Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Shopping Finds

I went to the mall to do some returns while checking out the Bobbi Brown Corals Collection. I found some cute things - not all makeup related, so if you're only interested in the makeup part, I apologize!

Stop #1: J.Crew - I went in to return a scarf that I wasn't so wowed with after my initial purchase but there were so many pretty new spring clothes, I couldn't resist trying on a few things.

Rose Vines Bandaged Dress Item #25270 $138
(couldn't find this online yet though)
+ the newest catalog

Tried on a cotton ruffle dress in XS (left) which was super comfy but just looked odd with the ruffles near the bust. I don't remember the item number but I can't find it online either. It retailed for $69.50 and also came in a light grey color. Also tried the Rose Vines Bandaged Dress in Size 2 (right) which I ended up purchasing. It's difficult to see up close but the top has banded layers of fabric.

Frances Heart Cami Item #24735 which is currently on sale for $69.99. This is in Size 0. It looks way better on the model at Jcrew. A bit frilly but I still thought it was cute.

This is my favorite look from the new catalog.

Stop #2: Nordstrom - Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals haul plus some other browsing.

Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Haul (which you saw yesterday)

Didn't buy any of these since I don't have babies - but looking at these makes me want to have them. I just about died when I saw those baby boy Pumas.

Stop #3: Saks - I snapped pics of the upcoming Laura Mercier Exclusive set which has the Pink Rose Blush Quad, Bold Berries Eyeshadow Quad, 2 mini brushes, full size Babydoll Lipgloss, a mini mascara and mini foundation primer. I actually saw this at SCP a few weeks ago and I was under the impression it was for sale. My local Saks said it's only available for presale right now. I can't remember the price, but I want to say around $65-68ish?

Picked up the YSL Spring Highlighter + Armani Maestro Quad #6.

Stop #4: Sephora - Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy, a nice soft but healthy coral-pink.

What did you find this weekend?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection Spring 2010

Bobbi Brown's second spring release this year focuses on a coral theme featuring universal modern corals. I was able to check it out in person yesterday and I came home with Shimmer Lipglosses in Sunset Beach, Golden Nectar, Coral Sand, Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral, and Nectar Shimmer Brick.

The counter didn't have the older Calypso Coral in their tester unit so I decided to get the new one anyways. I compared the new Cabo Coral to the old Calypso Coral and Becca Tuberose. They are pretty similar, the older Calypso Coral has more pink where the new Cabo Coral is more of a straight coral. Becca Tuberose clearly has some pink similar to the Calypso Coral.

Those who are scared of bright blush - don't be afraid to try Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges. They are very blendable and are great for both lips and cheeks. I prefer to use them on cheeks though. If you're still scared or find these are still too bright, look into Trish McEvoy's Liquid Face Color for a softer peach with a bit of shimmer.

I already had the Nectar Shimmer Brick from Neiman's Exclusive Release which cost $45 each in a smaller heavy metal magnetized compact. I only found out about the release of the Nectar Shimmer Brick in the regular size after my purchase. I kinda felt like kicking myself for caving into such a splurge but the compact is cute and pretty. I purchased the regular sized Nectar from the new collection as a gift for my sister. It is identical in color to the Neiman's release.

Apricot Shimmer Brick compared to Nectar Shimmer Brick:

Here are my comparisons to other coral-peachy blushes including Chanel In Love, Bobbi Brown Coral Shimmer Blush, Nars Deep Throat and Nars Torrid.

Here are my swatches of the cheek items:

I also compared the new lipglosses to my other peachy-coral lipglosses. Left to right:

1. Chanel Coral Reef
2. Chanel Candy Glow
3. Bobbi Brown Sandy Beige
4. Coral Sand
5. Golden Nectar
6. Sunset Beach
7. Brightening Peach
8. Nectarine
9. Peach Blossom
10. Sandwash Apricot
11. Love Nectar

Swatched below, please note below is a different order:

My thoughts:
  • The standouts are the Nectar Shimmer Brick and Lipglosses. I love corals but can't really pull of stronger corals and oranges (except for cheeks). If you're a corals fan you will like this collection.
  • *UPDATE* I also saw the Coral Eye and Lip Palette at Neimans and passed - the only color I was interested in was Burnt Sugar which I already have. The palette itself is gorgeous, I just knew it would be too warm for me.
  • I passed on all the lipsticks because they looked too orangey for my taste. The Metallic Lip Colors were gorgeous, but I've had bad experiences with breakage - they are so soft that about 1/4 of mine have already broken at the base. All the testers were already broken as well.
  • I'm not quite sure that I think this collection is really "universal". I do think most women can find at least 1 item they will like. But they aren't the most unique colors.
  • I find the corals a bit too monochromatic - I really liked her lipglosses but the lipsticks were all too peachy and orangey. On my face, it would end up looking clown-like.
  • Although I'm happy she has released the Pink Quartz Shimmerbrick again, it doesn't quite seem to fit with the theme.
  • I wish there were eyeshadows featured with the collection or at least recommendations of what to use with the lips and cheeks.
  • Her website introduces the Cabana Corals collection as "Bobbi's fresh take on an old-school favorite." My question is what is the old-school favorite? Is it the Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick or is it the Cabo Coral Pot Rouge as a revamped version of Calypso Coral? While this isn't a huge deal - I find the message a bit confusing.
Overall - it's definitely worth checking out especially for that Nectar Shimmerbrick. If you missed out on Pink Quartz the first round, then I highly recommend you get it now. It's lovely!

As a courtesy, I'd like to ask that these photos NOT be republished on other sites. Thank you!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Trish McEvoy Demure Sparkle Eye Base Essentials

The entire Trish McEvoy Demure Collection has finally arrived instore at Nordstrom. A few days ago I wrote about the lipstick Gorgeous Demure, today I'm bringing you a feature and review on the new Eye Base Essentials in Demure Sparkle which retails for $24.

My thoughts on this product: The more I experiment with it, the more I like it. The first time I tried it, I wasn't wowed, but still ended up purchasing it. I tried it on instore and reluctantly agreed to a mini Trish McEvoy makeup application. The artist applied it heavily on the eyes without any eyecream and the proceeded to apply more light lilac-pink shadows on it giving me a chalk-like look. It didn't help that she kept using the phrase "I love it, don't you love it?" over and over and over again.

In my past experience with other Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials, I know they aren't great alone on the eyes. They are simply too dry. But I find this the case with MAC Paint Pots too. My solution = apply a light layer of eye cream on the eyes first and this helps the color blend out better. (I really like the Eye Cream from Nars because it's a gel base rather than a heavy cream.) So I knew that chalky-powdery look I got instore wouldn't necessarily be what I got at home applying it myself.

The color is a pale powdery pink and you can only see the sparkle when it is blended out. On my hand it looks really chalky. On the eyes alone it appears chalky too, but I don't think it's meant to be worn alone as an all-over wash. I think it's really intended to be an eye base for other shadows.

Here it is swatched heavily:

Here it is swatched but blended out:

Compared to some other pale pink cream eyeshadows including Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink and Laura Mercier Pink Chiffon:

Swatch comparisons, 2 swatches of each color, the first one is applied heavily, the second is blended out:

If you're fair skinned and find that most pinks look too dark on you, the Trish McEvoy Demure Sparkle might be the answer to your search. If you're medium skinned or darker I think you might find it too pale. I used this as a base yesterday with NARS Brousse and All About Eve Duos and I have to say I was pretty impressed that my eyeshadow lasted all evening through a 4 hour client meeting and 2.5 hour class.

It depends on what you want for this type of product. If you want an eye base and like pale colors, you will like this. If you're simply looking for a pink cream eyeshadow - I suggest you look elsewhere.

The items featured in this collection include:
  • Gorgeous Demure Lipstick - light nude pink (as in very light and washed out)
  • Irresistible Pink Lip Gloss - shimmery bright rosey-reddish pink (seems similar to a discontinued color, I want to say it was called Rose, but I'm not 100% certain)
  • All Over Face Color in London and Capri - simply a repromote of her discontinued face shines, London is a pale champagne, Capri is a deeper bronze, they seemed really sheer and just looked like sparkle on the skin
  • Translucent Finishing Powder - pressed translucent powder
  • Demure Sparkle - pale pink cream with subtle sparkles
I was initially excited from the promo photos (you can see these at or on Karlasugar's blog) but my first reaction to seeing the entire collection in person was "meh." The lipstick was too pale, the lipgloss was too bright, the face shines too sheer/sparkley. It made me wonder, am I a difficult customer? Or do I just have too much good stuff already? Probably a little bit of both.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paul & Joe Wild Flowers Lip Gloss Lacquers CS Spring 2010

Paul & Joe's Wild Flowers Spring 2010 Collection is my favorite for the cutest releases this year. This spring they've released 3 lip glosses and 3 eyeshadows for their seasonal Collection Sparkles Limited Edition series. I bought all three glosses they call Lip Gloss Lacquer CS in Baby's Breath 001 (clear sparkle with pinky-beige), Snapdragon 002 (sheer orange with coral sparkle) and Primrose 003 (two shades of hot pink).

The lipgloss packaging is absolutely adorable and each come with 2 shades with a butterfly shaped center.

They are a cross between their regular lipglosses and lip lacquers in pigment and texture. The non-shimmer portions have more pigment than the shimmer parts which are more sheer and almost clear. The texture is smooth and non-sticky. I'm absolutely smitten with the packaging and boxes. I wish they would release stationary or even makeup bags in the cute spring flowers design. They have a slightly sweet scent, almost like fruity tooth-paste, but it's not overpowering or strong.

CS Spring Lip Gloss Lacquers compared to Lip Lacquer Tubes

001 Baby's Breath (pot) vs 04 Tenderness Lip Lacquer (tube)

002 Snapdragon (pot) v 08 Bouquet Lip Lacquer (tube)

003 Primrose (pot) v 06 Can-Can Lip Lacquer (tube)


One more close up view

You can get these at Bergdorf Goodman and Beautyhabit. These retail for $25 each which I find a bit pricey for the size - but being the P&J fanatic that I am, I had to have them and after getting my order, I think they are definitely worth the price. My fellow Paul & Joe makeup fan (who goes by the screen name Parsi) helped convince me that I needed to have these just for the cute-factor. I have to admit I cried just a little when I dipped my brush to swatch them (ruining the perfect butterfly shape) but I knew I was going to have to do it anyways.

I've ordered Paul & Joe from both places before and highly recommend both. These were purchased from Bergdorf Goodman for their Smart Beauty Event which is still going on until the end of the month. (Note that my entire BG order is not featured in this post.)

For more views/photos, check out for excellent photos (click on the individual item for a close up). The Paul & Joe website is also too cute for words.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Are the Best Makeup Tips & Tricks You've Learned From Others?

In my most recent NARS makeover, I learned quite a few tips/tricks to brighten the face with the NARS multiples and it made me appreciate the artist's knowledge and creativity in giving me a look that made me feel like a better version of myself. I'm one of those girls who has a lot of stuff but doesn't always know how to use it all, so I find beauty events are a great way to get advice, tips and tricks from the pros.

Over the years, the best tips I've received from others that work for me are the following by category (these are by no means new tips, these are just the ones I didn't know about that I found worked for me from advice of others):

* Mascara Tips - I have the straightest thinnest lashes in the world. Without mascara they are practically invisible. I've learned that curling the lashes does indeed make a huge difference - but you need to find the right curler for your eyeshape which is difficult since you'll need to do this through trial and error. I've found some lash curlers pinch my eye because they are either too deepset or too small. My favorites today are Trish McEvoy and Shu Uemura. Also - if you find your mascara has gotten clumpy on the brush, just wipe the entire brush with a piece of paper to remove the build up and then it will work just like new again.

* Even Yet Natural Foundation - Sometimes my favorite foundations just don't look right on the skin because of a bad skin day or weather changes. I typically apply with a sponge after moisturizer. I've tried numerous primers but don't like having so many layers on my face so I've learned two tricks: 1) Apply moisturizer and a spritz MAC's Fix+ on your face and let it sit for a minute, then apply foundation, or 2) Mix a small amount of the primer with your foundation so it applies smoother and sheerer without having that heavy feel. My favorite primers are MAC Prep + Prime (regular), Nars Primer (regular) and Chanel's Le Blanc de Chanel. Right now I'm alternating between the Chanel and Nars.

* The Multiple Uses for NARS Multiples - I'm a HUGE fan of multiples but have always used them either under blush, over blush, or as a cream eyeshadow. I find some of them to be a bit too emollient but it doesn't stop me from using them. A few tips I learned from my recent makeover and in the past:
* Apply South Beach on cheeks before you apply foundation for that inner-glow
* Mix a lighter shade like Luxor/Copacabana with concealer for brightening under eyes
* Mix Luxor w/concealer and apply over browbone to lift up the face and define brow
* Layer powder blush over multiples to intensify color of the powder

* Layering Blushes - I love blush. It's probably the item I have the most of in my stash. I wish there were more perfect shades of blush for me, but I find that I layer 2 different colors of blush about 90% of the time. This is typically the case I've heard from most makeup artists. I don't know if it's just a selling tactic to sell more blushes, but they've showed me in the mirror the before and after effects with 1 versus 2 layered blushes. 1 blush is often good enough, but the effect when you see 2 layered together is "wow." Artists layer just about anything together: pink over peach, peach over pink, bright pink over lighter pink, pink over bronze, gold over orange, gold over rose, light over dark etc.

* Contouring Tips - Contouring is something I've never really known how to do until I learned from several Trish McEvoy events. Trish McEvoy is another line I love because their artists are really phenomenal. For contouring the face, they recommend taking a bronzer brush and applying bronzer in a 3 motion from the temples to the cheeks and down to the jawline. For someone who has a round face, I have to say I was amazed that this trick did make my face look a bit less round and it gave me some depth without having to get a tan.

Are there are any tricks or tips you've learned from others that work for you? Please share them with me, I'm always up for learning more about the application process!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MAC Pro Store Picks: Sculpt & Shape Powders

I had a girls-day-out last weekend at South Coast Plaza and stop #1 was the MAC Pro Store where I decided to pick up some of the Sculpting & Shaping Powders. I already had the Accentuate/Sculpt Duo that was released back in December of 2007. I've actually neglected this duo because I normally don't like split-colored powders - but I pulled this out recently and really like it for natural contouring and highlighting the eyes.

The Shaping Powders are the lighter colors with subtle pearl powders for a very subtle glow. The shimmer is very soft which is nice and is more natural than the MSF highlighter powder I've tried. Think along the lines of Chanel's Poudre Douces but not quite as subtle and I wouldn't recommend them for the entire face.

The Sculpting Powders are the matte darker colors that come in various shades of beige and brown. These are meant to be used for contouring to create shadow-like effects.

MAC has repromoted their Sculpt/Shape Duos for several collections since the original release, so if you missed out on the previous releases, there's a chance they might repromote it again in the future. If you're near a Pro Store and like natural beige/brown/flesh toned powders, I recommend you try and check these out!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Armani Lip Shimmer Glosses

This is for Suzanne who requested swatches of all my Armani Lip Shimmers together in one photo. These retail in the US for $26 and are available at various Saks, Neimans, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms locations. I purchased all of mine from Saks over the years - I realize the shelf life of a lipgloss is typically 1-2 years, but I am not one to pay attention to expiration dates for makeup. If it still smells good, I continue to use it.

I want to let you know up front that most of these are no longer made and are now discontinued. You may be able to find more of the older shades instore rather than online, so I recommend trying your local Saks or Nordstrom to see if they carry some of the older shades.

Check for the current shades. The spring shades are not listed online yet for some reason.

Photographed together

How on earth did I accumulate so many Armani Lipglosses? I have no idea - but it's normally been a purchase of 1-2 glosses per season. Most of these are about 50% used up which you might not be able to tell from the photos. I had to swirl and pump the tubes a bit to get the gloss moved around so they weren't all settled on the bottoms. I do find I use these a lot - they are on the sheerer side and have a smooth texture. I always layer over a lipstick or lipliner. Most of these are too sheer to wear on their own since I have a lot of pink in my lips.

Rain or Shine, I'm Hopelessly Addicted to NARS

It's been pouring down rain and hail here for several days, but I signed up for a NARS event and was determined to go no matter what the weather conditions were.

My local Nordstrom hosted a 3 day NARS national artist event to launch the spring line and I was thrilled with the makeover results. I asked the makeup artist for a look that would either use the new Kuala Lumpur Eyeshadow Duo or if that didn't work, I asked for ideas on how to use my Brousse Eyeshadow Duo with the new Ophelia Lipgloss.

We decided to try the new spring duo since she was smitten with it, but unfortunately it was just too warm for my skintone. It looked like a combination of MAC Melon Pigment + Starviolet Eyeshadow on my eyes. I loved the fact that she was so easy to work with and did not hesitate to take the eyeshadows off and start over again. This is what she ended up doing:

Skin Prep: Skin was cleansed with the Makeup Cleansing Oil (applied to dry skin) and wiped off with a water-sprayed cotton pad. She then used the Balancing Toning Lotion to tone the skin and applied the Potent EFA Cream, Nourishing Eye Cream, and Makeup Primer.

Foundation & Concealer: She used the South Beach Multiple on the cheeks and temples under foundation to give the skin a glow from within. Since I already use the Sheer Glow, I asked to try out the Sheer Matte, she picked out Sheer Matte in Santa Fe which seemed to be a good match. Red spots and dark circles were covered with the Custard/Ginger concealer duo mixed with Luxor Multiple for a luminous uplifting glow. The Powder Foundation in Deauville was buffed out on the skin.

Cheeks: For cheeks, I mentioned to her that I already had almost every single Nars Blush, so she of course asked which shades I did not have, and picked out Taj Mahal for me to try. I have to admit I was seriously freaked out when I saw it, but she applied it with a VERY soft touch followed by Desire and it gave THE PERFECT glowy peachy pink I have ever seen. The way she applied Taj Mahal was to take their Yachiyo Brush and dust it into the compact then she vigorously tapped off the excess. She applied it to the cheeks in a soft sweep and it gave a subtle candle-lit glow. She then used the same brush to apply Desire right over it.

Eyes: An interesting trick she showed me was to apply the Luxor Multiple with a concealer brush right above the brows to give an uplifting-effect. For the eyes, she started by lining the eyes with Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and smudged it. Mekong Single Eyeshadow was then applied with a smudge brush right on top of the pencil and then blended upwards with a mixture of both sides from Brousse Eyeshadow Duo about 1/2 way up the lids. Next, she took the lighter side of Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo to go over all the shades as a blending and softening color with soft contour. For mascara, she used both of the new ones in black, starting with the Lengthening first, and then the Volumizing on top. It was an instant lash makeover.

Lips: For lips, she blotted the lips with Cafe Con Leche Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (which I have but is missing-in-action) and topped with an application of Belle du Jour Lipstick. The final touch was to add the new Ophelia Lipgloss.

Swatches L to R: Aigle Noir Pencil, Mekong Eyeshadow Single, Brousse Duo (both sides mixed), Kalahari (both sides mixed), South Beach Multiple, Luxor Multiple, Taj Mahal Blush, Desire Blush, Belle du Jour Lipstick, Ophelia Lipgloss

What I wore today to the makeover: White ruffle collared blouse from Banana Republic, Beige button coat from Banana Republic, Joes Jeans Petite Provocateur Fit.

Overall thoughts: I really loved the results and ended up purchasing the Eye Cream, Balancing Cleanser, Taj Mahal Blush, Ophelia Lipgloss and both mascaras. The EFA cream was a bit heavy for my skin, but from past makeover experiences I've had with NARS, I've found most of their moisturizers a bit too moisturizing for my skin, so it wasn't surprising.

The number of products she used seemed like a lot, but the result was so pretty, I don't think I'll mind using everything again on numerous occasions in the future.

I absolutely LOVED both mascaras. They were both amazing and it was an instant lash-makeover with the application of both combined together. I'm not sure about the smudge-factor since it was raining heavily outside and my under-eye area was very moist from the EFA cream. I'll be testing it out more in the next week and report back later about the results.

Most of the things I already owned from previous purchases. I've always been a HUGE fan of Nars and events like these are inspiring to me to try out new combinations to get me out of that same-look rut I tend to get into during this time of year.

It's been a while since I've had a makeover - I used to go to Chanel and Nars events on a monthly basis before for ideas and GWPs. But there's nothing like a horrible MAC makeover to make you want to stop going to any event period. That being said, I have ALWAYS had great makeover results with Nars events. I highly recommend you get on your local counters call lists or ask about upcoming events. They are super fun and you can get tons of ideas on how to combine different colors.

I find that a makeover is more successful when you have a certain look you have in mind so the makeup artists has an idea of what you're looking for. Simply saying "give me a natural look" isn't much help, so I suggest being a bit more specific like say, "I like pink lips" or "can you show me how to use Brousse Eyeshadow Duo?" If you simply have no idea, that's fine too - just give them something to work with. Something like saying, "I wear champagnes and browns on my eyes with peach lips all the time - I need something different" can help a ton.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rococo Nail Apparel in Re-Issue: Total Plummy Berry Gorgeousness

My most recent manicure is with Rococo Nail Polish in Re-Issue, a gorgeous classic rich plummy wine with a bit of shimmer/pearl. I can't stop looking at my nails and can say this is the best pick-me-up of the week. I don't think I've ever been this happy with a manicure before.

The color is probably very dupe-able, but I love it. It reminds me of colors like OPI's NYPD Beet, Yankee Pankee Plum, Nars Gimme Shelter - but not quite as vampy since it has a reddish undertone. The shimmer in it has a pearl finish (versus frost/chrome) which I really like. Here it is with multiple views with 3 coats with Seche Vite top coat. It's photographed with my Louis Small Agenda in the Violette Vernis.

I am trying to post dupe swatches/photos but it's been cloudy and raining like crazy here, so the lighting is not cooperating with me! I will try and update with another duplicate/comparison post in the next week.

Rococo Nail Apparel from SPACE.NK.apothecary

I discovered Rococo Nail Apparel on 2 of my favorite NY-based bloggers Beauty Moogle Zone and New York City Pretty (both possess fashionably great taste and are always in-the-know) and knew I had to check out this brand.

I ordered a few colors from SpaceNK online and this past weekend I had a girls-day-out to Orange County and stopped by the SpaceNK in Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza to check out the rest of the line.

I first need to RAVE about their customer service. For my online order, one of the colors I received was the wrong shade and SpaceNK online was really great in trying to correct the mishap. Since I was going to be near a SpaceNK that next weekend, she called all the California stores near me to make sure they had the right color in stock and that they were aware I'd be coming for a possible exchange.

My experience at the South Coast Plaza location was also incredible. I've been to SCP on several occasions but never even noticed the SpaceNK corner as it was a bit hidden. Those not familiar with Bloomingdales, next time you go, I highly recommend you check it out. If you have trouble finding it, just ask. My friend and I met the most knowledgeable associate we have ever encountered there. We spent about 3o minutes smelling the perfumes and looking at the skincare and we were both amazed at all the information he had about each item. Anything we pointed at, he was able to give us the FULL 411 on. He described each fragrance topnotes and undertones and gave us recommendations based on our likes. For skincare, he was able to tell us the ingredients of any skincare product, explained in detail how to best use it, he even explained how to use that muslin cloth in the Eve Lom Cleanser set. We were both thrilled.

For my Rococo experience, I have slightly mixed feelings. The nail polishes come in a stunning range of colors with great pigment - but there seems to be some inconsistency with some of the batches in the actual color you get. We pulled out 3 different colors: R2T2, Gothic Lolita, and Organza and there were clear differences between the tester and product being sold. For example, the Gothic Lolita tester was a gorgeous blueberry jelly shimmer while the product sold was a shimmery gunmetal. The Organza tester (can see it on the SpaceNK website) was a straight beige with iridescent gold shimmer, while the one I bought has a slight pinkish shimmers and undertone.

There are 2 types of labels which I will picture below. I think the type of label on your bottle will indicate what variation of color you get. Unfortunately you don't really know which type of label you will get.

So - my frustration with this line is the lack of consistency in colors with the same name. I did however appreciate the honesty from the associates at SpaceNK at Bloomingdales. They mentioned up front that I should know there is a slight difference from some of the colors that they believe was due to a difference in manufacturer or batch production. The sales associates were kind enough to open up several boxes of their stock so I could compare them the testers to make my purchasing decisions.

My descriptions of the colors: (note that Molten Lava, Pop Culture & No Shrinking Violet were part of a 3-piece holiday set)
  • Boutique - sheer nude glossy cream
  • Molten Lava - sparkling pale silver (this looked like an exact dupe to R2T2)
  • Organza - pale cream with pink-opal flashes
  • Andromeda - holographic silver-grey (this is my favorite)
  • Vayder - pure black with silver glitter
  • Pop Culture - iridescent bright coral with silver pearl
  • Re-Issue - gorgeous plum-grape with reddish tinge and pearl
  • Baby Punk - bright peachy-pink (brighter version of MAC Coconut Ice)
  • No Shriking Violet - iridescent violet (I have a feeling this might be similar to the new Nars spring nail polish)
  • Tokyo Nights - iridescent bright coral-red (similar to Pop Culture minus the silvery pearl, but on the nails, looks almost identical)

The swatches on paper look different from what goes on the nails, but I'm conducting a few nail-related projects so it's going to take a while for me to swatch them all, so please bear with me. I will get around to swatching them all on my fingers. I just got a mani with Re-Issue (which I am totally in love with) - see that in a post coming soon.

I've since seen a few more posts on London Makeup Girl featuring Blu Skywalker & Visionary Beauty featuring Metal Jacket. Have you seen this line in person? What are your thoughts?

My personal rants aside about consistency, I was very pleased with the whole SpaceNK shopping experience. I think this line has great colors with lovely pigment and formulas. There's nothing like great customer service that makes your shopping experience all the more better and enjoyable - especially for the 2 of us who went completely giddy smelling the unique perfumes and blabbering about the high-end skincare lines. It was nice to find a sales associate who didn't make us feel awkward about our beauty obsession (which I have to say would have been totally understandable as we were probably acting to the equivalent of teenage girls screeching at a Twilight or New Moon premiere). These nail polishes retail for $16.50 each and the line also carries a gold-flecked nail polish for $32.50 with real gold flakes (which I did not purchase).

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