Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lancome Pop Petrol Le Vernis Nail Polish

I just received a package from London, thanks to one of my favorite UK bloggers who was so kind to arrange a custom purchase for me. I was ecstatic to be able to get my hands on the Lancome Pop Petrol 014 Le Vernis Nail Color and immediately ran out to get a manicure.

How would I describe it? It's not quite as teal as the promo pictures showed, but it's still stunningly gorgeous. I'd describe it as a complex murky deep ocean blue-green. In natural light, it looks dark and almost black, but when the sunlight shines on it, the color flashes smokey greenish blue.

I took quite a few photos to try and show you how it looks at different angles and with different lighting. I hope this gives you an idea of how the color looks.

Please do not republish these photos, thanks!

With flash:

No flash:

With flash against Balenciaga First in Anthracite (2007 s/s):

Without flash against Balenciaga First (2007 s/s):

I did another post on some other teal-greenish nail polishes here. The closest color I have is Lippmann's Don't Tell Mama. They are extremely close to each other, the Lippmann is just greener and Lancome has a more smokey finish.

Overall thoughts: I love the color. It's a beautiful unique smokey green. The formula itself isn't easy to work with, but it's no different from other dark greens which seem to have a very sheer/streaky blackish base. Like all the other greens I have, the first coat looks horrid, but after the 2nd and 3rd coats you get the full frost finish. The salon put on 2 thick coats which took really long for it to dry. I would have rather had her apply 3 thinner coats, but was in a rush for a meeting. Overall, huge thumbs up. I'll try and update in a few days after I see how it wears.


  1. Oh, how pretty! I love that it has that "smoked" look.

  2. That is a lovely color - you are so lucky to have a UK insider!

  3. Wow, I love how pop petrol looks! I rarely use dark polishes but I've got to add this to my list. Now to find someone if the UK... lol =P

  4. It looks lovely on you. I found the promotional pictures for both this and the Dior spring nail polishes to be not terribly accurate; this is a little less teal, and the Dior a little less taupe than they look in the promo pics. I think I prefer the Lancome - the Dior looks a bit tinfoil-like on my fingernails!

  5. I thought I spotted a Balenciaga! So far my fave from your impressive handbag stash! I love them! I want a new one, but I can't decide what I want..

  6. Hmmm such a beautiful color, it reminds me of Wet N Wild Craze in 'Morbid"... I think they're similar, in case anyone is looking for a close/cheap dupe...


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