Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saks Pure Beauty Event Feb 25 - March 6

This is a scan from the latest Saks Catalog - you can see it online at The gift is a tote in brown, pink or yellow with 5 listed samples and coupons. I didn't scan the picture of the totes, but if you click to's Beauty Catalog on Page 4-5, you can see what they look like and pics of the samples. The gifts and qualifiers for each individual line are listed below (click for larger viewing):

I already posted about this, but in case you missed it, exclusive to Saks is a Laura Mercier set with a Bold Berries Eyeshadow Quad, Mini Pink Rose Shimmer Block, Full Sized Babydoll lipgloss, mini mascara and face primer, and 2 mini brushes. I believe it retails for $65. Neimans and Nordstrom also have their own exclusive sets from Laura Mercier.


  1. Hi Lina,

    Thanks so much for posting about these GWP store events. Some of these I wouldn't even know about, had you not posted. :-)


    PS: I totally LOL at this comment, "The bag, as usual, is hideously ugly and in my opinion, a terrible incentive." GO YOU!

  2. You're welcome :) I feel mean saying what I said - who are they kidding with this offer? It's more like an insult than a goody bag.


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