Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreaming of Resort with Chanel Inattendu & Riva Le Vernis

This mani/pedi was from the weekend - right after Thanksgiving when I was dreaming of warm sandy beaches. Living in Southern California, I shouldn't complain, but I spent part of the extended weekend watching Chanel's Saint-Tropez Cruise 2010/2011 Fashion Show (yes, a few months late) and couldn't help but feel envious of the beautiful warm-looking weather. I immediately was inspired to make myself feel resort-like the only way I could by doing a Chanel cruise-inspired mani/pedi.

The inspiration from the fashion show, nude pink nails on the hands and blue on the toes. I know most breakdowns list Jade Rose on the fingers, but I decided to go with Inattendu instead for the hands. I stuck with the new Riva on the toes to mimic the models.

Mani/pedi both have 3 coats each:

Chanel Inattendu Le Vernis:

Chanel Riva Le Vernis:

Inattendu also featured in this month's InStyle:

Another view of Riva:


  1. ooh! I am loving "inattendu." I have yet to own a Chanel nail varnish, however this may be my first purchase!! :)

  2. What a beautiful combo! Is Inattendu similar to Jade Rose?

  3. chanel makes the best nail colors.

  4. Ok, no one likes Riva's formula, but the color is just so GORGEOUS!

  5. Inattendu--one of my favorites! And it looks beautiful with Riva. You come up with some lovely nail combinations. This is one I think I'll be copying :-)

  6. YES!

    you are so right. As soon as I saw the whole collection (eye shadows are to die for), that is what I thought of.

    this collection is definitely cruise material =).

    I am dead set on those shadows. The shadows and nail polish look amazing together.

    very tropical cruise worthy colors.

    I live in flordia and am surrounded by beaches. I don't care for cruises but the chanel collection makes me wanna take one.

    your engagement ring is beautiful by the way.

  7. I have just madly fallen in love with Riva!
    I need it so bad!
    I love your mani-pedi combo!!
    Amazing colours!

  8. I did not care for Riva at all initially, but the more and more I see it, I'm beginning to think that I *need* it now! eeek!

  9. Gorgeous polishes! AND gorgeous 'rock'! ;-))

  10. I'm liking inattendu! Your toes are cute. I used to think my toes were cute until I took a photo of them. Then I realized they don't photograph well haha.

  11. I love the combination. I still to wait until next year. Thank you for sharing


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