Friday, October 29, 2010

Burberry Beauty Blushes: Russet & Blossom

My initial thoughts about the blushes from Burberry Beauty were that most of the colors would be too dark for my medium skintone. Diane and I had visited the counter the week after the line launched at South Coast Plaza back in July. After swiping and brushing several shades on my hand and testing a couple on the face I thought they swatched pretty dark except for Peony (reviewed here). I tested out Cameo on the face and it turned really dark on the skin so I thought the other shades would be just as dark. Diane from Orange To L.A. did a lovely review of Blossom and it has been on my lemming list ever since.

Left: Russet, Right: Blossom

I checked out the Burberry line again in San Francisco back in August and tried Russet and Blossom once again. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these two shades applied much better on the face compared to what swatched on my hand and also were much better than what I saw in the compact. The blushes have a similar texture to the eyeshadows: soft finish, finely milled, slightly more powdery feeling than most pressed powder blushes. There is a lot of pigment in these but the soft texture allows you to blend and layer softly for a natural look.

In natural outdoor lighting, no flash:

Russet is the perfect shade of tawny - beautiful for fall. This was the shade I had my eye on from the beginning but when swatched on my fingers appeared way too brown and orangey. Don't let that fool you - if you can get to a counter try it on the face. It's beautiful. Amy from Café Makeup just did a beautiful review - you can see how pretty it is on her and she has fairer skin than me. I didn't have time to do a comparison but it reminds me of Chanel Tweed Sienna and Ambre.

Blossom is a beautiful complex-but-not-too-frosty coral that brightens the skin. I thought this would turn orangey on my skin as well but it brightens the face with a lovely glow. It's like NARS Torrid but with a bit more pink and doesn't have that overly-frosty finish that NARS shimmer blushes can sometimes have.

All three of my Burberry Blushes swatched on bare skin: Russet, Blossom & Peony

One last view:

Overall thought: Love but I wish the line had a bigger color selection. The Burberry Beauty Line has beautiful packaging and design with high quality products. For those not familiar with Burberry Beauty, it is currently exclusive to and a few select Nordstrom locations in the US.


  1. The SF Burberry MA described Blossom to me like this: "it's like NARS Orgasm without the shimmer"...she was right. I love this better than Orgasm (at least on my skintone). After reading this along with Amy's review on Russet, I may have to pick up 2 blushes next time I'm there.

    Next to D&G, Burberry has been a surprise hit for me!

  2. After reading your review, I definitely need to check these out again at the counter. At first, none of the colors appealed to me but I love enablers =D. Also, I don't mean to sound selfish or demanding (I know you're busy >_<) but I noticed that you skipped the lipsticks + blush from Chanel`s Holiday collex. Will a post be in the works for the future? Thanks so much!

  3. Of course I was hoping for a review of the Burberry blushes, since I will be making my way back to SCP tomorrow! And, of course, here they are! Hehe! Too funny! You are THE BEST Sabrina!

    Thank you for the review!

  4. I think all of these look lovely, including the swatches of Peony that you added at the end. I am tempted by all of these. I hope to invest in something from Burberry once my spending ban is over! Thanks for the lovely post.
    Jane x

  5. Hi Sabrina! I have medium-tan skin, will Blossom show up on me?


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