items online from my iPhone because the promotional photos were stunning, but the items that arrived were not quite what I expected.

Below: Prairie Moon Palette ($65) & Fig Beach Tint ($25)

Prairie Moon Palette comes in a sleek brown mirrored compact (same size and style as all previous Becca palettes). The shades in the palette left to right are:
  • Macchiato Gloss - sheer light chocolate red
  • Voile (Demi Matte) - matte ivory
  • Nappa (Demi Matte) - matte dusty grey-tan-brown
  • Chenille (Shimmer) - shimmery forest green with grey and gold shimmers
  • Sagebrush (Compact Eyeliner) - deep forest green shimmer

Here you can see it's not quite like the promotional photo:

The Macchiato gloss was surprisingly sheer from what I saw in the compact. It has a super sheer tint similar to the Black Chocolate lipgloss from Bobbi Brown's Black Velvet Collection. I don't have the new BB to compare to directly, but from what I tested at the counters, the Becca gloss seems to have slightly more pigment.

The eyeshadows have medium pigment and are very easy to blend. In typical Becca style, they layer with each other beautifully. Voile and Nappa seem more of a true matte rather than a demi-matte like other Becca shadows of the same formula. Other "demi-mattes" like Doeskin, Boucle, Tweed, Chantilly etc. all have a soft semi-matte base with the slightest bit of glimmer. I don't see any glimmer in the Voile/Nappa shades. Chenille is stunning for a sage green-grey sparkle. It's making me reconsider checking out other khaki greens for eyes. Sagebrush is also beautiful - I've swatched it both dry and wet to show you both methods of application. I think these are meant to be applied with a damp brush.

Swatches of Prairie Moon, each photo has the same order:

The color palette goes well with this season's military theme, especially Chanel's Khaki Vert:

Fig Beach Tint is also new for fall, online it looked like a pretty mauve pink with a hint of plum:

The actual product is a nude pink. It has a strong artificial cherry scent and the finish is very sheer when blended out. This was also very different from what I expected. When I applied it on my cheeks I could barely see anything. I'll need to experiment more to see if it will show up better with more layering.

Prairie Moon is not the first Becca palette I've purchased that looked completely different from the promotional photo, so this order wasn't a complete surprise. The palette is still very wearable and the colors are very well suited for the fall season. I think it's a great palette to keep in your purse for touch ups on-the-go or for a quick look that is easy to pull together. While the eyeshadows have a green/khaki theme they do appear very versatile and I see them going well with most of the colors I have in my closet. However, had it not been for the promotional discount or if I had been able to see or test this in person first I probably would not have purchased these items.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Color Focus: Soft Pinks I'm Loving Right Now

I decided to do a different twist on my regular monthly Ten Things I'm Loving Right Now and combine this with my color focus feature. I like soft pinks because they always look so pretty in the compact and tubes. But finding a good soft pink can be a bit tricky sometimes. I can't tell you how many soft pinks have made me oooohh and aaaahhh only to find it looks way to light or washed out on my skin (ala MAC Hue/Angel Lipstick or Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Demure Lipstick). It still doesn't stop me from trying to make them work though, lol. That being said, the products listed below are my no-fail and no-tweaking required soft pinks.

There are so many favorites, but these are the ones I've been using a lot in the past month. I am actually just starting my 3rd tube of MAC Fabby (see below)! Laura Mercier Babydoll Lip Glace is a favorite that looks good on practically all my friends whether they are fair skinned or tanned.

Blush & Highlighters:

Dior Rose Diamond
MAC Well Dressed
MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder
(this was repromoted with the Liberty of London Collection in a different compact)


Bobbi Brown Petal Shimmerwash
NARS Nepal Eyeshadow
Becca Angel Loose Shimmer Powder

Cheek and Eye Swatches:

Lip Glosses:

Chanel Waterlily Glossimer
Dior Pink Silk 262 Addict Lip Gloss (swatched here)
Laura Mercier Babydoll Lip Glace
Trish McEvoy Pretty Pink Beauty Booster Gloss


Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Comete (swatched here)
MAC Frost Lipstick in Fabby
D&G Shine Lipstick in Soiree (swatched here)

Lip Swatches:

Nail Polishes:

Paul & Joe Poodle #10
Zoya Jessika
Chanel Mica Rose

I have many more favorites but if I featured all my loves, this would just be a never-ending article if I pulled every single soft pink from my stash. What are some of your favorites and what is your skintone?

FYI, in case you're new to my blog, I'm a Chanel Shell 1.5 Teint Innocence right now. This is the equivalent to what's right in between MAC NC30 and NC35. I'm at that point again where I'm in between shades for most foundation lines. You can see My Foundation Shades HERE. I recently tried Bobbi Brown's newest foundation and found a perfect match in Natural Finish formula shade 4.25 Natural Tan, however the formula didn't work so well with my skin. So far, Chanel Teint Innocence and Lift Lumieres and DPFs are my holy grails.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Color Focus: Light Pink Shimmer Highlighters & Blushes

I feel like I haven't done a Color Focus feature in a while! The release of Rhapsody in Two from MAC's Too Fabulous collection gave me a good reason to write a Color Focus post on my favorite light pink shimmery blushes and highlighters.

If you like lighter pinks for lips, check out my Color Focus: Milky Pink Lipglosses & feature on light pink lipsticks here at MAC Dsquared² Nude Rose Lipstick.

There's something so pretty and girly about a light pink shimmer powder. Unfortunately, many times, the light pink ones go on white on my skin even though they look pink in the container. These are the ones that are shimmery and that do show up pinkish on my skin (light-medium, Chanel Shell, equivalent to MAC NC30).

Note, MAC Cute (discontinued) is only photographed for a frame of reference.

Paul & Joe has a number of great lighter shimmery pinks too that aren't too frosty/shimmery like MAC can sometimes be. Compared to MAC Porcelain Pink as a base-line. The products from Paul & Joe are called Face Colors and come in a mirrored compact.

Le Metier de Beaute has a beautiful shimmer powder called Whisper. Chantecaille also had a blush product called Whisper, but it's now discontinued (the lid is pinkish because I dropped nail polish on it). Both compared to MAC Porcelain Pink.

Swatching was difficult today, so I only did my MAC Blushes, MSFs and Beauty Powders + Becca Sylph. Swatched over MAC Prep & Prime.

What are your favorite light shimmery pinks for cheeks?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eyeshadow Comparisons For Marina, Lakshmi & Josie

I have been procrastinating on a few comparison requests and thought I'd post this in case anyone else had the same questions. I plan to be a better blogger this upcoming year and be more on top of things!

Comparison Project #1: How does Edward Bess Intimate compare to other shades, particularly Chantecaille Pyrite & Benefit Fawn Over Me?

Chantecaille Pyrite has more gold while Edward Bess is definitely more taupe/brown. Benefit Fawn Over Me might look like a close dupe at first glance, but looking more closely will show that it's more of a paler sandy champagne compared to the Edward Bess. Here it is compared to similar shades.

Top: Chantecaille Pyrite, Edward Bess Intimate, Laura Mercier Bamboo
Middle: Scott Barnes Sable, Benefit Fawn Over Me, Guerlain Sable Blonde
Bottom: Becca Mermaid, Nars Cyprus, Benefit Fawn Over Me

1) Chantecaille Pyrite
2) Edward Bess Intimate
3) Laura Mercier Bamboo
4) Scott Barnes Sable
5) Benefit Birthday Suit
6) Guerlain Sable Blonde
7) Becca Mermaid
8) Nars Cyprus
9) Benefit Fawn Over Me

Bottom line: In my opinion, there is nothing like Edward Bess Intimate and I find it different enough to justify owning even if you have any of the above shades. This post will be updated later this afternoon with swatches.


Comparison Project #2: Is Bobbi Brown Java Metallic similar to the brown shade in Nars Brousse?

Bobbi Brown Java is a cooler mouse-grey when compared to Nars Brousse which seems to have a tinge of red. By itself you would barely be able to detect any red tones to Nars Brousse. I've also compared it to a few other medium-dark cool-toned browns.

Top: Edward Bess Mystery, Bobbi Brown Java Metallic, Nars Brousse
Bottom: Cle de Peau Satin 106, MAC Magnetic Fields, Jouer Espresso

1) Edward Bess Mystery
2) Bobbi Brown Java Metallic
3) Nars Brousse
4) CdP 106
5) MAC Magnetic Fields
6) Jouer Espresso

What's the verdict? Are these different enough to justify owning all? Probably not unless you are a brown eyeshadow fanatic like me. This section will also be updated with swatches if my camera will cooperate with me later today. While I love the Cle de Peau 106, it can look a bit bruisey on my Chanel Shell (equals MAC NC30-35) skin and it's the least shimmery.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Haulings from The Primping Parleur

Just wanted to remind all my readers that you can still get 20% off your online order from The Primping Parleur until the end of the month! Just enter the code BEAUTYLOOKBOOKBLOG at the checkout. Check out my original post HERE for more details and information.

Anyone who already ordered, what did you end up getting with the promotional code? I'd love to hear what you bought! I got quite a few presents for my girlfriends - they are all packed up and wrapped right now, but for myself, I got:
  • Paul & Joe Eyeshadow Harvest Moon 95 (waves to Joeybunny for convincing me!)
  • Becca Lip Tints Yasmina (nude-mauve on the left) & Estella (warm but pale nude on the right)
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight

P&J Harvest Moon 95 Eyeshadow is a neutral plum-nude with shimmer. I think it will make a good natural contouring shade. The Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight Shimmer Powder is a soft champagne shimmer powder that gives a nice candlelight-like-glow, I used this on my eyes all over the lid which gave a nice glowy effect, but the color just didn't seem all that unique. The Becca Lip Tints are both sheer but very wearable nudes for my pigmented lips. I think I need to try more of these.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color Focus: Rosy Pinks for Lips and Nails

I will admit that I tend to associate rosy pinks more with spring or summer, but I feel that rosy pink lips can pretty much be worn year round. For lips, I tend to lean more towards more natural pinks since I already have a lot of pink in my natural lip tone, so these won't be the rosiest pinks that are out there.

Rosy Pink Lipglosses:

1. MAC Sweet Strawberry Lipglass
2. MAC Bingo! Plushglass
3. MAC Creme Anglaise Cremesheen Glass
4. Le Metier Siena Lip Creme (GWP)
5. Becca Rosita Lip Gloss
6. Nars Stella Lip Gloss
7. Paul & Joe Limited Edition 001 Lip Gloss
8. Chanel Imaginaire Glossimer
9. Edward Bess Love Always

Swatches, same order:


Rosy Pink Lipsticks:

1. Chanel Ischia #96 Aqualumiere
2. Chanel Tasmania #99 Aqualumiere
3. Bobbi Brown Ruffle Metallic Lip Color
4. Le Metier de Beaute Cannes
5. MAC Strawbaby Lipstick (Fafi label came off)
6. MAC Party Mate
7. MAC Skew

(The swatches didn't turn out so well, I might try again later)


Nail Polishes:

1. OPI California Raspberry
2. Essie Very Cranberry
3. OPI Grand Central Carnation
4. Dolce & Gabbana Rose (received as a GWP, but part of the regular D&G line)
5. Paul & Joe #13

For the swatches, the order is:

1. Thumb = Paul & Joe #13
2. Index = Dolce & Gabbana Rose
3. Middle = OPI Grand Central Carnation
4. Ring = Essie Very Cranberry
5. Pinkie = OPI California Raspberry

My blush collection has a lot of nude pinks, hot pinks, dusty pinks, peachy-pinks. I don't have very many rosy-pink colors for cheeks other than my Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pot Rouge. Hence, no focus on the cheeks. I definitely do not have any rosy pink eyeshadows.

Would love to hear what your favorite rosy pink colors are!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Looks I'm Loving Right Now: Day 5

Today's looks are centered around pink eyeshadow. For me it's hard to find a pink shadow that doesn't make me look like I have pink-eye. These work for me because they aren't too pink.

Look Day 5: neutral/warm pink eyeshadow with soft rose cheeks and rosey lips

Chanel Tweed Rose Blush
Becca Angel Loose Shimmer Powder to highlight

Laura Mercier Pink Chiffon Satinee Cream Eye Color
Chanel Demure Quad
Urban Decay Bourbon 24-7 Eyeliner

Trish McEvoy Bare Lipliner
Laura Mercier Pink Champagne Lipstick
Laura Mercier Pink Champagne Lipgloss (Nordstrom Exclusive, try LM Blush Lip Glace for a dupe)

Swatches, left to right: LM Pink Chiffon, Chanel Demure Quad, UD Bourbon, Chanel Tweed Rose, Becca Angel, Trish McEvoy Bare, Laura Mercier Pink Champagne Lipstick, Laura Mercier Pink Champagne Gloss


Alternate 1: Cool pink with purple eyes

MAC Stark Naked Blush

Dior Petal Shine Iridescent Quint
MAC Deep Purple Pigment (Pro)

Laura Mercier Chestnut Lipliner
Chanel Naive #25 Rouge Allure
Chanel Imaginaire #84 Glossimer


Alternate 2: Neutral light pink-gold sparkle with taupe and black

Shu Uemura P Pink 30 Blush

Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink Cream Eyeshadow
MAC Naked Pigment
Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
Shu Uemura ME Black 990 Eyeshadow

Chanel Waikiki Aqualumiere
Bobbi Brown Brightening Pink Lipgloss

Friday, September 18, 2009

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush Comparisons

Here is Part 2 for the Armani Powder Blushes with comparisons to similar colors for each shade. I did try to do swatches, but they didn't come out so well. These pictures should help you gauge the color based on comparisons to other shades and brands.

Giorgio Armani #1, 11 and 12 compared to: Becca Sylph, Chanel Winter Shimmer (LE), MAC Angel (discontinued), Paul & Joe #11, MAC Blooming (LE)

Giorgio Armani #2 compared to: MAC Shy Beauty (LE), Becca Malika, MAC Pinch O Peach, MAC Cheek (discontinued), Laura Mercier Nectar (old version)

Giorgio Armani #3 & 4 compared to: Nars Silvana, MAC Sincere, Laura Mercier Fresh Ginger, Laura Mercier Crushed Hazelnut (discontinued)

Giorgio Armani #5 compared to: Nars Madly, Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet (new version), Lancome Miel Glace, MAC Buff, Sue Devitt Koh Samui (old packaging)

Giorgio Armani #6 compared to: Nars Oasis, Bobbi Brown Plum Wine Shimmer, MAC Deep Plum, Laura Mercier Plum Radiance, Nars Sin

Giorgio Armani #8 compared to: MAC Sunbasque, MAC Peachtwist, Chanel In Love (US version), GA #3

Giorgio Armani #9 compared to: Chanel Rose Dust, Chanel Blush, MAC X-Rocks (LE)

Giorgio Armani #10 compared to: Chanel Rose Bronze, Becca Princess Pressed Shimmer Powder, Stila Rose, MAC Trixie (discontinued)


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