Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chanel Spring 2010 Cultivating Beauty Event

A friend and I had a girls-day-out for the Chanel Spring Cultivating Beauty Event this past weekend and we had a blast. The event was held at one of our local Nordstroms and I was thrilled that I was assigned to one of my favorite Chanel artists who has actually done my makeup several times in the past. I've always had great results with her and it was great to work with her again! Finding a good makeup artist can be a challenge. I'm sure everyone has had their share of horror makeovers gone terribly wrong, so you can imagine my relief today to find myself assigned to her chair.

She asked what type of look I was looking for and I told her I loved everything she's done in the past so really anything was fine with me. Having worked with her before, she already knew I owned practically every Chanel quad and glossimer, so she went through a mental list of colors she thought I probably didn't own to pick out some new colors for me to try. She gave me a light and fresh spring look and this is what she used:


Pro Lumiere Foundation in Shell 1.5
Rosee Poudre Douce dusted all over to set
Soleil de Tan in Sunkissed on cheeks to highlight
Rose Dust Blush

Platine Eyeshadow all over lids (lash to brow)
Sillage Eyeshadow applied slightly damp as a crease color
Khaki Eyeshadow applied under eyes (Silvery was suggested as an alternative)
Ebene Waterproof Eyeliner along upper lashes

Nude Lipliner
Rose Comete Rouge Coco Lipstick
Galactic Glossimer applied in center of lips

We were both surprised that Sillage turned out to be a good crease color since it's on the lighter side. When applied damp Sillage looks more intense and the bronzey-pink side is brought to life. She wanted to try new colors that I didn't have so she applied the Khaki eyeshadow with an angled brush along the lower lash lines. It was an interesting look, but I knew I wouldn't wear it so she suggested I use Silvery for some definition under the eyes but wanted me to wear the eye makeup with Khaki (shimmery olive green) around just for fun.

The standouts for me were the Platine + Sillage eyeshadow combo and the Rose Comete + Galactic lip combo. Platine is the prettiest pale cool sparkle that looks almost blueish on my skin because it's so light. Rose Comete is a pretty light cool pink shimmer.

The gifts included a Chanel Black notepad and pencil along with 3 mini samples of lifting cream, intimitable mascara and chance perfume. We both had fun and learned some new combinations to try.

I wanted to do arm swatches but I am embarrassed to photograph them right now. My arms are scratched up from a bit too much puppy excitement this past weekend. I've been babysitting my mom's dog which means I've had 3 Jack Russell Terriers in the house for the past week, so you can imagine the action/excitement/jumping/noise that I've been experiencing.

Here are 2 lip swatches of the what was used on the lips: Nude Lipliner, Rose Comete Rouge Coco and Galactic Glossimer.

To see a few other makeovers, just click on the makeover label on the Tags listed below. I've featured a few other Chanel events before that had great results. Perhaps they will give you some ideas on how to coordinate your Chanel items together!


  1. Sounds like a fun girls' day out Sabrina! What is this event you attended, is at a counter in a department store?

  2. Hi Lakshmi - this was at Nordstrom :)

  3. Aww, sounds like fun! :D The lip combo is gorgeous and I love the sound of Sillage applied wet! So pretty and springy!

    Hope your arm heals up soon! The puppies sound adorable though. =)

    I've actually never had a proper makeover yet. I did go to an Ulta Beauty Event... but it was so obvious the girl doing my makeup wasn't experienced at all. Lucky for me I went home afterwards so I just took the oxidized foundation, asymmetrical, unblended turquoise shadow and really harsh black brows off immediately.

  4. thank you for sharing this makeover with us! i love the color silage. :)

  5. I love chanel makeup and Galactic is one of my favourite lip gloss of all times!! XX

  6. Okay so I think my Teint Innocence compact is going to get me through just till the end of this week lucky for me it's pay day on the 30th! So you think I should just go with the powder foundation or the bottle version of Teint Innocence? I need the extra coverage to help me out with my hyperpigmentation. I am so stunned and happy that I haven't broken out with the compact foundation! Sillage does look pretty - I would just use it as a lid color for an easy eye or "I literally have only 5mns to slap e/s on!!"

    Happy Monday! That lips combo is stunning on you, BTW...

  7. Thanks for sharing your make-over. I had a similar look done at the Chanel counter, but the MA used Black Star instead of Khaki or Silvery since I had told her I would be going out that evening. And isn't that Platine wonderful? It brings such a sparkle to the eyes without looking like fairy dust! I bet you looked absolutely lovely.

  8. Everything looks so pretty! I need to check out Sillage and Rose Comete when I go to Nordstrom. Thank you for sharing this look.

  9. Sounds like you had a great time! I love the lip combo on you (doesn't hurt that you have really cute lips too) and the blush is stunning!

  10. Always love a Chanel post! Glad you had such a great time. I recently swapped for Platine and like it as well.

    Leslieal :-)

  11. that makeover sounds lovely! I had a horrible one at ysl that summed up was orange blush and blue eyeshadow all the way to the brows...yuck. I looked like i was about to go stand on a corner.

  12. Thanks for the detailed post. Sweet blog!

  13. Thank you for the suggestion of using Sillage damp as a crease shade! I'd never have EVER thought of that myself, and I gave it a try today ... it's surprisingly deeper than how it appears in the pan when used wet!

    As always, thank you for the inspiration & ideas, Sabrina! :-)

  14. I love Rose Comete! BTW I nominated you for a blog award on my page :)Love your blog!

  15. Beautiful! I alllmost got that Rouge Coco lipstick now I MUST get it b/c I have Galactic Glossimer. Which BTW looks pretty Keen with MAC GAGA VG l/s. Oh And I like the idea of Sillage as a crease color! Very creative!


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