Friday, July 31, 2009

Mini YSL Fall 2009 Haul + Review

YSL fall was a disappointment for me - I checked out the new colors (except the gloss volupte which they did not have yet) and came home with 2 items, and then returned the eyeshadow duo the next day. The remaining colors just weren't me, and didn't seem coordinated at all.

Pictured below Ombres Duolumières #23 Pearly Peach-Mink Brown and Crème de Blush #02 Powdery Rose:

Swatches, #02 Blush on bare skin, #23 Eyeshadow Duo over Laura Mercier Eye Basics

The blush while a pretty pink is extremely tiny for the price of $39 USD. The eyeshadow duo was chalky and had very little pigment, the swatches were applied very heavily over a cream eyeshadow base while it was still moist. When applied to the eyes with the same technique, it barely showed up.

I also checked out the new Rouge Volupté Lipsticks which weren't my style either. The lightest one was #19 Frivolous Pink which looked like a neon powdery pink, extremely unflattering in my opinion. The others were very brown/plum.

Unless you're a die hard YSL fan, I'd suggest you save your $$$ for other items.

Day 5 of Beauty Essentials: Natural Lipliner

I'm one of those people who always uses lipliner with lipstick & gloss. I find that it can enhance certain tones and define the lips nicely especially with natural or nude looking shades. Therefore I find it's one of my beauty essentials. I've swatched (on bare arm, equivalent of MAC NC30) all my natural lipliners, hopefully this will help you make a list of what to check out and try in stores!

1. MAC Oak
2. MAC Honey B.
3. MAC Whirl
4. MAC Gingerroot
5. MAC Subculture
6. MAC Sublime Culture
7. Giorgio Armani #1
8. Giorgio Armani #10
9. Giorgio Armani #13


1. Bobbi Brown Beige
2. Bobbi Brown Heather Beige
3. Bobbi Brown Blush
4. Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink
5. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink
6. Bobbi Brown Naked
7. Bobbi Brown Cocoa
8. Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink
9. Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink
10. Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink
11. Bobbi Brown Mauve (now named Pink Mauve)
12. Bobbi Brown Slopes

* Note that Bobbi Brown has reformulated her lipliners at least 3 times, the shades swatched are from her current collection of lipliners


1. Dior Natural Beige #213
2. NARS Tonga
3. NARS Morocco
4. NARS Papua
5. NARS Rosebud
6. Trish McEvoy Bare
7. Shiseido Soft Sepia #15
8. Make Up Forever 1C
9. Chanel Natural
10. Chanel Praline D'or
11. Laura Mercier Natural Lips

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nars Eye Palettes = Pure Love

Nars has released several gorgeous 6 color palettes with some great combinations of already-existing shades making these great for travel. I typically have a hard time finding palettes where I love every shade but Nars has released some great palettes with enough neutrals for me to fall completely head over heels.

Another great thing about these palettes is that you can often find some with one share from some of the duos. For example, Modern Love Palette has that gorgeous plum shimmer side of Habanera Eyeshadow Duo which I would have never bought individually because I can't wear greens. Same goes for the new Essential Eye Palette which has that pretty cream champagne side of Unconditional Love Cream Eyeshadow Duo. My only gripe about these is their limited edition factor and the rubber packaging can easily get dirty and sticky if not super careful with them. Also, I'd love to see some with new exclusive shades, maybe as a preview for what's coming up next mixed in with existing shades.

Here are the three that I own:

Essential Eye Palette #9952 (currently available online at Neiman Marcus)

Top Row: Unconditional Love, Night Star, Galapagos
Bottom Row: Nepal, Ondine, Thunderball

Modern Love Palette #9950 (currently a Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive, but expected to be back for sale at in the near future - as of now, it's no longer online at Nordstrom, but there's a good chance their beauty locator can try and find one for you instore and have it shipped to you)

Top Row: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song
Bottom Row: Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora

Nars Best Palette #9944

Top Row: Bellissima I, All About Eve II, Bali
Bottom Row: All About Eve I, Kalahari I, Kalahari II

Day 4 of Beauty Essentials: Primers & Fix Sprays, Illuminators, Foundations

I've searched through numerous brands and formulas to find the right foundation for me. My skin is overall normal but very sensitive and prone to break-outs and reactions. This post will list what I've found to work the best for me to get a flawless but still natural glow. If you have any favorites, please share them! I'm always looking for new products to try out.

Foundations & Tinted Moisturizers (left to right):

* Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer gives a sheer glow to the face that isn't overly shimmery or sparkly. I also love her other regular and oil-free formulas, but have been loving this one recently.

* Laura Mercier Undercover Pot contains her Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer on the top layer with a mini mirror and translucent powder on the bottom to set. It is very tiny for the price, but great for travel. Luckily there have been a few sets that I've purchased that have contained this as part of a kit, so I haven't had to spend the full retail price on it.

* Chanel Hydramax+ Active Teinte is part of the Hydramax line which "boosts the hydration process at its source, with formulas targeted precisely to meet skin's moisture needs." This is a nice lightweight tinted moisturizer that evens out the skintone and has SPF15.

* Chanel Lift Lumiere Foundation is meant for smoothing & firming, also contains SPF15. At age 28, I don't really need any smoothing or firming, but I do find it has a nice medium coverage, lasts all day, and does make the skin look very smooth.

* Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 was made to replace their Matte Silk foundation and has a "water-based foundation provides 14-hour satin matte coverage without the coverage feel. For normal to oily skin, providing medium coverage." I had previously used their Luminous Silk Foundation and loved the full flawless coverage and finish, but found it made my skin very oily within a couple hours. The new Lasting Silk works much better for my skin. I wouldn't say it lasts a full 14 hours, but then I haven't used it with their primer or other products.

*Chanel Teint Innocence is probably my most frequently used foundation for a sheer-medium coverage that gives a natural glow. (I have gone through over 6 bottles.) This is more moist than the Lift Lumiere, but not overly so. That being said, if your skin is more on the oily side, I would avoid this one. It contains SPF12. I prefer the liquid formula, but it also comes in a cream compact foundation formula that I find heavier in texture and coverage.

* Chanel Correcteur Perfection is their newest concealer which is lightweight and gel-based. I like this for under the eyes to brighten the skin and dark circles.

Primers & Sprays (left to right):

* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer really helps the application process for foundation and powder, I like to use this over moisturizer.

* Le Blanc De Chanel is an illuminating base that primes the skin for foundation while adding a subtle glow.

* Chantecaille Rosewater is meant to "purify, tone, and hydrate skin." It is definitely refreshing, but fairly pricey. Pictured is a mini size that is often given in their gift with purchases at beauty events.

* MAC Prep & Prime Skin is a great silicone based primer that has subtle sparkle to the actual product. I like to use this sometimes instead of moisturizer.

* MAC Fix+ Rose came out with the Rose Romance collection this past year as a limited edition product, but still comes in a regular version. A must have for everyone - you can spray this on the face before foundation to moisten the skin, or after foundation & powder to set your makeup and make your face look less powdery and more fresh. I also like to spray this on my eyeshadow brushes sometimes to lightly dampen the brush to apply eyeshadows more heavily.

Illuminators (left to right): I love using liquid illuminators and mixing them with foundation to give an all over subtle glow. These are great because of the sheerness so you don't end up looking greasy. These are also great to use over foundation/powder in certain areas to highlight the eyes or temples.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer 3 & 7, MAC Strobe Cream (mini size from a travel set), Chanel Brilliance Pur Sunkissed

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Tools & Accessories

Tools for the face - Foundation, Powder & Cleansing/Touch Up:

* Sponges - My fool-proof technique for applying foundation is to use an egg-shaped sponge, which allows for even application and control of the amount of coverage. The edges also allow for clean-up of smudges or fall out of powder eyeshadows. Sponges are also great for applying powder foundations, but most compacts come with their own. Refills are available from a number of lines.

* Puffs - Larger puffs are nice for applying translucent powders to set foundation. (I clean mine in the washing machine.) Sometimes you can find the smaller versions in gift-with-purchase deals.

* Facial Cotton/Q-tips - Shiseido Facial Cotton (found at Macys, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Sephora and other Shiseido counters) is a standby for me for removing makeup or fixing mistakes. Q-tips are also essential for removing smudges and getting those fine detail areas.

Top Row: Laura Mercier Velour Puff, Chanel Mini Puff (GWP), MAC Foundation Sponge Liquid/Cream

Bottom Row: Laura Mercier Mini Velour Puff (GWP), Shiseido Facial Cotton/Q-Tips, MAC Studio Tech Sponge (Set of 2)

Tools for the eye area - Lashes & Brows:

* Eyelash Curlers - There are many different curlers out there, the type that will work for you will depend on your eye shape. I find that Shu Uemura and Trish McEvoy work the best for me.

* Tweezers - My favorites are Anastasia & Shu Uemura. Tweezerman is good too, but I find it dulls after a while. The mini purple tweezers are from Nordstrom for their Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives.

* Brow Comb

Left to right: Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers, Anastasia 'Mini Berry' Tweezers (Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive, Shu Uemura Slant Tweezers, MAC 204 Lash Brush

Trish McEvoy Lash Curler from the Trish McEvoy website, but also found at select Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel locations.

MAC Smoke & Diamonds Starflash Eyeshadow & Sweet Sienna Pigment Comparisons

1. MAC Coco Pigment
2. MAC Sweet Sienna Pigment
3. MAC Smoke & Diamonds Starflash Eyeshadow
4. Stila Diamond Lil Eyeshadow
5. Dior Sky Glow Quint
6. Dior Sky Glow Quint
7. MAC Clue Eyeshadow
8. Shu Uemura ME Brown 850

The swatches really don't do the colors justice, but at least it will help you see the general undertone of these cool taupe shades. The undertones are similar, but the shimmer/iridescent effects of each shade are different. MAC Sweet Sienna looks darker than the swatch shows with deeper sparkles. I definitely recommend trying these in person first before writing these all off as dupes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MAC Style Snob & Satin Taupe Comparisons

Taking a quick break from the Essentials & Tools series today. I normally don't post much about MAC, but the recent Love That Look collection has me all over the new Style Snob Starflash Eyeshadow. I know many have asked how this compares to other colors, so I thought I'd do a comparison post of colors that in my mind could be similar off the top of my head. Swatches allow you to see the difference (swatched over Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Natural).

1. MAC Mauvement Pigment
2. Urban Decay Toasted Eyeshadow
3. Bobbi Brown Raisin Metallic (far left from Velvet Plum Metallics Trio)
4. MAC Style Snob Eyeshadow
5. MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
6. Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Metallics (far right from Velvet Plum Metallics Trio)
7. Stila Grace Eyeshadow
8. Nars Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo
9. Nars Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo

*** Updated 07/29/2009 by request***

1. MAC Mauvement Pigment
2. MAC Innuendo Eyeshadow
3. MAC Style Snob Eyeshadow
4. MAC Subtle Pigment
5. MAC Coco Pigment
6. MAC Sunnydaze Pigment
7. BareMinerals Glimmer Queen Tiffany

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Face Brushes

Powder Brushes: I tend to splurge heavily on powder brushes. The most luxurious powder brush I've tried is the Trish McEvoy #5, but I find myself using my MAC powder brushes more often. The Laura Mercier Blending Brush is a more coarse brush meant to apply mineral foundation to the face in a circular motion. The MAC #150 and #134 are similar in size, but the #150 is fluffier giving a sheerer application while the #134 is denser and fuller. I also like to use this for highlighting powders.

1. MAC Large Powder Brush #150
2. MAC Large Powder Brush #134
3. Stila Large Powder Brush #8
4. Trish McEvoy Powder Brush #5
5. Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush #37
6. Laura Mercier Blending Brush

Blush Brushes: Being obsessed with blush, I probably have the most blush brushes out of all the types of tools I own. Most of these I own duplicates of so I don't have to wash them as often. Some like the MAC #129 are meant for both powder and blush.

1. MAC Powder/Blush Brush #129
2. MAC Blush Brush #116
3. Stila Blush Brush #1
4. Laura Mercier Cheek Colour Brush
5. Shu Uemura Natural Brush #20
6. Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush Brush 2B (revamped version)
7. Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush Brush 2B (older version)

Angled Face Brushes: These are meant to help contour the face. I have yet to master the art of contouring, so I use these for blush and highlighters.

1. MAC #174 (pro, discontinued)
2. MAC Large Angled Contour #168
3. MAC Angled Contour #169
4. Shu Uemura Natural Brush #2oH
5. Trish McEvoy #27A

Foundation or Cream Product Brushes: The oldest brush is the Prescriptives foundation brush which I believe was the first mid-highend/department store line to come out with one. Other companies like Bobbi Brown and MAC followed soon after with their own versions. I have to say that out of all the ones I've tried, the Prescriptives foundation brush is still my favorite (has lasted since 1998 when I purchased it). There are several cheek cream blush brushes out there, all of which are too small for me to find functional, so I often use these foundation brushes for cream blush as well.

1. MAC Face Brush #189
2. MAC Foundation Brush #190
3. Chanel Foundation Brush #16
4. Prescriptives Foundation Brush
5. Giorgio Armani Blender Brush
6. Stila Concealer Brush #11
7. MAC Concealer Brush #195

Bronzer, Contour & Highlighting Brushes: In addition to blush, I'm also into bronzer. I have to admit, I don't love all of these. Whenever I get my makeup done at events, I often get sucked into buying the tools they use and push. My recommendation - definitely go to events, they are a great way to learn new techniques and color combinations. Do some of your own research first about the line by looking at each company website and browse through the products in advance so get an idea of what they have to offer. That way you'll have a better idea of what to look for, ask to try out, and start a shopping list.

1. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush (new version)
2. Laura Mercier Bronzer Brush
3. NARS Bronzing Powder Brush
4. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush (old version)
5. Stila Double Duty Cheek Contour & Blush brush#21

Highlighting Brushes: I cannot live without the MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187 and absolutely love the new Duo Fibre Powder/Blush #131 (released with Color Craft). If you could only have 2 highlighter brushes, these would definitely be the ones I'd pick. Like the concept but not the price? I've seen similar brushes at Target for less.

1. MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187
2. MAC Small Duo Fibre Face Brush #188
3. MAC Duo Fibre Powder/Blush #131
4. MAC Tapered Face Brush #138
5. MAC Tapered Cheek & Highlighter Brush #165
6. Trish McEvoy Blending Brush #48
7. Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush

Short & Kabuki Brushes: I find myself drawn to short brushes because I find them cute and often they are made with super soft materials. The Laura Mercier Face Brush is intended to be used with the Mineral Finishing Powder as well as other powder formulations. I find the handle too short for the size of the bristles making it difficult to hold. The Laura Mercier Mineral Primer Brush has a half moon-shaped head and small handle I find difficult to hold, so I find that I rarely use this one as well.

1. Bobbi Brown Face Brush
2. MAC Small Buffer Brush #183
3. MAC Small Buffer Brush #181
4. Laura Mercier Face Brush
5. Laura Mercier Mineral Primer Brush

Again, if you have any brushes for the face that you love, please share!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Week of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Eye Brushes

This is part one of a week-long series featuring my favorite beauty basics for makeup application and grooming. This week you'll see the tools I use and skincare items that work for me. The lists are by no means comprehensive and some might not work for you. I'd like to get your input on what you've tried and what does or doesn't work for you.

In this feature - eye brushes! I've separated the eye brushes I have into different categories by shape and style. Most of these are the full sized versions within each brand (several lines carry both short handled and long handled versions of the same brush). I will admit that my brush collection is quite massive, you might ask how many brushes does a girl need? Definitely not all of these. Infact there are several brushes that seem almost identical in shape, size, and material between various different brands. At the end of this post, I will let you know what my top essential eye brushes are.

All Over Lid & Eyeshadow Brushes: I like larger or fluffy brushes for applying an all-over wash to the lid, or for applying a matte base color. The brushes that are more tightly packed (more dense) allow for a heavier application which include Stila's #5, Trish McEvoy's Laydown Brushes and Laura Mercier's All Over Eye Color Brush. Fluffy lighter brushes like the white bristled MAC #217 & #239 are nice because they make blending colors easy.

1. Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow Brush #10
2. MAC Square Shader Brush #259 (pro)
3. MAC Large Fluff Brush #227
4. Stila All Over Shadow Brush #5
5. Laura Mercier All Over Eye Colour Brush
6. Trish McEvoy Sheer Application Brush #45
7. Trish McEvoy Large Laydown Brush #21
8. Trish McEvoy Medium Laydown Brush #40
9. MAC Blending Brush #217
10. MAC Eye Shading Brush #239
11. MAC Fluff Brush #213
12. Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush
13. Chanel Eyeshadow Brush #2

Crease & Contour Brushes: The brushes here are intended for the crease area. For those who do not have a crease, some of these tools are still handy for creating a soft gradation of color from darker near the lash line to the brow bone or blending shades together. I found out about the Studio Tools Brush (labeled #6) thanks to Karlasugar! The brushes with a smaller tip are great for creating a smokey eye, or even just smoking out/blending eyeliner for a softer but still defined look.

1. Stila All Over Blend #9
2. MAC Tapered Blending Brush #224
3. Laura Mercier Pony Tail Brush
4. Stila Double-Ended Shadow #30
5. MAC Small Tapered Blending Brush #226
6. Studio Tools Crease Brush (from Target)
7. Trish McEvoy Tapered Blending Brush #29
8. Chanel Eyeshadow Crease Brush #3
9. MAC Pencil Brush #219
10. Stila Double-Sided Crease & Liner Brush #15
11. Trish McEvoy Round Eye Contour #6
12. Trish McEvoy Smudge Brush #9

Odd Shaped & Cream Eyeshadow Brushes: One of the very first brushes I bought was the Trish McEvoy #23 hoof shaped brush which I like to use for an easy simple one-step eyeshadow application (use in a windshield wiper motion). (Note that the Trish brushes with golden handles are her original version, she has since revamped her brushes with clear lucite handles.) Unfortunately, I think she has discontinued this brush, so the next best closest tool is one from Laura Mercier. I believe Nars also carries a hoof-shaped brush as well, but I have not checked it out. For cream eyeshadows, I also like to use concealer brushes!

1. Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour
2. Trish McEvoy Angled Contour Brush #23
3. Stila Eye Enhancer Brush #20
4. Bobbi Brown Eye Contour Brush
5. MAC Large Shader Brush #252
6. MAC Shader Brush #242
7. MAC Concealer Brush #195
8. Becca Eye Color Brush #11
9. Becca Eye Creme #31
10. Shu Uemura Synthetic Brush #10
11. Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Brush

Detail Eyeliner & Smudge Brushes: These smaller stiffer brushes are nice for getting those corners, for the waterline, or for simple eyelining. The angled brushes to be the most precise and they can also work well for brows. I find that I use smudge brushes for eyelining more frequently than I use the eyeliner brushes when lining with powder eyeshadows. For gel liners, Stila #4 and Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush are my absolute favorites.

1. Stila Dual Sided Brush #23 (from 6 pan palette)
2. MAC Flat Definer #212
3. MAC Small Angle Brush #266
4. Trish McEvoy Angled Eyeling Brush #50
5. Laura Mercier Corner Eye Colour Brush
6. Bobbi Brown Eye Liner Brush
7. Stila Precision Eyeliner Brush #4
8. Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
9. Shu Uemura 2R
10. MAC Short Shader Brush #214
11. NARS Smudge Brush
12. Trish McEvoy Va Va Voom Smudge Brush #54
13. Studio Tools Smudge Brush (from Target)
14. Laura Mercier Smudge Brush
15. Trish McEvoy Precision Smudge Brush #41

If you're just beginning your brush collection, I'll narrow down the selection from over 40 different eye brushes down to what I think are the essentials:

* All over eye brush - MAC Large Fluff Brush #227
* Best all purpose basic eyeshadow brush - MAC Blending Brush #217
* Smudge or detail brush - Laura Mercier Smudge Brush
* Eyeliner brush - Bobbi Brown Eye Liner Brush
* Cream eyeshadow brush - anything from Shu Uemura or Becca
* Crease brush - Stila Double-Ended Shadow #30

You might ask - are these brushes really worth the price tag? It really depends on your personal preference & budget. Yes, there are duplicates of the more expensive ones for less $$$ in other brands. I don't think you need to spend a lot for basics, however, that being said, many times "you get what you pay for." At least 1/3 of the brushes that I've own were purchased some 10 years ago. I've found the quality of many to be excellent, so I believe that sometimes higher prices = higher quality, which translates into longer lasting tools, which means a better deal for your $$$.

Looking for other alternatives? Look for brush sets! You can often find better deals by buying brushes that come in a multi-product set. There are some great sets from all different price ranges at Target (Sonia Kashuk or Studio Tools), Sephora, and higher end sets like MAC, Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown and Chanel. Do be warned that brushes that come in sets aren't always the same quality or size as the full sized individual versions. Some brands use different production methods (machine made versus hand made) for their sets. One brand I believe you can never go wrong with is Laura Mercier - her short handled brushes are just as good as the full size! The sizes might be different for her travel collections, but still work as well as the bigger ones.

Also note that brush sets are sometimes seasonal with holidays, or annual event sales, or with certain color collections. If you want to find a great brush set, wait a couple months - I'm sure there will be a few nice holiday sets coming out from MAC, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown and more.

Are there any eye brushes that you absolutely love? Please share!!!

Trish McEvoy Sparkling Bronze Collection

Fall collections are already trickling out, but I wanted to do a feature on some pretty bronzey colors from Trish McEvoy who released a small collection of new products in her Sparkling Bronze collection this past May. I love the line for her high quality brushes, unique planner system, and innovative products. This was one of the first high end lines I got into years ago with an interactive makeup lesson at Saks Fifth Avenue where the artist has you repeat the makeup application to one side of your face after each step so you can recreate the look on your own at home.

Every single artist from the line I have met has been amazing - all talented in creating pretty looks, friendly personalities and super fun. It's been a while since I've purchased things from the line because of the continuous product revamps (I must have seen at least 5 different versions of her Sexy Lipgloss as she has changed the formula and color of the years), but still check out her new products every once in a while.

The colors in her Sparkling Bronze Collection feature the following items:

* Bronzer in St. Tropez - a soft shimmery natural bronzer, she describes this as having "the ideal proportions of pink undertones to mimic the prettiest naturally tanned complexion."

* Lip Gloss in Irresistible - a super sparkly bronze gloss with micro-glitter. I would say this has the same sparkle factor as MAC Dazzleglasses, but this has more pigment. Has a nice slightly minty scent which gives a cooling effect.

* Lip Color SPF15 in Golden Glaze - this is a sheer soft golden color. Reminds me of MAC High Tea lipstick but not quite as pale.

* Pen Luminzer in Luminous Bronze - this is my favorite, gives a soft glow to the skin in a twist up pen.

* Eye Definer Pencil in Sparkling Bronze - a unique dual-sided chubby eyeliner with a smudge tip on one end to blend the color. I wouldn't really call this "sparkling" but it is a gorgeous deep brown shade.

Top - St. Tropez Bronzer

Bottom - Irresistible Lip Gloss , Golden Glaze Lipstick, Luminous Bronze, Sparkling Bronze

Swatches, left to right: Bronze Illuminator, St. Tropez (applied heavily over foundation/primer), St. Tropez (applied over bare skin), Sparkling Bronze Eye Definer, Golden Lipstick, Irresistible Lipgloss

Comparisons, left to right: MAC MSF Sunny by Nature, Trish McEvoy St. Tropez, MAC MSF Cheeky Bronze (so you can see how pink it really is)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fall 2009 Collection Biteki & Maquia Scans

This an update to the post below with scans from the Biteki Beauty Book & one from Maquia featuring the fall collections. I've scanned most of the pages of the little book with the exception of some Asian brands that I've excluded. For photos from other magazines, check one post below.

For my own product photos of some recent fall collections, check out these links:

Bobbi Brown Nude Collection 2009
Bobbi Brown Forest Shimmer Ink Gel Liner & Honeysuckle Lip Crayon
Chanel Fall 2009 has arrived at Saks!
Dior Fall 2009 Jazz Club Eyes + Nail Polish . . .
Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold Fall 2009
Giorgio Armani Fall 2009: Manta Ray Collection
Guerlain Fall Collection 2009
First Look at Nars Fall 2009
Nars Fall 2009 Tokaido Express Swatch + Review

Fall 2009 Sneak Peek: Paul & Joe, Shiseido, Cle de Peau, Armani, Guerlain, YSL

Happy Friday! I've recently gotten into Japanese magazines such as JJ, Biteki, Maquia, and Voce thanks to one of my favorite beauty blogs Haru's Rouge Deluxe. Luckily, there is a Mitsuwa Marketplace near me which has a bookstore inside which has allowed me to find these magazines in Southern California.

This month the September issues have released their fall lookbooks with photographs of the fall releases of numerous brands. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese, but luckily, there are many items that release products with numbers in their color name which makes it easy to match the number to the product color names by doing some research . Here are a few pictures of some of the collections I found interesting:

Paul & Joe from Maquia:

Shiseido new eyeshadows from Maquia:

Close up of RD709:

For comparisons, check out this Color Focus Shimmering Sands . . . article.

Cle de Peau from Maquia:

Giorgio Armani from Biteki (looks like the Eyes to Kill Palettes might still be coming out soon!):

Giorgio Armani from June Instyle featuring Eyes to Kill Palette No. 3:

For more Armani Fall Pictures, check out my haul here Giorgio Armani Fall 2009: Manta Ray Collection.

Guerlain from Maquia:

For more Guerlain product pictures, click here Guerlain Fall Collection 2009. Karlasugar has awesome swatches in her Guerlain Fall: Russian Beauty article as well as Yuki's Lazy Channel.

YSL from Voce:


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