Friday, May 29, 2009

Les Naturels de Chanel

Chanel has released a new natural-look collection this May 2009 featuring two new matte single eyeshadows along with several repromotes. I'm really excited they decided to repromote Bel Air and Waterlily Glossimers!

The theme for this collection is: "A quintessential makeup collection of universally wearable, natural colours designed to enhance and flatter the face. . . and ensure a woman's best look is naturally her own."
Les Naturels de Chanel includes the following items:

Here are some close-u
ps of the collection:

Left to right: Curious Rouge Allure (63), Unity Glossimer (41), Waterlily Glossimer (112), Bel Air Glossimer (147), Naive Rouge Allure (25)

Orchid Rose Joues Contraste (15)

Left to right (matte shades): Lily Ombre Essentielle (84) & Slate Ombre Essentielle (83)

Left to right (repromote shades): Lotus Ombre Essentielle (46) & Mahogany Ombre Essentielle (51)

Some comparisons for Bel Air Glossimer:

1) Chanel Curious RA
2) Chanel Naive RA
3) Chanel Bel Air Glossimer
4) Chanel Giggle Glossimer
5) Chanel Glass Quartz Aqualumiere Gloss #69
6) Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect Satin Pink #657
7) Laura Mercier Blush Lip Glace
8) MAC Ample Pink Plushglass

Overall thoughts: I am a huge Chanel fan and am so happy I finally got my hands on the Bel Air glossimer since I missed it when it first came out and was exclusive to Chanel Boutiques and online. The matte shadows are gorgeous, but are on the sheer side for me. I need to use a cream base like Laura Mercier's Metallic or Satin Cream Shadows or MAC Paint Pots. And even with a base, I need to layer it heavily with a stiffer brush. I'm crazy about the natural no-makeup look, but the new matte shadows are a bit "too natural" for me to be absolutely in love with them. Still, they are great for layering over other shades to softly blend colors together.

Luckily, I already have all the other items featured in this collection, so I felt this was nice to give me some ideas on how to incorporate some staple products with new shades. If you don't have Orchid Rose Blush, it's a definite must have, it goes with just about everything. I'm a Chanel Shell/Beige = MAC NC30-35 for reference. At one of the Chanel events I went to, the makeup artist used this on one of my friends who is a couple shades lighter than me and it looked gorgeous on her too!

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  1. this looks like a very classy collection! thanks for the info :)

  2. funny enough that i had borchid rose and gave it away. i can't wear that shade as it makes me looks muddy. i was hoping to see new JC but there is none. I guess I'll have to check out the glosses them, i bought the 2 LE ones from the last collection but they were too red for me. i have stopped using them and my MIL took them gladly since they were tested and so not swap worthy.

    i have not bought a thing for myself from chanel for some time and that;s rather odd...

    anyway, i am glad i found out about your blog. i didn't know that you blog or else i'd follow it long ago!

    love what you are doing. all so detailed and beautiful pictures as when i knew you back on MUA.


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