Sunday, December 2, 2012

Burberry No. 05 Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette

Burberry No. 05 Dark Spice Complete Eye Palette ($59 for 5.4 g/0.19 oz, made in Italy) is one of my favorite Burberry quads for color selection and pigment, however I found the texture to be slightly inconsistent among all four shades. Initially I was worried this might be too warm, but it works well with my skintone and the colors in this palette create a perfect warm smokey eye. The colors include:
  • a warm yellow cream shimmer - smooth and buttery like most Burberry single shadows, great for a blending color
  • a warm shimmery sienna, soft texture, easy to apply but not so easy to blend (needs a more precise application)
  • a dark chocolate brown with gold flecks of shimmer, great pigment, but also harder texture like NARS Galapagos makes it not so easy to blend/smoke out
  • a satiny dark black, soft texture rich pigment, blends well
The yellow and black are amazing in terms of texture and pigment. They are like most Burberry singles - buttery smooth and easy to apply/blend. I found the performance of the two browns to be similar to NARS Galapagos and NARS Mekong. Both are gorgeous dark smokey eye colors but require a more precise application. Blending works as long as it's minimal otherwise the result is slightly patchy and uneven-looking. (Examples of easy-to-blend dark shades for me include NARS Fez, Cordura and Burberry Midnight Brown.) Still - with a bit of work using multiple brushes and a layering approach this palette works well for me. It just takes more time and precision than your typical eyeshadow.


Overall I think it's really lovely and unique. While the colors seem basic, the combination is very flattering on the skin for a sultry smokey eye. It works well with a variety of shades for lips and cheeks. It's neutral enough to be easily be incorporated into any look/outfit, yet has the warm sienna shade and warm yellow satin that gives this a unique twist to the traditional smokey eye.

Have you tried Dark Spice yet? What were your thoughts?


  1. I was looking into this one, but I'm pretty sure it's entirely too warm and possibly too dark for me based on your lovely swatches! I do have and love Plum Pink, though.

  2. Do you like this or Mocha better if forced to choose one?

  3. I'm not sure this would work for me - I'm thinking it may be just a bit too warm for my cool-toned skin. What do you (or anyone else who's tried it) think?

  4. Such a stunning quad!! This one would surely work for me... Thanks for the swatches.

  5. This quad is stunning and would surely work for me... LOve it so much!!!

    Thanks for the swatches...

  6. I absolutelty LOVE these colors! although I love the burberry makeup, i have yet to purchase any! i have been following your blog for quite a while, but for some reason I have never commented before. I LOVE what you do-all of your swatches are amazing, you have quite the makeup & nail polish collection-i can't lie, I'm envious! you inspired em to start my nail polish collection, which has most definitely multiplied!

    i was wondering if you were planning on swatching YSL Premiere Neige #33 - I know it is a topcoat, but it looks extremely unique!

    love your blog,
    sorelle in style


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