Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laura Mercier Color Wardrobe Holiday 2010

This holiday season seems to be all about palettes and sets. Laura Mercier has quite a few options this holiday but the only one that stood out to me was the Color Wardrobe Palette. I purchased this from the last Neimans Incircle Event to take advantage of their gift with purchases but was under the impression the retail value was less than the $98 listed price. I will say my jaw dropped when I saw the price on the receipt. I do think it's a relatively good value for 6 eyeshadows, 3 blushes (these have more product than a full sized blush), 8 lip colors, and 2 double ended brushes, however if I knew the retail price beforehand I probably would have passed on this.

  • Top Layer, Top Row: Chocolate, Sable, Twinkling Star, Stellar, Tiger’s Eye and Baroque Eye Colours
  • Top Layer, Bottom Row: Spice, Apricot Blossom and Lotus Cheek Colours
  • Bottom Layer, Top Row: Mulberry Stain, Hibiscus Stain, Shy Pink Stain, Plum Lip Glaze
  • Bottom Layer, Bottom Row: English Rose Stain, Brick Red Stain, Mocha Stain, Naked Lip Glaze

If you're more into the individual products the good news is that most of the lip stains are available individually. I've been told that the 2 exclusive eyeshadows Twinkling Star & Tiger's Eye are going to be released next year (these are a new sparkling formula). The three blushes are gorgeous but are similar to existing colors. I compared them at the counter and they are clearly different but still close to some shades.

Don't get me wrong - this is a beautiful palette and very versatile to take you from day to night. The lip colors are neutrals with a kick. My favorite items are the brushes (Laura always does great brushes with her palettes unlike many other brands) and the blushes. I just would have rather purchased items individually.

The colors, descriptions, close ups + swatches of the top layer:

  • Chocolate - shimmering deep cocoa chocolate brown
  • Sable - cool silver-taupe
  • Twinkling Star - glittering champagne with a hint of pink
  • Stellar - neutral champagne nude
  • Tiger’s Eye - sparkling warm bronze
  • Baroque - warm tawny brownish neutral

  • Spice - the name says it all, a warm brown spice with slight shimmer
  • Apricot Blossom - reminds me of Orange Blossom
  • Lotus - bright pink with shimmer, brighter/cooler than Lotus Pink

The colors, descriptions, close ups + swatches of the top layer:

Lip Stains:
  • Mulberry - warm red brown
  • Hibiscus - bright healthy pink
  • Shy Pink - nude pink
  • English Rose - medium warm pink rose
  • Brick Red - not sure what to make of this color, it's not really a brick red
  • Mocha - cinnamon mocha brown

Lip Glazes:
  • Plum Lip Glaze - sheer glossy plum
  • Naked Lip Glaze - light peachy-beige, almost clear

Overall a nice neutral polished and classic looking palette that isn't too neutral. If you're new to Laura Mercier or are looking for a versatile palette to go with virtually everything in your wardrobe this is a great pick for you. Great for travel and the product sizes are decent. I don't know that I would be comfortable toting this around in my purse but the compact is fairly sturdy and comes with high quality brushes. It is on the pricey side but if you consider all the items you get, it's a relatively good value.


  1. Wow! $98!! It is a beautiful collection and it is very comprehensive, but the price is a stumbling block as far as giving it as a gift is concerned. I wouldn't bother getting it for myself, either, as I already have similar shades. Thank you, though, for the review and sharing it with us. I can enjoy it vicariously without buying :-)

  2. Palettes are wonderful makeup to use. "Sable" eyeshadow is such a pretty color!

  3. that 'sabel' eyeshadow color is gorgeous. hope this arrives in australia ~ christmas present for myself =) great post. many thanks for sharing xo

  4. It is beautiful palette however I don't feel it is a must have item.

    What is the name of the lovely nail color you are wearing?

  5. I think the LM palette at Saks is $125. And sadly, that's the one I want I just don't know if I want to commit that much. Maybe I should start trying out her products before taking that step.

  6. Really pretty palette (I like Sable, Stellar, and Apricot Blossom), but.. I think I'll pass and just buy full-sized individual items eventually. Thank you for sharing! ^^

  7. Oooh la la-Lotus blush is gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely review--it's amazing to see so many products in one lovely palette!!

  8. May I ask you which nailpolish you're wearing on the pic with the brushes? It looks amazing!

    *crosses fingers that it isn't LE!*

  9. Oh gosh, I am literally drooling over this palette. I've already sent out an email to find out if and when this will be released in the UK! I think the colours are very tempting! I don't really own any Laura Mercier but have always wanted to get one of the wardrobes.
    Jane x

  10. The 'sabel' eyeshadow color is gorgeous! I love this!


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