Saturday, May 29, 2010

Color Focus: Soft Pinks I'm Loving Right Now

I decided to do a different twist on my regular monthly Ten Things I'm Loving Right Now and combine this with my color focus feature. I like soft pinks because they always look so pretty in the compact and tubes. But finding a good soft pink can be a bit tricky sometimes. I can't tell you how many soft pinks have made me oooohh and aaaahhh only to find it looks way to light or washed out on my skin (ala MAC Hue/Angel Lipstick or Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Demure Lipstick). It still doesn't stop me from trying to make them work though, lol. That being said, the products listed below are my no-fail and no-tweaking required soft pinks.

There are so many favorites, but these are the ones I've been using a lot in the past month. I am actually just starting my 3rd tube of MAC Fabby (see below)! Laura Mercier Babydoll Lip Glace is a favorite that looks good on practically all my friends whether they are fair skinned or tanned.

Blush & Highlighters:

Dior Rose Diamond
MAC Well Dressed
MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder
(this was repromoted with the Liberty of London Collection in a different compact)


Bobbi Brown Petal Shimmerwash
NARS Nepal Eyeshadow
Becca Angel Loose Shimmer Powder

Cheek and Eye Swatches:

Lip Glosses:

Chanel Waterlily Glossimer
Dior Pink Silk 262 Addict Lip Gloss (swatched here)
Laura Mercier Babydoll Lip Glace
Trish McEvoy Pretty Pink Beauty Booster Gloss


Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Comete (swatched here)
MAC Frost Lipstick in Fabby
D&G Shine Lipstick in Soiree (swatched here)

Lip Swatches:

Nail Polishes:

Paul & Joe Poodle #10
Zoya Jessika
Chanel Mica Rose

I have many more favorites but if I featured all my loves, this would just be a never-ending article if I pulled every single soft pink from my stash. What are some of your favorites and what is your skintone?

FYI, in case you're new to my blog, I'm a Chanel Shell 1.5 Teint Innocence right now. This is the equivalent to what's right in between MAC NC30 and NC35. I'm at that point again where I'm in between shades for most foundation lines. You can see My Foundation Shades HERE. I recently tried Bobbi Brown's newest foundation and found a perfect match in Natural Finish formula shade 4.25 Natural Tan, however the formula didn't work so well with my skin. So far, Chanel Teint Innocence and Lift Lumieres and DPFs are my holy grails.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paul & Joe Summer Creation 2010: New Lipgloss G & Lip Pencil Duos

Paul & Joe has released a new collection of lipglosses and double sided lipliners this summer. I was lucky enough to preview the demo products before the official launch back in March and was smitten with the colors and formulas. I was able to get a few sneak peek photos as well (featured here) - which just added to my excitement even more. Unfortunately, I believe I may have swatched the lipliner shades in the wrong order since the colors I wrote down don't match the descriptions/products on the official Paul & Joe Website.

I ordered a few of the new lipliners and glosses (both retail for $22 each) for the BG summer event and got a cute GWP bag, I'll feature more pics of it when I write about their summer collection (check back in a few days) but Haru from Rouge Deluxe also got a similar gift from her recent event, although I have to say the contents of her GWP was a much better deal. See her review/haul here.

What I picked up, left to right, with descriptions:
  • Lip Pencil 01 Dual Melon - a lovely peach & darker peach
  • Lip Pencil 04 Dual Rose - soft pink & deeper pinky-brown rose
  • Lip Gloss G 02 Sherbert - sheer sparkly beige (similar to the old 04)
  • Lip Gloss G 04 Blossom - sheer sparkly peachy pink
  • Lip Gloss G 05 Mon Cheri - sheer bright pink sparkle
  • Lip Gloss G 06 Sheer Bliss - sparkly melon peach

Check out the Paul & Joe Website for more pics/swatches here. The wand lipglosses come with a brush tip which I really like and find easy to apply. The texture is smooth and shiny (non-sticky) and have a slight melon scent that fades within a few minutes. The lighter shades seem sheerer, the brighter shades have more color.

The lipliners are to die for in my opinion. They have one glossy side and one more matte side. They are really creamy and glide on like a dream. I definitely need to check out the other shades again soon.

The new lipglosses are similar to the old, except the floral pattern is now embossed. I don't have a lot of the older wand lipglosses, so I'm not sure if other colors are repromotes, but I did find their Old 04 similar to the new 02. You can see the other shades I have linked here.

Close Up with High Flash:

Close Up in Natural Sunlight:

Overall I like these a lot. A bit high in price IMHO, but I like the packaging and texture of the lipliners and glosses. The lighter shades seem like they'll be too sheer to wear on their own, but they are still really pretty. If you like Chanel Aqualumiere Glosses, then you'll like these new ones from Paul & Joe. They have a really nice smooth texture with a pretty finish. Even though they seem on the sparkley side, there is no grittiness which is always a plus.

I got these from Bergdorf Goodman in NY.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few New Taupes From MAC, Guerlain, Trish McEvoy & Too Faced

I've recently found a few new taupe shades in cream and powder formulas from MAC, Trish McEvoy, Guerlain and Too Faced.

Clockwise from top shadow:

MAC Eyeshadow in Prepped for Glamour
Guerlain Terracotta Eyeshadow Pen in Smoky Metal
Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Shadow & Liner in Topaz
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty
Too Faced Single Eyeshadow in Sitcom Siren

Most of the shades look true to what you see in the compact or stick, except for Guerlain Smoky Metal which went on my skin surprisingly warm. I haven't tried this shade on the eyes yet, but I have tested out the others. MAC Dirty is such a gorgeous shade but unfortunately doesn't last at all. It is extremely smudgey and by late afternoon gave me raccoon eyes. Trish McEvoy Topaz is more promising. I used it alone blended out on my lids and it didn't budge at all. I can't say whether or not it lasted a full 24 hours since I only had it on for the evening (from around 7:00 pm to midnight). But it lasted the entire time and when I got home looked just as good as when I put it on. My SA tested out the steel black grey shade from Trish and said it didn't last at all on her and seemed way to soft/moist to be a 24-hour product, so YMMV per shade.

MAC Prepped for Glamour is extremely similar to Satin Taupe but the Prepped for Glamour shade has just a tad bit more red/warmth to it. But otherwise, very close. that I can barely tell the difference. Too Faced Sitcom Siren is my first Too Faced product. Pigment/blendability is nice but I actually prefer MAC. Sitcom Siren is a bit too frosty for my liking.

Swatches with different lighting:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoya Sabrina + Rococo Metal Jacket

As soon as I found out there was a nail polish with my name, I knew I had to get it since it's not that often that I find things with my own personal name. Today's mani + pedi is Zoya Sabrina on fingers + Rococo Nail Apparel Metal Jacket on toes.

Zoya Sabrina is a sheer pale cream off-white-pinkish color. I think it's a nice classic cream color for the nails. The color is rather sheer, so the manicure has 3 coats for a more opaque look. It actually looked a lot better with a more natural finish with 2 coats, but my manicurist thought it could use one more coat. Next time I'll just ask for 2 coats for a more natural look. Otherwise, it just feels a tad too contrasted with my skin.

Rococo Metal Jacket is a complex mixture of taupe-brown-silver. This one is an odd one for me. When I tested it at Space NK, it was clearly brown, much like you see on Vampy Varnish's review. However, the one I received from my online order pulls more silver-taupe on me. If you haven't read the first article I wrote about Rococo Nail Apparel (here), to recap, I've experienced some inconsistencies with the colors - which seem to differ slightly based on which batch the product was made from. Which may explain why Metal Jacket looks brown on others and looked brown from the tester I saw in the store, but looks more silvery taupe in the bottle I received. (More explanation in the original post.) The pigment is amazing though and didn't really need more than just 1 coat, however 2 coats were applied at the nail salon.

Zoya Sabrina:

Rococo Metal Jacket:

Zoya Sabrina:

Zoya Metal Jacket:

Zoya Sabrina looks really similar to OPI Bubble Bath and Chanel Allegoria in the bottles - but I haven't swatched them on the nails to see the actual difference. I don't have a dupe for the Rococo, but then I don't have many taupey sparkles for nail polishes. Overall, I have to say I'm not completely in love with either shade. My nails look nice and polished, but the colors on me just feel a bit bland.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fascination Shine Lipstick

* natural light, no flash

Dolce & Gabbana's Fascination Lipstick is part of the mini collection that was released back in March called The Roses which consists of five new lipsticks inspired by different roses. Today I wanted to do a lip-swatch of Fascination, a cool cream pink.

As a disclaimer, I don't know that the rose I have pictured is an actual Fascination Rose, but it was close in color to the lipstick. I like the texture and finish of this D&G lipstick, however, it's a bit too cool for my skintone by itself. So while I think it's pretty in the tube, on the lips, it just looks to fake. The other two I purchased, Shine On and Baby Darling, are easier for me to wear (they were previously featured in March here).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

NARS Beverly Hills & Cadaqués Multiple Tints = Pure Genius

The new limited edition Multiple Tints from NARS finally arrived at my local Nordstrom and much like Amy from Café Makeup and Karla from Karlasugar - I too fell in love, but with all three!

My Nordstrom is having their Trend Show in a couple weeks with an amazing GWP (will post details on this next month) - but I had the need-to-have-this-now itch, so I brought home two of the colors on Friday, Beverly Hills and Cadaqués, and left Turks & Caicos for my pre-sale among other things for the GWP, so I will review that color later in June. Also new from NARS were 2 primers for the face and eyes, but I decided to wait until the June to test those products out.

Everything about these is incredible from the colored lettering on the package and the multiple tube to the finish, texture, and color of the actual product. It's PURE LOVE. I used Cadaqués for my commencement ceremony this morning on the cheeks and it blended out like a dream and gave my cheeks a nice cool pinkish tint. Here are my thoughts below . . .

Colors: Beverly Hills is a coral reddish color on me. Cadaqués is a lovely cool pink. Turks & Caicos (which I will review in the next couple weeks) is a lovely sheer orange. All look frightening in the tube but go on natural enough and are extremely flattering on the skin. Those who love color will love these. Those who are a bit wary of color on the cheeks will still like these because you can blend them out to give a nice healthy tint.

A few close ups . . .

Texture & Finish: These are an almost gel-like cream blush stick that has the perfect texture. Not too sticky or tacky (so it doesn't pull the skin) but not too creamy (so it doesn't feel greasy or oily). Super easy to blend. I did 2 swipes on each side of my face and blended out with my finger. I love how they blend out smoothly and flawlessly. The finish on the skin is natural and glowy. They truly are goof-proof.

Pigment: These Multiple Tints are truely incredible in that you can control the color by how much you layer. As much as I love the regular Multiples, sometimes I find they color disappears after blending. Not so with these new Tints. My SA who has the most gorgeous tanned complexion (about NC40-45ish) showed me these swatched on her hand and I could definitely see the color show up. She had one on her cheeks (can't remember which one), but it gave her a natural glow with a pop of color ala Eva Mendes. Karlasugar's review does an excellent job at showing how you can control the pigment.

Lasting Power: It lasted all day from 6:30 am past 5:00 pm (although I did layer a bit of Edward Bess Soft Orchid Blush on top, so I'm not sure how much the powder + cream combo contributed to the lasting power). Still, given my experience in layering powder blushes over regular NARS Multiples, the Multiple Tints + Powder Blush lasted a quite a bit longer.

Miscellaneous Thoughts: I didn't notice any scent. There was no clogging or streaking or uneveness. Finish is not sticky at all and you can barely feel anything on the skin after you blend it which is a plus for a cream product. No irritation after the entire day (I usually react immediately to anything I am allergic to). I haven't tried these on my lips yet. Are these worth the $38 price tag? In my opinion, definitely yes.

Here are some swatches compared to a few other cream products from Armani, MAC, Becca and Stila (swatched on a bare arm).

If you've bought these, I'd love to hear how you're using these and what lips/eyes you are pairing with the colors you picked out.

For commencement, I used Cadaques with Soft Orchid Blush, Chanel Island + Le Bronze Eyeshadows, Trish McEvoy Baby Pink Chubby Stick + Pretty Pink Lipgloss (will review soon).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmer Brick + Shore Cream Eyeshadow

I've been eagerly anticipating the summer Beach Collection by Bobbi Brown for months ever since I saw the preview sheets at my local counter and it's finally arrived instore at Nordstrom! The collection also features a few new cream shadows in the metallic and regular formulas. I picked up Beach Shimmer Brick and Shore Cream Shadow.

Beach Shimmer Brick ($38) and Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($22)

The Beach Shimmer Brick is a stunning neutral like many of her other highlighters. It's a bronzey beige with slight peach tones. The shimmer factor is high in my opinion, so if you like subtle, this may have too much shimmer for your liking.

I compared it to a few other shimmer brick shades when I got home and they all seemed extremely similar. Even after swatching them, I could barely tell the difference - so note, these swatches may indeed be worthless in giving you a good comparison, so I'll try and compensate by description.
  • Beach is the most peachy with no pink tones (at least on me)
  • Sandstone is the most neutral and tan
  • Beige is the lightest color
  • Nude is very similar to Beach, just more pink, less brown

Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow is the perfect nude skin-toned cream eyeshadow I have been searching for. I have quite a few other nude cream shadows, but those who are around Chanel Shell/NC30ish understand the challenge of finding a good nude. Painterly can be a bit pastey looking, Groundwork is a good contour but not quite nude, Layin' Low can come off orangey if applied too heavily, and Malted can look a bit greyish on our skin.

Shore has a very slight sheen to it, it's not a full on shimmer like Galaxy, but not a full on matte like Malted. I love it. I would say it's one step up (darker) than MAC Soft Ochre.

One last view without flash:

Overall thoughts: I really like both, but if you already have Nude or Sandstone Shimmer Bricks, then Beach isn't really a must have. I do like the shades in the Beach Shimmer Brick individually though - I think they'll suit darker tan skintones a lot better than her previous shimmer bricks because they have more color.

I personally love Shore, in the container it looks very bland, but I like it on the skin/eyes blended out. I'm a fan of her regular cream shadows because they just melt onto my skin and look very natural.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Persephone Eye Kit

Some have asked me how and why I started blogging. There were several reasons why I started and I have many to thank for their inspiration and help getting me started. Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog occasionally asks for guest writers and being a regular reader, I thought it would be fun to submit an article to her.

At that time, about a year ago, I had recently discovered Le Metier de Beaute and I had scoured the web to find photos, swatches or reviews but could not find anything other than press release images and stock photos from Neimans and Bergdorfs online. I decided it would be fun to write about my thoughts on the products I had tried from the line to see if anyone else shared the same love.

My experience doing a guest post for her was so much fun as we wrote back and forth brainstorming ideas I decided to try and start my own. So I have Karen (among many others) to thank for helping me get started! This post is a spinoff of that post focusing on the Persephone Eye Kit by Le Metier de Beaute.

Those familiar with the line are well aware of their high quality, beautiful packaging and stunning colors. I can't say I love everything in the line, but most of the products I've tried I have fallen in love with. It's exclusivity makes it a bit difficult to locate and often times colors are sold out and are on back order due to the high demand.

They have a few kaleidoscope kits in the form of a stacked swivel type design with a flip top mirror. Very innovative, a bit bulky, a bit complicated to use, but fun nevertheless. The Persephone Eye Kit is no longer available, but it is one of the few kits that contained colors permanent from their regular line, so luckily you can still find these shades.

The colors include range from frost, to satin to matte:
  • Rose Champagne (frost) - a complex but soft shimmery pale rose-pink
  • Alexandrite (frost) - a beautiful a sparkly eggplant amethyst
  • Canvas (satin) - a soft, satin, neutral beige-yellow with subtle shimmer
  • Sequoia (matte) - a medium-dark chocolate brown

Rose Champagne:



The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend. My favorite shades are Rose Champagne and Canvas, but all shades work well together. What I typically do is:

  • Step 1: Use canvas on the lid (from lash to 1/2 way up the eye)
  • Step 2: Apply Alexandrite with a small shadow brush on the outer corners of the eye blending inward and up towards the middle of the eye
  • Step 3: Take a smudge brush, mix Alexandrite with Sequoia to line along upper lashes
  • Step 4: Take Rose Champagne with a light bluffly brush and blend over the eye from brow bone down to blend everything together

I like that the kit has a mix of neutral and cool making it extremely versatile to coordinate with other colors for lips and cheeks. Today's look combines the Persephone Eye Kit with the new Tenne Tint (reviewed here) and Ibiza Lipgloss (which I thought I had swatched but haven't yet).

Le Metier de Beaute was exclusively available at select Neimans and Bergdorf Goodman, but they are expanding their distribution. Check out their website for details on locations.

Do you have any favorites from the line? I'd love to hear your favorites :)

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