Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift: Travel Essentials Set

My skin recently had a mini freak-out session due to weather changes and work stress. My usual go-to items weren't doing anything to speed up the recovery and given the weather/seasonal changes I felt that my skin needed a change. (This happens around the same time every year and most of the time my skin clears up on its own.)

I spotted this cute set at Nordstrom a little over a week ago - perfect timing for me. New and limited edition, Chanel has released a mini travel skincare set in the Ultra Correction Lift formula. It retails for $175 with smaller trial sized items encased in a black zip pouch. As much as I love Chanel, my experience trying their skincare line hasn't been wildly successful since they discontinued my favorite Age Delay line. I have tried the Ultra Correction Lift and Ultra Correction Line Repair range during makeovers (Chanel will often give you a wonderful mini facial to prep the skin) but was never quite sold. I decided to give this line a second try.

The ingredients, description and benefits according to Chanel:
  • Sculpting Firming Concentrate (0.5 fl. oz. airless pump) "ELEMI PFA* Derived from a pure botanical found in Indonesia, the Elemi tree, for traditional use in healing, and purified to its most potent essence. The unique ingredient helps boost the production of tensin — providing benefits beyond those of elastin and collagen — to help rebuild and strengthen the supportive dermal network. Skin appears lifted from within.
  • Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF 15 (0.5 oz. jar) An anti-aging treatment with high-performing star ingredient elemi PFA* stimulates the production of tensin, improving the quality of skin's collagen and elastin fibers, and helping to improve their bonds within the skin to create a firm supportive network. Lush cream, luxuriously textured and delicately scented, delivers a very soft, matte finish, with ultimate comfort, for a visible lifting effect.
  • Ultra Firming Night Cream (0.5 oz. jar) High-performing star ingredient elemi PFA* stimulates the production of tensin, improving the quality of skin's collagen and elastin fibers, and helping to improve their bonds within the skin to create a firm supportive network. Velvety cream, luxuriously textured and delicately scented, intensely nourishes for a plumping and firming effect, specifically formulated for skin’s night function.
  • Comes with two mini black spatulas for the creams
I asked my sales associate how much of a "deal" this was so pulled out her calculator for the breakdown. We did it in a hurry but found the set was approximately the same price proportionally. Concentrate retails for $165, Day Cream retails for $150, Night Cream retails for $165. To buy all 3 items in the full size would have cost me around $500.

While $175 is pricey for skincare that might not work, it certainly was a lot more affordable than buying three full-sized items for $400+. I thought this was the perfect set for me to try out and test everything given a few raves from my friends.

Thoughts to date: I have been using these items since the 26th of March (so approximately 11 days). I've been using the concentrate and day cream everyday under foundation. With the night cream - I haven't been as disciplined and have only used it 3 times. I think I will need at least a full 3 weeks to make a concrete decision on how I truly feel about these. Skincare can take time to really take effect.

The first two days my skin became a bit red on the cheek areas, but I thought this could have just been to my own personal stress. I kept using it to see if my skin would improve. In addition, I got a sample of the new Express Lifting Firming Mask at the counter and tried that as well. After 11 days of testing my skin I have smoother softer skin. My disaster spots are almost gone. I don't know that I will see any lift as I don't really have any sagging areas yet on my face.

The Concentrate is a gel-like texture that applies smooth and non-sticky. My SA recommends patting it into the skin rather than rubbing, but I'm still more of a slathering-type of person when it comes to skincare. There is no detectable scent.

The Day Cream is on the thicker side with a slightly tacky feeling. It does dry down a little to be non-sticky. There is a noticeable scent which I cannot describe. It's not overpowering and fades within a few seconds. I have a highly sensitive nose and cannot stand strong fragrances in skincare.

The Night Cream is thick but smoother than the day cream with the same scent. I haven't been using the Concentrate with the Night Cream even though it is recommended. I personally would rather save it for the daytime.

I need a few more weeks to see if this is something that I like or if my skin is just simply getting better on its own. I will update in about a month with further thoughts. The packaging however is beautiful. The pouch is a decent size for travel and the black holder inside is easily removable so you can fit more items inside. The only downside is that is made of a nylon material which I think can get dirty easily if not careful.

Have you tried Chanel Skincare? If so - what have been your experiences? Any favorites? I've received countless samples of their Sublimage over the years - most of which I have gifted away. Every now and then I'll try one of my samples and I find it too rich for my skin. Still, they are nice to try and I can't tell you how many of my friends are always eager to take my unwanted samples off my hands.

FYI - a number of you have asked about my update on Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. It was reviewed in more detail a month ago, re-linked here for your convenience. Hope this helps!


  1. wow, what a wonderful review-thanks for this! I hope your skin issues become resolved and this works out for you. I also haven't had great luck with Chanel's skin care products. I'm loving Kiehl's lately.

  2. wowza! That's a pricey set but IME Chanel is worth it - although I've never really used their skincare items. I can't wait to see your thoughts with continuous usage. I agree with Andi above - I love Kiehl's as well as Renee Rouleau skincare products.

  3. The Chanel bag is lovely indeed. Thanks for the thorough review on the kit. I can't use Sublimage at all since it's too heavy for me. I currently have the Chanel Gel Purete for light exfoliation, and the Hydramax Moisture Mask. They're not bad but not HG either. I haven't found great moisturizers from CC in general.

  4. I used to use the rectifiance line and my combo acne prone skin really like it. After they discontinued it, I tried alot of samples of the ultra correction line repair but I don't like it as much. It feels alot heavier and greasier on my skin. Ahh the quest continues.

  5. Personally, I love the cosmetics and body care line of Chanel but have heard both negative and positive things about their skin care, so I've never tried anything. Because of the price, I would want to make darn sure that it's going to do something. (I hate wasting money.)

    Thanks for the review lady


  6. I'm in LOVE with CHANEL skincare!! It is expensive but u need to dose all of the products in small amounts. My skin has never looked better and I've been using it everyday for over 4 years now. The product is still made in France and they have amazing science behind their product.


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