Friday, July 31, 2009

Mini YSL Fall 2009 Haul + Review

YSL fall was a disappointment for me - I checked out the new colors (except the gloss volupte which they did not have yet) and came home with 2 items, and then returned the eyeshadow duo the next day. The remaining colors just weren't me, and didn't seem coordinated at all.

Pictured below Ombres Duolumières #23 Pearly Peach-Mink Brown and Crème de Blush #02 Powdery Rose:

Swatches, #02 Blush on bare skin, #23 Eyeshadow Duo over Laura Mercier Eye Basics

The blush while a pretty pink is extremely tiny for the price of $39 USD. The eyeshadow duo was chalky and had very little pigment, the swatches were applied very heavily over a cream eyeshadow base while it was still moist. When applied to the eyes with the same technique, it barely showed up.

I also checked out the new Rouge Volupté Lipsticks which weren't my style either. The lightest one was #19 Frivolous Pink which looked like a neon powdery pink, extremely unflattering in my opinion. The others were very brown/plum.

Unless you're a die hard YSL fan, I'd suggest you save your $$$ for other items.


  1. i just ordered the Y palette! I am a die hard fan for YSL LE Palettes but I have my cool about them. yet that Y can't go pass. Darn it. I would saythis duo is a good day to day use but not a must have.

    by the way, I think I am more interested in the LM eye basic you use underneath. Care to review it? I was thinking about it.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. That blush is such an amazing colour!! YSL is so darn expensive :(

  3. thanks for your honesty about the collection! bummer it wasn't so good.

    that blush looks just gorgeous though.

  4. That blush formula is AMAZING. I have the darker one, it's on my blog


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