Friday, June 11, 2010

Bobbi Brown Pink Oyster Shimmer Brick (Asia Exclusive)

You all know that I love the unique and the hard-to-find :) I fell in love with the Pink Oyster Shimmer Brick ever since I saw Haru's review on Rouge Deluxe back in May (see her review here) and knew I had to find it. I am happy to report that she enabled me to get my hands on the Pink Oyster Shimmer Brick from Singapore thanks to a lovely custom purchase and I am forever grateful. (Thanks Iris! xoxo)

The U.S. market received the Beach Shimmer Brick for the summer collection. You can see my review, swatches and comparisons here. I called my in-the-know sales associates here to inquire about it's possible release here (especially since Neimans sometimes gets exclusives) - but no luck. At this time, you can only get it in Asia. It's a lovely block of white gold, sandy beige, pale gold, and light pearly pink shimmers. Swirled together it's absolutely stunning. It's definitely more of a highlight power - hard to describe but it gives a nice glow.

Here it is swirled, swatched and compared:

Compared to Pink, Platinum Pink, Pink Quartz:

Pink Oyster (Asia Exclusive, Summer 2010):

Platinum Pink (Spring 2009):

Pink Quartz (Holiday 2007):

Pink (Regular Line):

How much did this set me back? After the exchange rates, a little over $50ish USD each (which included shipping for 2 well padded shimmer bricks). Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Definitely yes. Unfortunately, even in my extensive stash of highlighters, I cannot find a dupe. It's what I wanted NARS Albatross to be (which turns a horrid yellow-gold on me).


  1. I'm really frustrated as I want this so badly. Do you have any idea where we can order one from? Thank you again, for your great posts, and for featuring Bobbi Brown products. (They're hard to find swatched!)


  2. Hi Nina - I understand your frustration! Try one of the Japanese websites like I've heard from other bloggers that you can e-mail them (contact info on the front page) to see if they can find it for you from Japan. They are pricey though! Mine was from Singapore and converted to about $53 USD. I hear Japanese prices are higher. If you check out Izzys Beaute Shoppe they sometimes have Euro/Asia exclusives too.

  3. This looks so lovely! I can just imagine how nicely it would be in a look. Can you think of any dupes? Thanks in advance : )

  4. Very pretty! I really like the mix of pinks and golds.

  5. The Platinum Pink is gorgeous, but all of them are pretty.. it's always the way the best products are hard to get hold of!

  6. This is so pretty. :) Like you I'm also attracted to the hard-to-find limited edition stuff, so had to get a CP from Hong Kong. I ended up paying £35 for it (the Beach one cost £29), which isn't too bad considering shipping costs. It's a bit lighter than I hoped, but it's a lovely highlighter nevertheless. :)

  7. Hey Lina,

    Wow - I am not a fan of CPs but this is really worth it. And, in the end, $50 is not a bad price. Good for you for making it happen! This looks like the best shimmerbrick yet and hopefully it will come to the States. The colors look really nice and not something we've seen before.

    Off to send a mail to



  8. Pink oyster looks fabulous and your blog is extremely interesting. What is according to you the lightest level of shimmers among the different shimmer bricks ? Peony? Nude? Beige?rose? Pink oyster?

  9. What a surprise! Just today I went to the Post Office to pick up my Pink Oyster Shimmer Brick! I don't care for bronzers, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. Your swatches are gorgeous! Now I'm more than ever tempted to use it instead of just look at it.

    By the way I heard you can get this unboxed on

  10. Wow!! Thank you very much for your post! Loved the swatches & comparisons!

  11. You just had to tempt me, didn't you? :) When I went to check out the Pink Oyster Shimmer brick at the BB counter, it didn't seem as pretty... but after looking at your swatches, I might go back there to give it another try! ;D

  12. Pink Oyster can also be found on Strawberrynet for under 44 USD.

  13. Thanks for the help everyone. Nina

  14. could the dior skin shimmer in amber diamond be a dupe for this?

  15. Dear Anonymous--Dior's amber diamond will not have the pink and golden tones of Pink Oyster. The Dior amber diamond has a decided warmer brown cast-similar to Bobbi's Nude shimmerbrick. Dior did (does?) make a rose diamond, but it does not have any yellow tones either. I don't own Pink Oyster yet (but thanks to the helpful Koren, I did order on!), but typically the Dior's texture is more finely-milled that Bobbi's shimmer brick. Thank you for the lovely pictures Sabrina! You do an amazing job!

  16. TheStartStream - I couldn't find a dupe for this.

    Leslieal - Going to e-mail you soon!

    Honor - TY! All the BB shimmer bricks seem to have the same intensity for the frost/shimmer level. It varies depending on how heavy you apply it. I like it because it's not too frosty, but not too soft so it definitely shows up! But I do tend to apply these with a lighter hand.

    Koren! I should have known! What's your e-mail? We need to chat :) I'll send you a page on MUA.

    Nina - GOOD luck finding it!

    Amy - Thanks for the input. You are RIGHT ON! Amber Diamond is more copper and Pink Oyster has pink/gold/yellow tones to it.

    So I would say no - Amber Diamond is definitely NOT a dupe.


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