Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chanel Holiday Nails: Pulsion Le Vernis

Chanel Pulsion Le Vernis ($23) is a vibrant hot pink cream color that is cool-toned. I thought Riviera was bright but Pulsion is like Riviera electrified. It's a few shades deeper and significantly brighter. I'm not sure I would really associate this with a winter/holiday color except maybe for a holiday party. Definitely too bright for a conservative office environment, perhaps ok for the toes.

Here it is compared to a few other pinks, left to right:
Chanel Melrose, Chanel Riviera, Chanel Pulsion, Dior Red Dahlia

One last view:


  1. This color is gorgeous!
    I CANNOT wait to purchase this color :)

  2. I loved the comparison photo! It looks like a trendy gradation manicure lol. Pulsion is a bit bright for my taste, but I think I could grow to love it. Melrose and Riviera on the other hand.. so lovely. I'm sad I missed out on them. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It's pretty but I don't know if I'm feeling the bright pink for holiday. Especially with all the pretty purple/greige colors out there. But yeah, I agree that this would be a fantastic pedicure color.

  4. This is so bright! I was thinking about getting Mica Rose since it's being re-promoted. Slowly adding to my collection, hehe.

  5. Looks great on the 2nd pic, but on all other ones, it looks super bright. Not my favorite, but pretty!

  6. wow! I looooove this color, so lovely!

  7. Looks pretty on your nails!
    I was surprised that you did not do a comparison against the recent Rose Insolent since they look quite possibly a dupe :) How would you say they compare?

    Btw, I'm a new reader and I love your blog! Keep up the great job :)

  8. This reminds me of a retired Chanel color #57 Pimpant/Pop - Love it!

  9. I really appreciate your blog. All the cosmetics featured on here do you use them as testers and return the colors you don't want? I am also grateful for the blogging tips. It is proper blog etiquette. I also believe adding a youtube channel is also good to get a blog noticed.

    Thank you for the blog. I love all the featured products

  10. Hi, this looks so familiar to Splendeur..Do you have that to dupe?

  11. I couldn't wear it (too bright and too pink for my pink skin). But dear daughter says it is the pink she's been waiting for! Thanks for the comparisons.

  12. Yeah, Rose Insolence is pale against this color. I think dupe for Pulsion is KOALA BEAR-Y by OPI, they are very close

  13. wowsers - i love this colour, its so gorgeous!!! you have super nails by the way x

  14. Catherine - YES it's VERY bright!

    Reene - If you missed out on Riviera, check out the new Rose Insolent. I already did a review to show that it's almost an exact dupe. Click here: http://www.thebeautylookbook.com/2010/08/chanel-le-vernis-rouge-fatal-rose.html

    Stephanie - Mica Rose is pretty, but not all that unique. But if you missed out the first time around it's a great time to get it now.

    Tina - Thanks for visiting. If you check out my review on Rose Insolent, you will see that Rivera = Rose Insolent. See here for more details. http://www.thebeautylookbook.com/2010/08/chanel-le-vernis-rouge-fatal-rose.html

    From this review you can deduce that if Riviera = Rose Insolent, then you can see how Pulsion compares. I do not swatch everything since these are my own purchased products.

    Anonymous - I don't have either of those colors but I wouldn't be surprised if Chanel released a color similar to what they have in the past.

    Brittany - Not to be rude, but I find it ridiculous that anyone would buy simply to swatch. I am thoroughly offended that you would suggest that I would do such a thing. Most of the items I feature are things I have already tested at the counter (hence the purpose of testers) and then purchased. You should be able to see that I don't purchase everything from every collection. I don't typically return things as the stores I shop from are mostly high end department stores with strict return policies. I strongly believe in testing before you buy to see if you like something or not. This should help one avoid returning things.

    The brands I do not have in person access to I research thoroughly before purchasing.

    As far as returning products - I have returned at most 5 different products I've featured over the hundreds of posts I've done. All of which I have disclosed on each post for the products I did not like.

    Nudibelle - I don't have Splendeur, sorry.

    Anonymous - I was thinking Pulsion was similar to Koala-Bear-Y as well but am not 100% sure. I gave Koala-Bear-Y to my mom and I'm pretty sure it's a more elegant bright pink rather than an electric pink, but I could be wrong.

  15. I am OBSESSED with this color! GORGEOUS!

  16. I meant to take my bottle of Splendeur to Niemans to see how similar it is to Pulsion and I forgot it. :-( I may try again later in the week.


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