Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Rubis #677

Chanel's latest for nails is their Rouge Rubis #677 Le Vernis ($27). Bits of Chanel's holiday collection have been trickling in stores and online at Nordstrom (see this post for what's online now). I ordered mine sight unseen from When it arrived I thought it might be just another basic red. After applying it I think I have found my holy grail red (it beats Dragon and Pirate in my eyes). It's a drop-dead gorgeous jelly red. The formula is absolutely amazing. It's the jelly of all jellies. Smooth flawless coverage with a slight transparent look due to the thin jelly-like finish. One coat covered the entire nail perfectly but I almost always do at least two coats. The texture is on the thinner side like Pirate making it super easy to apply - flawlessly. It's a bright true red that just glows. There's no orange or blue base/undertone. Just a straight classic bright red with a naturally glossy finish.

Here it is swatched with two coats, with Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat and Chanel Brilliance Extreme Top Coat. Here you can see the slight transparent/jelly-like finish with a high gloss shine:

In natural light it glows:

In direct sunlight it's electric:

For comparisons, I think you can almost always dupe reds. I did find this one unique in Chanel's line. There's not a single color that has the same brightness while still being a true red (others have blueish bases or a distinct bright orange undertone). Here are a few comparisons, I believe most are still available for purchase right now:

  • Chanel Cinema (reviewed here) is darker and slightly dusty (not quite as bright)
  • Chanel Rouge Carat (reviewed here) flashes more blue/cool toned due to the shimmer
  • Chanel Pirate is more blue-based
  • Chanel Dragon is a darker red
  • Chanel Rouge Fatal is even darker
  • Chanel Lotus Rouge almost looks mauve next to Rouge Rubis
  • Guerlain Rouge d'Enfer #121 is very similar but slightly more orange and slightly darker
Bottom line it's a must-have. Chanel Rouge Rubis #677 retails for $27. It should arrive at all Chanel counters very soon, right now it's available for purchase online at


  1. These are so perfect for fall. Love Chanel's fatal.

    Happy Locks

  2. Oh - now I cannot wait for it to be released here in Denmark - it is indeed a true and absolutely gorgeous red, and I', happy to see that is different from Cinema and Pirate!

  3. Thanks so much for the review, how does it compare to Coromandel?

  4. It seems to be more like Chanel Fire or Chanel Coromandel, doesn't it ? Thanks

  5. Oh god I need the CHANEL Fatal shade!!

  6. OOO what a beauty! I've been infatuated with Dior 999, and I don't think they'll be dupes so that should justify owning both ;)

  7. Oh my goodness. This is a lovely shade. How does it compare with Dior 999??

  8. I found it very similar to Rescue Beauty Chinoise. Chanel has a better formula though, applies like a dream and wears like iron - even without base and top coat. It quickly became my holy grail red too.

  9. awwww....I need this nail polish <3 <3 <3

  10. How similar is it to Chanel's Midnight Red? I've been searching for a dupe since it's been discontinued!

  11. Ooh, love the slight orange undertone to this. Stunning! xo

  12. I love red polishes at the moment x

  13. That is such a perfect red!!! I love red nails for fall/winter months!!


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