Friday, August 9, 2013

Diorshow Mono Mordoré 653 and Gris Montaige 047

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Dior released four single shadows as a Nordstrom Exclusive with the fall collection. These are new in the US, although available in other countries (see swatches on Front Row Beauty). I picked up two of the shades Mordoré 653 and Gris Montaigne 047 ($29 each for 2.2g/0.07 oz, Both are in the Diorshow Mono formula which has allows either a wet or dry application. This was my first time trying these shadows even though the formula was released months ago with other shades.

Mordoré 653 is a beautiful warm bronze metallic. It has a lovely shimmery finish to it. On me it pulls very warm but not red. Swatched on the arms it looks identical to Armani Eyes to Kill #5, but Dior Mordoré is easier to wear with less yellow/orange and slightly more bronze. The pigment is very rich but smooth and easy to layer. Blending with this color is easy - some coppers and warm bronzes blend out to look reddish or yellowy on the skin, this one stays true to color.

Gris Montaigne 047 is a classic metallic grey silver. There is a blend of different kinds of silvery shades which prevent it from looking too metallic or foiled on the skin. Silvers can be hard for me to pull off - this one has enough grey to not turn blue on the eyes. I could not find a dupe for this one.

More photos and swatches:

Comparisons below to Urban Decay Half Baked, NARS Fex, Chanel Le Bronze, Armani Eyes to Kill #5, Burberry Pearl Grey, Chanel Furtif, Chanel Infini, Armani Eyes to Kill #21 and Armani Eyes to Kill #17.

In the US you can find both Dior Mordoré and Gris Montaigne at Nordstrom and I'm new to the Diorshow Mono formula but so far am pleased with the two shades I tried. Are there any other colors you've fallen in love with that I need to try?

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  1. These are the two that I own! Gris Montaigne has a bit of a green sheen on me though, I suppose it's my olive undertone playing a trick!

  2. Mordoré is so beautiful! I was wearing it for one week when I first got it, I am really liking those dior monos / Claire xxx

  3. Hi Sabrina,

    I love the brown sugar look of Dior Mordoré! The shimmer on both of these colors is gorgeous!

  4. Curious how it compares to Lancome Erika F ?

  5. Ooh, I want to try these now...

  6. I didn't realize these were release in the U.S., so I'm very happy to see this post. Another color I wish they'd sell in the U.S. is Spencer.

  7. Gorgeous metallics! Can't wait to check these out :)

  8. Those are soo pretty! Both the packaging and the shades.

  9. I'm really loving Mordore, that is a shade that I would wear and wear all the time ^^. I already have quite some bronze eyeshadows but if I ever need a new one I might consider this one.


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