Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bobbi Brown Holiday Chrome Palette for Eyes & Cheeks

More and more of the holiday collections are trickling in and the Chrome Palette arrived at Neiman Marcus today.

Retails for $75 and the shadow pigment seems a lot better than Earth Metal. I don't have swatches of this as I am undecided about keeping it. It's very cool-toned. I do feel it's a better buy than Earth Metal even though I usually don't wear cool tones.

Top row has: White Eyeshadow, Polar Ice Shimmer Wash, Storm Cloud Sparkle Eyeshadow, Iron Eyeshadow, Thunder Metallic Eyeshadow

Second row has: Moonlight Sparkle Eyeshadow, Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash, Foil Metallic Eyeshadow, Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow, Charcoal Haze Eyeshadow

Lips: Pink Mist Shimmer Gloss, Winter Bronze Glitter Gloss, Berry Shimmer Glitter Gloss, Chrome Pink Shimmer Gloss


  1. My heart goes pitter-patter every time I see this palette, but I have agree as well that this maybe too cool for me. I might have to pass on all the holiday palettes I've seen so far.

  2. Oh wow, those shadows are gorgeous! I love cool-toned colors so this is perfect for me :) xx

  3. I would pass, the eye shadow colors are almost similar. Plus, if it's a palette you should be able to get more looks out of it. ;)

  4. Yeah, this is a pass. I'd return it if you could, the colors are just too cool-toned I think.

  5. I usually go for warmer tones too but there is someting special about this palette! I'm intruiged to know if you keep it or not, I hate that feleing of being torn about whether to keep or not, I feel your pain lol!

  6. Hey Lina! I nominated your blog for an award! To accept, please go here:

    I really should stay away from your blog, too many pretty pictures!! :D


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