Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Shopping Finds

I went to the mall to do some returns while checking out the Bobbi Brown Corals Collection. I found some cute things - not all makeup related, so if you're only interested in the makeup part, I apologize!

Stop #1: J.Crew - I went in to return a scarf that I wasn't so wowed with after my initial purchase but there were so many pretty new spring clothes, I couldn't resist trying on a few things.

Rose Vines Bandaged Dress Item #25270 $138
(couldn't find this online yet though)
+ the newest catalog

Tried on a cotton ruffle dress in XS (left) which was super comfy but just looked odd with the ruffles near the bust. I don't remember the item number but I can't find it online either. It retailed for $69.50 and also came in a light grey color. Also tried the Rose Vines Bandaged Dress in Size 2 (right) which I ended up purchasing. It's difficult to see up close but the top has banded layers of fabric.

Frances Heart Cami Item #24735 which is currently on sale for $69.99. This is in Size 0. It looks way better on the model at Jcrew. A bit frilly but I still thought it was cute.

This is my favorite look from the new catalog.

Stop #2: Nordstrom - Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals haul plus some other browsing.

Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Haul (which you saw yesterday)

Didn't buy any of these since I don't have babies - but looking at these makes me want to have them. I just about died when I saw those baby boy Pumas.

Stop #3: Saks - I snapped pics of the upcoming Laura Mercier Exclusive set which has the Pink Rose Blush Quad, Bold Berries Eyeshadow Quad, 2 mini brushes, full size Babydoll Lipgloss, a mini mascara and mini foundation primer. I actually saw this at SCP a few weeks ago and I was under the impression it was for sale. My local Saks said it's only available for presale right now. I can't remember the price, but I want to say around $65-68ish?

Picked up the YSL Spring Highlighter + Armani Maestro Quad #6.

Stop #4: Sephora - Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy, a nice soft but healthy coral-pink.

What did you find this weekend?


  1. Tipsy is one of my faves for a healthy flush. Nice choices and great haul!

  2. Baby shoes are so precious! I try to avoid the baby sections at stores because I end up browsing and picking out things I would buy if I had a baby. =P

    The dresses look great on you but the cami looks amazing on you! great choices!

    I'd love to hear what you think of the YSL highlighter. I've been eyeing that along with the blush/bronzer but have been waiting for some reviews. =)

  3. Sounds like a fun day of shopping/browsing!! I love taking my time in the mall by myself or with friends with similar interests! And of course the best part is coming home and looking at all the goodies! Yay! :)

  4. I love the JCrew ruffle top!
    The swatches are beautiful of the new BB. I had to show some restraint and detour that counter today. I did however end up coming home with a Chantecaille concealer and the tinted moisturizer. Alas I think they are both going back tomorrow. An hour later the concealer was in lines I didn't know I had under my eyes and the tinted moisturizer was settled in some lines on my face. $112 make up should do none of this!
    I did place an order for 2 of the Julie Hewett Cheekies after reading some rave reviews and just took the plunge.
    Thanks for sharing~ I love living vicariously through others hauls!

  5. Nice goodies, I'm really enjoying the peaches in the spring BB!
    Have you checked out the Ellis Faas yet? I'm very tempted to order from BG, but if it's a miss, it will be very hard on my wallet!
    Thanks for the great swatches and pics :)

  6. i love the ruffle top! and the armani quad - what a great combo together they will make ;-)

  7. You have a nice taste!
    So true about the baby clothes and shoes. My friend's baby girl is one month old and when I look at all the pretty clothes I want to have a girl, too :)
    This weekend I got a Burberry wallet, shorts (for summer) and 2 pair of earrings!

  8. Ooooooh, those are some lovely finds!! I was kind of hoping you'd pick up the YSL highlighter - it looks so absolutely gorgeous but I'm afraid it's out of my budget for now. I love, love, love the whole mail motif and I swear someday I'm going to track down the metallic silver calfskin messenger-type bag too.

    The Laura Mercier exclusive looks so pretty! Makes me wonder if I should have asked for that as a vday/3rd anniversary present instead... hmmm, decisions decisions. (I asked for NARS Sin and the MAC 188, if you have any thoughts, lol.)

  9. Great post - -I love the addition of the clothes and baby shoes :) Love your blog!

  10. I have an 18 month old daughter - I am dying to buy her THOSE pumas...I love shopping more for her now than myself sadly. Maybe that is why I buy so much makeup for myself! I did manage to buy the new NARS Kuala Lumpur duo which I am wearing today - love it but not loving the chunky glitter fallout. I also bought a Kat Von D duo that was on sale - both found at my local Sephora. I also hauled my empty containers, an unused polish and lipstick to the MAC store and scored a Satin Taupe and Amber Lights e/s!!! YAY for Back 2 MAC program! I am contemplating bringing back my Kat Von D shadow - on the taupey side but not sure how much I am digging it.

    I also love that YSL powder you scored but wondering if I love more for the cute pouch it comes in. Hmmm.....must hold out till next payday!!

  11. I love that Armani quad! And the clothing is gorgeous - I wish I was as tiny as you =)

  12. i dont know if this is too personal, but i was just wondering how tall are you? i'm really liking the look of the bandaged dress but it might be too short on me.

  13. Ctee80 - I haven't used the highlighter yet, but will post a review as soon as I do. I'm the biggest sucker for baby clothes, they are so cute. Glad to know I'm not the only one (who doesn't have a baby)!

    Lakshmi - Yes it was fun! It was a solo-shopping trip. I typically don't have the patience to wait for my friends to try on clothes and I hate making them wait for me!

    Anonymous - about the Chantecaille - hopefully you will be able to return those items! I'm not a fan of their foundations or concealers, they are too moist for my taste. Powder foundations are too chalky. I've heard good things about Julie Hewett but I've never tried the line before.

    Lippy girl - I haven't checked out Ellis Faas yet. I'm not too keen on the packaging I've seen so far. It seems too pricey even for me. I don't think I'm going to try the line out until I can get to NY in person.

    Lizzard - thanks for the sweet compliments! I love the print on the top even if it's ruffle overload.

    Marina - nothing like a new wallet! I'm excited for you!

    Catherine - I think the YSL highlighter is going to be very dupeable. I haven't tried it on the face yet, but in the store it was a bit sheer, but still pretty. Are you near a Saks? Maybe try the LM set in person first and then decide? They should have a tester of the set. Can you ask for both? LOL.

    Joyce - I'm glad you found the clothing posts enjoyable! I'm always worried when I stray from my main focus it will anger some people.

    Lexi - I TOTALLY know what you mean, lol. That is so sweet of you. I got into a bad habit of buying stuff weekly for my friend's daughter when she was 3-4. I tried the Kuala Lumpur a couple times instore and it turned out too warm. If you apply the Nars Eye Cream underneath it really helps decrease fallout. Yay for B2M!

    Joey - you're too sweet. I'm about 25 lbs overweight. I try to find clothes that conceal my jelly roll (due to excess cupcakes, coffee, and junk food in general).

    Anonymous - I'm 5'3". I got the dress in a Size 2 and had to size up from my normal size in their dresses. I also tried Size 4 and it was a bit longer than the 2. The bust area was also longer. If you use the item # I listed and contact Jcrew, I'm sure they can tell you the measurements over the phone.


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