Monday, June 1, 2009

All About Armani: Sheer & Shine Lipstick Collection 2009

This past spring, Giorgio Armani released a collection of limited-edition lipsticks in the Sheer and Shine Formulas.

It was designed focused on the following: "Sheers Collection spotlights two seductive nude makeup harmonies that feature a luminous skin, sunset smokey eyes and sheer better than bare lips."

The new shades released include the following colors with descriptions per the Giorgio Armani website.

#30 - Pink Grapefruit
#31 - Raspberry
#32 - Haute Pink
#33 - Rose Coral

#45 - Pink Rose
#46 - Soft Petal
#47 - Nude Taupe
#48 - Melon
#49 - Fig
#50 - Rose Antico

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Advisor also featured two looks for day and evening for the Sheers Collection.

Get the natural nude daytime look using:
* Face Fabric No. 8
* Fluid Sheer No. 7
* Two beige Maestro Mono Eyeshadows No. 27 & No. 30
* Shine Beige Lipstick No. 47

Get the more intense translucent color evening look using:
* Face Fabric No. 5
* Fluid Sheer No. 11
* Two pink beige and nude brown Maestro Mono Eyeshadows No. 19 & No. 33
* Sunset Pink Sheer Lipstick No. 30

Unfortunately I cannot find any model photos featuring these looks.

If you are a fan of the natural-lip, then you will love these new shades. There were a couple brighter more intense shades, but I did not purchase those. The ones I did purchase are pictured above. These have a soft texture and apply smoothly. They aren't full-coverage, so I recommend applying with a lipliner to help the color last longer.

Some good natural pink lipliner shades I'd recommend:
* Armani #10 (natural pink beige)
* Armani #12 (neutral mauvey pink)
* Armani #13
* MAC Sublime Culture (perfect YLBB nude-pink)
* MAC Whirl (neutral brown-pink)
* Chanel Tulip (soft pink shimmer)
* Chanel Tawny (for a deeper pink)
* Trish McEvoy Bare (my HG bare-color lipliner)

Some close up shots here:

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  1. you are a ture collector! GA is in my town but so far away from me so I hardly go down there. in fact, I haven't been there for more than 8 months or more!!!

    Gosh, now I looked at this post, I think I might make a trip down when I return to KL.

    I can't (shouldn't) come to your blog too often. It's a lemming creating site!!!


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