Thursday, October 17, 2013

Guerlain Sulfurous #861 Nail Lacquer | Holiday 2013

Guerlain has released a new nail lacquer with their Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 Collection called Sulfurous #861 ($23, limited-edition). It's a blackened-purple smoky shimmery shade with excellent coverage and smooth application. The color looks prettier in the bottle than on my nails but I still think it's a lovely shade. I couldn't find any dupes for it. I've had great experiences with the other shades in the Guerlain line up in terms of pigment, lasting power and overall wear. I found Sulfurous to have a shorter life-span in terms of lasting power. I had tipwear on the end of the third day of wear, but then I did not use it with the Guerlain base/top coats. Sometimes using the same brands for base, color and top coat results in the best combination - I do plan on trying them soon.

Here it is with two coats:

I pulled a Dior Aztec Chocolate (discontinued), Dior Lemon Balm (discontinued), Dior Silver Purple (discontinued) and Chanel Vertigo to compare. Guerlain Sulfrous proved to be very different.

With the exception of the so-so lasting power (which could have been due to the base/top coats I used) I am overall pleased with the color. Guerlain Sulfurous is a unique smoky color that isn't quite like your traditional vamp but still on the dark side. It's limited-edition so I suggest you try to buy sooner than later if you're interested. The collection should be at counters now. I spotted it at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last week. It's also online now at Nordstrom, Saks and Dillards.


  1. Oh I do believe I will get this one and I think the name suits it well, beautiful color!

  2. Hmmm ... how about Chanel Strong?

  3. One of the prettiest smokey nail polishes I've seen in a while! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I just received Sulfurous from Nordstrom. It's not a dupe for Chanel Strong but I do have a polish that is almost identical: Bobbi Brown in Twilight from last year. If you have Twilight, you won't need this one!


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