Friday, September 18, 2009

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush Comparisons

Here is Part 2 for the Armani Powder Blushes with comparisons to similar colors for each shade. I did try to do swatches, but they didn't come out so well. These pictures should help you gauge the color based on comparisons to other shades and brands.

Giorgio Armani #1, 11 and 12 compared to: Becca Sylph, Chanel Winter Shimmer (LE), MAC Angel (discontinued), Paul & Joe #11, MAC Blooming (LE)

Giorgio Armani #2 compared to: MAC Shy Beauty (LE), Becca Malika, MAC Pinch O Peach, MAC Cheek (discontinued), Laura Mercier Nectar (old version)

Giorgio Armani #3 & 4 compared to: Nars Silvana, MAC Sincere, Laura Mercier Fresh Ginger, Laura Mercier Crushed Hazelnut (discontinued)

Giorgio Armani #5 compared to: Nars Madly, Laura Mercier Wild Bouquet (new version), Lancome Miel Glace, MAC Buff, Sue Devitt Koh Samui (old packaging)

Giorgio Armani #6 compared to: Nars Oasis, Bobbi Brown Plum Wine Shimmer, MAC Deep Plum, Laura Mercier Plum Radiance, Nars Sin

Giorgio Armani #8 compared to: MAC Sunbasque, MAC Peachtwist, Chanel In Love (US version), GA #3

Giorgio Armani #9 compared to: Chanel Rose Dust, Chanel Blush, MAC X-Rocks (LE)

Giorgio Armani #10 compared to: Chanel Rose Bronze, Becca Princess Pressed Shimmer Powder, Stila Rose, MAC Trixie (discontinued)


  1. I always adore your comparison pics.

  2. i can't get over how dark that In LOVE (US version) is compared to mine (Euro version.) And I love all your pictures. Becca Princess is calling my name!) Now that GA 10 suddenly looks really charming too...

  3. Thank you! These comparison pics are so helpful, comparing is sometimes better than swatching. I love blush so this is serious eye-candy for me! :)

  4. thank you 1000x for taking your time and analyzing all the blushes!

    maybe you can help:
    I love #10 but it seems too warm on my cheeks. (fair skin, brunette, green eyes)

    do you think #2 might be better?
    or even #6?

    I am a bit clueless...


  5. Hi Anonymous - #2 is gorgeous and not too warm. If you want a soft glow, #2 or #12 are good picks.

    #6 will be more pinkish/berry on your skin. It's not as warm as #10, but has the same amount of pigment.

    HTH some!


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