Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dior Electric Tropics Catwalk Duos: Aloha 638 & Paradise 558

This is a quick post to show you the two new nail shades from Dior in the Electric Tropic Duos in Aloha and Paradise, each $26 including a top coat. These colors are vibrant. I'm sure you could spot them from a mile away. They are that bright.

Aloha 638 was featured earlier (see one post down). My Dior Paradise 558 photo attempts = total fail. The neon simply does not do well with my camera. In this post are the comparison pictures of the two shades in the bottles and a few shots of Paradise. To quote Café Makeup, "Paradise is within an entirely different species of nail polish" - INDEED! I do have a couple Paradise swatches below. Note that I am not being modest when I say the photos below are extremely poor in quality and accuracy. Paradise is a jelly neon pink that dries to a matte finish. The texture is so interesting - just like jelly shoes. I highly recommend these sources for better swatches:

A few more pictures:

In real life Paradise is a hot sheer cool pink, it doesn't glow like this in person, but this is the best I could do - see how it kinda blinds my camera:

One last shot:

Aloha (shown one post below) photographed much better! It's my favorite of the two.


  1. Paradise and Aloha look so pretty side by side! I'm intrigued by your description of the "matte jelly" finish; and it's surprising how different everyone's swatches are. I think I may go on the hunt next time I'm out =)

  2. These look amazing and I can imagine they will look stunning in the sunshine. I can appreciate your problems trying to photograph Paradise, my camera gets similarly upset with neons! Very frustrating! I'm tempted to take a look at these (probably whilst I go and take a look at the quints, I made my terrible confession on Twitter the other day that I've never owned a quint). I bought Gris Montaigne after seeing your swatches and I get on really well with that so you have certainly put Dior on my nail varnish radar!

  3. Both look great! No issues with the photography at all. Nice summer-y colors! :-)


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