Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Bronze All-Over Palette (Limited-Edition)

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Giorgio Armani's Bronze All-Over Palette for Summer 2013 just might be this season's prettiest palette ($88, limited-edition). It's a sleek two-tiered palette with a gorgeous bronzer on the top and three shimmery neutrals on the bottom. Many thanks to Café Makeup for giving me the heads up as soon as this arrived online at Giorgio Armani Beauty. It's a luxurious splurge but a definite must-have for this season.

The bronzer is a stunning golden luminous bronze. It has a metallic overspray making it look like sunshine in a compact. Underneath is a soft glowy golden bronze that makes the skin just glow. I love that it's luminous without emphasizing pores and that it does not turn orangey on the skin.

The three shadows below are stunning neutrals with incredible pigment. There's a soft cream, a neutral peach-pink and a bronzey shimmer. Without any base the colors are rich and very pigmented. The textures are extremely soft and finely milled (think along the lines of the better Burberry and Urban Decay soft shadows). They are very easy to blend and goof-proof.

Swatches below, two different views with different lighting:

A few comparisons below. The Armani Summer 2013 Bronzer is similar to Bobbi Brown's Aruba, but the Armani is less frosty on the skin and the soft texture prevents it from turning orange.

For eyeshadows, I thought Armani Summer 2013's shades would be a dupe for Chanel's long discontinued Shimmering Dunes, they are actually different.

Armani's Summer 2013 Bronze All-Over Palette is definitely a luxurious splurge but worth every penny. See other swatches and reviews on other skintones at Café Makeup, Temptalia, Beautezine and Best Things in Beauty.

Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Bronze All-Over Palette retails for $88 and is limited-edition. It is available at all Armani Beauty counters and online at Nordstrom.com (free shipping), Giorgio Armani Beauty (complementary shipping with orders of $75+), Saks.com.

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  1. For once I'm loving their all-in-one palette. Every shade seems to work really well and the bronzer is just to die for! I really love the fact that it's not too orange and the frostyness is not too much. I bet this will turn anyone into bronzed perfection ^^

  2. Hi Sabrina, what a stunning (probably an understatement) palette! I really like the subtlety of the bronzer :)

  3. I don't know why but I wish they would came out with some more unique shades, especially eyeshadows. I like the colours a lot but always tend to choose something more 'unique' instead. The bronzer is looking delicious though, I don't know how it would look on my N10 skintone though >.< / Claire xxx

  4. Love the look of the eye shadows. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and swatches. Very useful.

  5. I think this one might finally work well for my skin tone! I love the pattern on the bronzer too. Would love to swatch it when it's available here!

  6. Not here, not yet - it drives me crazy this stuff is n/a in Germany!! Oficially it is, but I never get the LEs round here. Lovely combo.

  7. The eye shadows look similar to the ones in the ETK Shimmer palette #10 which I have and love! Thanks for posting!


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