Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink Shimmer Nail Polish

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! I wish everyone a great holiday full of good health and happiness.

I jumped on the bandwagon for the Rescue Beauty Lounge sale and added quite a few new shades to my mini collection of Killa Red, Cherry Love, Ani, and Leila. I got a manicure for tonight's Christmas Eve dinner with my family with Pink Shimmer from RBL, here are the pictures (3 coats):

Most of the RBL nail polishes I've tried are great for their color, pigment and texture. The Pink Shimmer is quite a bit sheerer than most of the other colors, it barely showed up with 2 coats, so I asked the girls to add one more coat at the salon. The color comes out to be a really pale light pink pearl. I like that it's not frosty and that the shimmer is subtle, but it's not the most unique color and seems easily dupable.

I like lighter colors for my fingers (darker ones for the toes) so this works great for me. I'm thrilled to have been able to get some at 50% off. I hope they do this sale again soon! There were quite a few shades I didn't get that I wish I had now.

With flash:

In natural sunlight:

More swatches and photos of the other shades to come in the next week once my manicure wears off.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!


  1. Merry Christmas dearest! =)

    This inspired me to do the unthinkable - I gave myself a manicure for the first time in four years!! I used Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong, and it's gorgeous! I was a chronic nail biter but kicked the habit, so now that I have nails again, I figured I needed a trendy polish. It's so bizarre to have done hands. I love this nail polish you have on, so I think I might have to make an appointment at Rescue soon!

  2. This is my favourite nude pink shade!! I wonder where I can find this brand in Australia...

  3. Pink Shimmer looks so pretty on you! It looked mostly milky white on me, so I swapped it away. It does have a certain "glow" to it, but I agree, it's not particularly unique.

  4. Beautiful! I really regret skipping the RBL sale now... lol. I should have gotten Scrangie and one of the glitters (or... maybe all three) haha. Hopefully there's a next time. Otherwise I'll just have to visit NYC soon.

    Merry Christmas! :D :D :D

  5. oh it's such a pretty color! and the bottle seems big too!^.^
    Merry Christmas BTW! All the best wishes!

  6. I think this color looks great on you! Now I regret skipping the RBL sale too. =P

  7. That's such a beautiful shimmery nude shade...!!!


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