Friday, June 19, 2009

Makeup Organization & Storage Part 2

For my storage options, I opted for the Ikea Alex Unit with 9 Drawers. The nice thing about the Alex Unit is that it has 2 different heights for drawers, smaller ones at the top, and taller ones at the bottom. This makes it so you can store other non-makeup items such as laundry accessories, small towels, small papers or cards etc.

Close up of a few drawers (the shorter ones):

Stila Cans to store long brushes & Hello Kitty Brush Cup:

Crate & Barrel Storage Containers to store the shorter items (but works for long pencils too):

MUJI Acrylic Round Pots without lids to store long pencils and other brushes:

Coming next - more storage options from girls in the beauty industry!


  1. wow! I love having a peek at other people's makeup storage and your is amazing! it's so organised, I love it!

  2. Hey! I love your blog and all the product comparation, it has helped me alot! Keep it the good work! Thanks.

  3. Hi!!
    I really love your blog!
    Dying to go pick up some Dior Quints now and the Ikea storage system!
    So perfect for all of my stuff!!!
    THX -Reagen


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