Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Rouge d'Armani Pink Lipsticks 506, 507 & 512

Armani has some good beauty week GWPs this year! I opted for the Saks GWP because my Neimans didn't have the new pink lipsticks in for the rouge d'armani line. The counter didn't get all the shades in, but my SA was kind enough to sell me a tester for one of the shades.

I also compared it next to NARS Dolce Vita to help give you a baseline for comparisons. I just finished a tube and got a new one. For some reason I remember DV being cooler-toned. Unfortunately I already threw out my old tube, but perhaps it just looks warm next to the pink Armani shades.

Rouge D'Armani Lipsticks are mostly non-shimmer colors. They have more lasting power compared to the typical Armani lipstick (which are gorgeous, slightly glossy, but have little lasting power). These retail for $30 each and have a magnetic lid to hold them shut. I nearly had a few lipstick casualties when propping them up next to each other because the magnetic forces pushed and pulled the lipsticks in different directions.

Most of the new pinks were brighter. There was one, I believe it was 508 that was a cooler lighter pink than 507. If you love NARS Roman Holiday, then you might want to check out Pink 508.

The Saks GWP comes with a full-sized 44 lipshimmer and minis (just an FYI, I stocked up on some other staples such as mascara, powder foundation etc to meet the minimum purchase for the GWP, they are not photographed here):


  1. The new pinks are gorgeous! ♥ I hope my counter gets them soon too. :D

  2. yea, one of them is supposed to replace the LE armanisilk 99 (dark gorgeous rose). i forgot the shade #. ive gotten so many GWPs from GA that im in sample city with them :)

    they're honestly all gorgeous pinks. i've been tempted to buy them all !!!!

  3. those are so pretty. Do you know how the rouge d'armani formula compares to lipstick mania? Is it drier? I love the lipstick manias and would love to try the rouges

  4. We so have the same taste!! I bought 506 and 507 and am awaiting 510. I am absolutely in love with 506. What a great YLBB shade--bound to be HG for me.


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