Friday, July 30, 2010

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

I'm normally a gel-liner type of girl because I find it easier to get an even line along my upper lashes with a fine-tipped brush (Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner brush is my favorite). However I also love the twist-up pencils that don't require any sharpening. Chanel has one called Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($28) in a variety of shades. These replaced a formula called Aqua Crayon (can't remember the exact year these were discontinued). I believe all the shades from the previous formula were discontinued except for the black and brown. The Chanel eyeliners (twist-up style) I own include:

Black Shimmer - dark cool grey (not really black)
Cassis - plum black-brown
Vert Bronze - complex, hard to describe, it has olive, bronze, gold tones
Marine - shimmering navy
Ébène - matte black
Tweed (Aqua Crayon formula) - warm golden taupe

The color strip on the end of the packaging gives you an accurate idea of what you will get on your eyes.

Swatched on bare skin in 3 different light settings. What I love about these is that they really stay put. I only line along the upper lash line though. I can't do waterline or underneath the eyes. I am like Rachel Green from Friends: extremely challenged when trying to put anything near the eyeball (eye drops included). So I can't say how well it lasts when applied those ways.

Note that Marine goes on the eyes a bit more subtle than when swatched on the arm. At least on me. If you want a brighter blue, check out Bobbi Brown's Denim Ink (new from her Denim & Rose collection).

No flash, natural light:

I normally am able to simply line and go. Occasionally I will take a small smudge brush (Laura Mercier's is my favorite) and smoke it out a bit and re-apply. They normally don't require blending/smoothing but those who don't have a super steady hand will find a brush will do the trick.

Although I don't own all the shades, I have tried every single color. The bright teal green color included. One of the national artists applied it on me and it was so gorgeous. But knowing myself all too well, knew I would never be brave enough to use it on my own.

I'm waiting for a pretty brown shimmer color to be released or a black gold. Their Black Shimmer isn't really black at all, it's really more grey.

I cannot swatch compare these to other brands as it is extremely time consuming and tedious. I have already done an extensive smokey eye series that I highly recommend you check out if you want more eyeliner options other than your basic black or brown. There is a black/grey post that will show you how many different variations of black eyeliners there are. Click on the Smokey label on the side bar for those posts. I do ask that you please do not republish those photos even though they haven't been watermarked. It can be extremely frustrating to put time and effort into something that gets stolen and put on other blogs and websites. All my work is copyrighted.

*Update* if you like these colors but want a gel formula instead I recommend checking out these options:

Black Shimmer - Bobbi Brown Granite or Graphite Shimmer Inks
Cassis - Bobbi Brown Black Plum
Vert Bronze - no dupe!
Marine - Bobbi Brown Denim Ink
Ébène - Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink
Tweed no dupe!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loving Right Now

A lot of repeats this month from recent features. Right now I'm loving ...

NARS Eyeshadow Duos - here are a few of my favorites that haven't been depotted yet (which I don't recommend, but did for the compacts that got too sticky, now stored in my Trish McEvoy planner pages)

Top: India Song, Cordura, Brumes
Middle: Rajasthan, Alhambra, Brousse
Bottom: Silk Road, Tzarine, Bohemian Gold

NARS Nourishing Eye Cream (previously reviewed here)

Urban Decay Naked Palette (previously featured here)

Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation and Natural Finish Loose Powder - No matter how many other foundations I try, I keep coming back to the Teint Innocence. Just recently tried their loose setting powder and love it as well. I use Shell in the foundation and Naturel in the powder.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz & Rose Dentelle - A little bit more delicate than most of my other Chanel lipsticks. These came a bit dinged on the sides but everything else was in tact. They are really close in color, Chintz is more peach, while Rose Dentelle is more pink.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners - Rich pigment and longlasting plus no sharpening required! Wish they would re-release that old shade Tweed (a lovely golden taupe).

Black Shimmer & Ebene swatched here
Cassis swatched here
Marine swatched here and

Edward Bess All Over Seduction Cream Highlighters - Perfectly glowy (previously reviewed and swatched here)

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquers - Great pigment and shine. I had to get almost all of the colors. I'll get to lip swatches eventually.

Burberry Lipglosses are great . . . but I'm loving everything I purchased (click on the Burberry tag)

Quilted accessories, purses, makeup planners - dreaming of a quilted flap bag

Out of all the Trish planners I have, the quilted ones are my favorite.

Last but not least, my kitty, small but mighty fierce. This is the only photo I could get of him that makes him look non-evil. (I love my puppies too but they won't sit still for a picture - way too excited about my brother in-law visiting this week after having been gone to the east coast for several months)

What are you loving this month?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nails of the Day: Dolce & Gabbana Nude and Chanel Golden Sand

Nails of the day are Dolce & Gabbana Nude Nail Polish ($20) on fingers and Chanel Golden Sand Nail Polish ($23) on the toes. Nice neutrals for summer for a subtle polished look without drawing too much attention. Sandals photographed are from J.Crew (currently on sale).

Dolce & Gabbana Nude is a nice neutral nude with slight peach tones. Probably easily dupeable in other lines - however I have a hard time finding a good nude for my skin. Most "nudes" turn pink or very greyish on my skin. I've previously featured and swatched it here. Chanel Golden Sand is a metallic warm gold. I believe it's been discontinued and I don't own any dupes but the color seems similar to various OPI and China Glaze shades I've seen swatched on other blogs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Peony

When I saw the Burberry Beauty line at Nordstrom I was most surprised by the blushes, mainly because they were nothing like what I expected. Based on the online photos, I was expecting softer more nude and brown based colors. The actual product is very different - darker than I had anticipated, but the colors are still very pretty. The blushes are called Light Glow - Natural Blush $42, I find appropriately named, because they really give a glow. All the colors I looked at had a slight shimmer to medium shimmer. I tried on Cameo a lovely pink, but it went on too dark for my taste. The artist suggested Peony which looked extremely pale and powdery looking but I was pleasantly surprised.

Peony is a soft natural pink. The blushes are all very pigmented but the texture is soft making them easy to blend and layer for that natural blush finish.

No flash:

Compared to a few other pinks, they look strikingly similar to Edward Bess's Soft Orchid and Chanel Narcisse. The difference is noticeable once on the skin. EB Soft Orchid is cooler toned and I also find this one softer/sheerer in finish. Chanel Narcisse has a more powdery-looking finish because of the shimmer in it. I would say that Burberry's Blush finish seems similar to that of Chanel Narcisse (the US version). Out of all my Chanel blushes, for some reason I find Narcisse the softest. All are swatched over a mixture of MAC Prep & Prime, Armani Lasting Silk 5.5+6.5.

How I swatch my blushes on my arm:

I also had my eye on Russet and Blossom. They were sold out of Russet and I decided to wait on Blossom. Diane from Orange To LA has an amazing photo of Blossom which has me drooling with slight regret that I didn't buy it too.

At $42 these are fairly pricey. I'm not sure how I feel about the price. At this time, it's cheaper than Armani ($43) and D&G ($44) the same as Chanel ($42). More than Dior ($40) which I'm not a huge fan of because they are so sheer. Prices keep going up which I'm not really happy about. I guess it's something we all have to deal with. In my mind, I think ideally a blush should be $35-ish maximum.

In my mind I still feel like skincare, foundation, brushes and powder should be the only items that exceed $45. Still doesn't stop me. Personally I would love to have less fancy packaging with no brush in the compact for a lower price. I never end up using those brushes anyways. One reason I love Bobbi Brown individual blushes and eyeshadows, along with NARS.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NARS Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo (Grey Side) vs. MAC Smoke & Diamonds Eyeshadow

For Estelle: How does NARS Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo compare to MAC Smoke & Diamonds Starflash Eyeshadow?

My take: It's very different and unique for a greyish eyeshadow. I don't have any shade that compares to NARS Tzarine - it's difficult to describe because it's a very complex cool grey with steel blue tones and gold flecks which reflect a golden-ish sheen depending on how the light hits. For me there is no comparison - at least among all the greys I have. Most other greys are either very black, taupe or silvery. The only two in my collection that I find similar in undertone are Urban Decay Gunmetal which isn't nearly as pretty, is more of your basic silvery grey frost with silver sparkles (see swatch here), also NARS Notorious is in the same family which is significantly lighter and a more powdery dove grey (see here for dove grey eyeshadow pics). Scroll down for more comparisons.

Therefore my answer is: It doesn't really compare. I normally can't do cool blueish greys but NARS Tzarine is just so gorgeous. Photos don't do it justice. The gold flecks give it that extra special finish that can't be duped (in my opinion). I hope this helps!

Close up where you can see the tiny gold flecks in the NARS duo (grey side):

Swatched on bare skin:

Swatched in natural light, no flash:

Swatched with high flash:

*Updated per request* Compared to Urban Decay Gunmetal & NARS Notorious (note that UD Gunmetal pulls really blueish on my skin as with most greys, it may not be as blue on you):

The original photos from my NARS Fall 2010 Picks (from here):

Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog also has amazing swatches of NARS fall (her article is linked for your convenience). I highly recommend you check it out as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lipgloss: Tea Rose #05, Cameo Pink #07 and Nude Beige #09

Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss ($27) comes in 12 different shades ranging from pale mauve, beige, tan, pink and red. These are packaged in a clear tube with a sponge tip applicator. The formula is smooth and pigmented, although I will say the testers at the counter had their tips cut off for sanitary reasons and the disposable wands at the counter did not pick up the color like the actual product tip does. Therefore, if you try these at the counter and find them sheer it is most likely the tester tip that is affecting the application. They have a soft almost powdery scent that isn't too strong. Lasting power is medium as with most glosses. I like that these are non-sticky. They have enough pigment to wear alone, but are lovely over the Burberry Lipsticks to enhance the color of your lips.

The beautiful packaging:

I picked up three shades in 05 Tea Rose (creamy cool pink, no shimmer), 07 Cameo Pink (shimmery warm pink with slight coral tones) and 09 Nude Beige (nude beige-peach with a very slight sparkle). I reviewed Cameo Pink Lipgloss compared to the Lipstick yesterday. I can't recall what Tea Rose Lipstick looked like exactly, but I believe it was even more blue-based and cooler toned than the Tea Rose Lipgloss. Nude Beige Lipstick is significantly paler than the Lipgloss version. I found the Nude Beige lipstick too pale for my skin, but the lipgloss version is very wearable.

L to R: Tea Rose, Cameo Pink, Nude Beige

Close up, top to bottom: Tea Rose, Cameo Pink, Nude Beige

The lipstick and lipgloss line up, L to R:
Lipsticks - Cameo, Cameo Pink, Rosewood, Antique Rose
Lipglosses - Tea Rose, Cameo Pink, Nude Beige

I found these at Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza.

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